Again this year, we have four kinds of coriander. Ordinary, Lemon, Confetti og Calypso som er en relativt ny slags der kommer igen 3-4 gange når man har klippet af den. Confetti comes now again, but I have not counted how many times you can cut.

We eat a lot cilantro – especially in a fresh tomato salsa – the recipe follows later – which we eat almost every other day when the tomatoes are in season.

Coriander is the closest moreover indispensable in East Asian cooking, which we would like Keger with.

For many years I could really like it hot food – but not like the fresh – I thought that it tasted of soap. Today I do not know what I thought of – and absolutely love cilantro in every way. The coriander plant can be eaten, perhaps with the exception of the delicate leaves just before it blooms.

First comes the broad leaves, mums – it is the coriander flavor of fresh coriander most know. Then once the plant in flower, they can also be eaten, but the small carrot jam-like leaves that turn up while tasting a bit of grass, I think. Then it goes to seed – and they taste completely wonderful fresh. Chopped or in the maden, preferably in a salad or coriander butter – it is beautiful. The roots of the plant can always eaten. Cleaned and chopped fine example is the. i supper.

Lots of recipes with cilantro follow later I promise.

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