I have grown orchids for many years and has since successfully managed to keep alive a part of them. Many are now also gone to – not least because they are in a south-facing window – and I will therefore not have great-grandmother curtains to protect them.

The orchids bloom fortunately very delayed and very long each – so there is almost always one or more standing and lit up.


The last years is the handful of cultured in pure vermiculite. Can strygende. In the past I have used both orkidé'jord’ (barkblanding) and something green inorganic stuff that I provisions were not good friends with. Vermiculite works well here.

They get water about once a week with boiled, cooled water with real orchid fertilizer when they are in flower – and only boiled and cooled water when they are not.


I will continue to put pictures up as they bloom.

Click on the images to see them in larger size.


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