Cirtongræs really covers over a grass – der er ca 55 sorter af dem.

On that we eat and wounds / plants most of this to use in Thai dishes, etc.. for Cymbopogon citratus.

Lemongrass is an easy to deal with. It is easy to get to germinate and are most intimately and fit themselves into a corner of the greenhouse. The plant is perennial and should be very easy to get to winter. In winter wither it down and get that ladder to foråret. However, it does not tolerate frost, so it should be in and the winter frost.

The plant is the tropical, so lots of sun, heat and water is a must. The soil should like to be porous. Almindellig potting – possibly. mixed with a little perlite or other – is finely.

It is also quite easy to get a purchased lemongrass to germinate. Buy a good fresh bunch use them all (5 – 6 stykker). Stil dem i et glas med rodenden nedad og hæld lidt vand i så det står 2-3 cm op om planterne. Still like the glass on the window sill in the sun. Hold the bottom wet. After a while you've got roots of plants and can plant them in regular potting soil. Put them together, but slightly apart. It is intended that they should come to form a great big bundle when they start shooting new shots.

It is only in the roots to be ground, set them so high in the ground as you can. Water and feed as you would with other plants, then the fast big and nice.

You reap a few straws from time to time just before you need them – the very best totally fresh from the plant.

That's the bottom white part which is interesting to let simmer with the food – then cut the upper canopy of, sådan at du har et stykke på ca 15 – 20 cm. Cut the roots and wash plant. If the outer bladlag is very dry it may be removed.

The thick white part (nederste 2/3 af det stykke du har nu) tapped some times with a mallet, the handle of a heavy knife or whatever you prefer, so it goes a little break and flavors can simmer in your food.

Let lemon grass simmer with in your right and fish it up before serving.

You can also finely chop the white part and get it into the courts without fish it out before serving. Make sure not to use any of the whites that are too hard – it's not so fun to chew.

Lemongrass can be cleaned as above and instead of tapping it, you can freeze it so you have a winter reserve of fresh lemongrass.

If you spend the winter it, wither it down in the winter, so do not expect to get fresh grass on the way.

You can also dry lemon grass and make the the – but it gider now I do not even.

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