Radish is a fantastic dining and one of the many seasonal vegetables and fruits as you can go and look forward to – although, of course, radishes has two seasons: Spring and Autumn.


Radishes purchased in bundles and stored refrigerated, losing fast their elasticity and brittleness – and hence my interest. Buy radishes be eaten almost immediately. Therefore, it is obvious to grow them. they are also easy – if you just remember that they are not so fond of high heat and therefore does not turn into something sensible when it's hot. Så er det godt vi bor i Danmark med en lang radisesæson ;o)


Another good reason to grow them yourself is actually found in a number of exciting flavors. Radis is not just dark pink and hvide – They come in almost all colors – and may well have their peculiar, sharp tasting notes in common – but they are expressed in slightly different ways in many varieties.



Cherry Belle

China Rose

Easter Egg

German Giant

Green Luobo

Japanese Winawase

Long Scarlet

Round Black Spanish


White Icicle

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