Smoking Hot Barbecue Sauce

English here: Smoking Hot Barbecue Sauce

A super delicious and versatile barbecue sauce that is worth the effort. If you do not have the opportunity to smoke the tomatoes, then theres mentioned an alternative at the bottom of the page.
Use the sauce as it is on grilled / fried / roasted vegetables, meat, poultry and oily fish. Use it in sauces and dips – alone or whisked together with other kinds of dip. Use it in burger, on hot dogs, French fries and pulled pork, etc..

Smoking Hot Barbecue Sauce - finished

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Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request)

Citronchilier have their name because they are lemon yellow, not because they taste of lemon. Many of them taste fresh and summery – it is a flavor nature which appear to be associated with the yellow color, although the white chili and some orange and red also have it in the same manner. The sauce here is my idea of ​​how I could wish that a lemon chili tasted the food. The sauce has been adjusted many times with different flavorings, but when I returned to the basic recipe and replaced some of the lemon with lime, was the sudden just right.

A multi-use flavoring that can provide against- and players in most 'ends’ of the kitchen. Try it touched with a little oil, salt and pepper as barbecue marinade for fish, shrimp and vegetables, or in the same manner as salad dressing, – in cream / sour cream to salad or freshly cooked and possibly. grilled potatoes or perhaps as a dip for vegetables etc.. In the dessert as an integral part or to the side of the facing with a little cream or whipped cream. Try to turn the cooked rice with a teaspoon of this before serving – or a spoonful touched with soft butter to warm baguettes or steak.

Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request)


Chillies to taste

ca 10 usprøjtede citroner

ca 10 usprøjtede limefrugter

3 dl æblecidereddike – use a gentle and soft as ex. Urtekrams

400 gr rå rørsukker

75 gr salt

possibly. Sodium benzoate

How to:

Wash chili fruits and remove the stem. Remove the seeds, if you do not want to have them in the sauce. Cut the fruit into chunks as herhefter blended with æbleeddiken in food processor or blender. Come mass in the pan.

Wash ctrusfrugterne and tear off the colored part of the peel finely. Getting shell in the pan.

Fjern det meste af den hvide skræl med en skarp kniv. It does not matter that there is little left, but not too much.

Skær citrusfrugterne i skiver og fjern kernerne. Blend skiverne godt og passér massen gennem en sigte og ned i gryden. It goes easily with a small spoon. Throw the pulp away when all the juice is squeezed out of the.

Add the sugar and to about. half of the salt and bring the mixture to the boil. Lad det koge ved middel varme i ca 10 minutter uden låg og under jævnlig omrøring. Taste along the way to the more salt, if you think. It may depend on how big and sweet both lemons and limes are, how much salt sauce requires.

Remove the sauce from the heat and add Atamon (if you use it) as directed on the bottle.

Pour immediately cleaned, scalded and optionally. Atamonskyllede bottles which immediately closes.


På billedet har jeg brugt i alt 230 gr blandede chili – yellow unknown Habanero and Habanero Hot Lemon. It gives an OK hot sauce, which I think is appropriate in strength, as you can not use much of it at a time – but play you finally reach a flavor combination that suits you MHT. chilli variety and quantity – thus strengthening.

The batch here gives about 1 ½ liters of sauce, but it'll come naturally depends on the amount chili and citrus fruit size.

Taste and. the sauce with more spices, or do as I: use them rather with the sauce, so there can be varied slightly in different flavors. It could be freshly grated ginger, ground coriander, ground cumin, sumak, crushed juniper mm. It is delicious with garlic and it is very suitable with fresh herbs.

Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - Ingredients Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - chili klar til blendning Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - chili blendet Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - revet citrusskal Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - citrus skrælles og skkøres i skiver Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - citrus klar til blendning Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - citrus blendet Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - citrusmassen passeres gennem sigte Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - ready for cooking

Some pictures of some of the possible applications:

For the vegetables to the grill

Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - på grønsager til grillen

For pasta salad – mixed first with a good lemon olive oil and so thise 'Amber Aage', chilli chorizo ​​and a little tomato

Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - med citronolivenolie Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - i pastasalaten sammen med citronolivenolie

At increased pork on the grill (meat from John Memorial)

Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - stegeflæsk til grillen Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - stegeflæsk grillet

Butter touched with the sauce – it can attend difficult to touch all the way into the butter, but it does not matter – it's delicious anyway

Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - smør før røring Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - smør rørt Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - smør med masser af sauce i Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - smør på godt brød

The grilled pork chop (meat from John Memorial)

Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - grillet wienerschnitzel

For vanilla ice (there is muscovadokaramelsauce with licorice and chili at the bottom)

Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - on ice

At long ribs – de er marineret i saucen 24 timer inden de kom på grillen (meat from John Memorial – they should be just braised before grilling next time)

Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - longribs marineres Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - grillede longribs



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Chili sauce

Not correctly translated yet - A basic chili sauce, where chili flavor is supported by tomato and red pepper. The strength is up to you. The advantage of using tomato, pepper and mild and strong chili together is, that there is plenty of reason flavor in the sauce. If you then want a sharp kick comes the creeping upstairs / after. It works really well.

Chili sauce


Chili fruit aftertaste – f.eks op til 3 kg blandede milde og lidt (obtain individual) strong. Used exclusively quite hot, start such. med ca 150 gram og smag til om der skal mere i.

3 kg rød peber

1½ kg løg

6 dl olivenolie (or other oil)

ca 2 kg flåede eller hakkede tomater

ca 450 gr hvidløg

12 dl eddike, like apple vinegar

12 dl rødvin ELLER 3 dl (apple)eddike mere + 9 dl vand

500 gr salt

1200 gr sukker

Sodium benzoate

How to:

Wash chilies and cut the stem of the. Clean them if you want the grains in the finished sauce (I cleanse them). Skær dem i et par stykker hver.

Wash and peel the peppers and cut them into chunks.

Peel the onions and chop them any. coarse or use fed'ene all.

Peel the onions and cut them in half coarse pieces – twice as large as to blood li. Varm 2 dl af olien op i en stor gryde og steg løgene ved medium varme. Do not take a noticeable color, just be soft and sweet.

When the onions are soft, met the rest of the ingredients – except Sodium benzoat – into the pot and it all brought slowly to simmer. Leave to simmer for half an hour then blended with a hand blender – or to cool until it has a temperature as your normal blender can withstand – then blended and poured back into the pot.

Varm massen op og kog den 10 minutters tid. Season to taste along the way, should be more chili, salt, sugar or vinegar? – it is now. If you get more fresh chili, it should be finely chopped good first, og når chilien er kommet i skal saucen lige koge et par minutter inden du smager på den igen.

When you are satisfied with the taste and the mass has boiled, take the pot off the heat and Atamon added as directed on the bottle.

Heel immediately chili sauce on pure, scalded and optionally. Atamonskyllede bottles which immediately closes well and turned a walk upside down and back again.


There will be approximately. 10 liter af den store portion her – but as you can see, it is easy to divide into smaller portions.

The amount of chili fruits are of course all depends on what you use and how strong you want the sauce. De 3 kg som er maks. I have used, valid if it is mild to moderate strength as the ones I've shown in the pictures below. If you use stronger chili, it might be a good idea to start with a great deal less, and so have several ready to quickly chop and add underway. You can of course add extra red pepper in places for some of chillies.

Chili sauce - Ingredients Chili sauce - chili Chili sauce - chili i stykker Chili sauce - bell pepper chopped Chili sauce - der simres Chili sauce - sauces afkøles lidt før blendning Firebreather chilisasuce 003 006

My Firebreather is made according to the above recipe – medium versionen er tilsat 8 ‘små’ red Morouga – the hottest a good mix of strong chinenser.


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Plum sauce with chili (will be translated upon request)

Delicious as dippingsauce and fried or cold meats. Good for sandwiches and for adding flavor to sauces and dressings. Also a hit on curries.


Ca 2 kg blommer

4 løg

1 hvidløg

100 g frisk ingefær

2 tsk stødt ingefær

2 dl riseddike

1 dl mørk soyasauce

Revet skal og saft af 2 lime

300 – 500 gr palmesukker (depends on your preference and the sour plums are)

Chili to taste - fresh or dried

maybe some. Sodium benzoate

How to:

You can choose to remove the skin from the plums if you want. It is made easier by immersing them in boiling water for one minute, and then immediately in ice-cold water. Now the skin can be easily pulled by. Remove it if you like - it is not strictly necessary.

Remove stones from plums.

Onions, garlic, chili (if using fresh) og ingefær finthakkes.

All the ingredients - except Atamon – brought quietly to a boil in a saucepan. Start med 300 gr palmesukker og smag til igen efter puréring.

Let the sauce simmer for plums are tender and overcooked. It takes approximately. 20-30 minutter. Stir in the sometimes.

Blend the sauce with a hand blender – or let it cool to a temperature your big blender / food processor can handle and use the.

If you did not remove the skin before cooking, Do you assess the consistency is now OK and skin pureed good enough - otherwise you pass the mixture through a sieve.

Cook the plum sauce again and season - lack acid, sweetness or strength?

When the sauce is flavored remove the pan from the heat and if you use Atamon add it now as directed on the bottle.

Pour on clean scalded, and possibly. Sodium benzoate rinsed , bottles.


The color of your plum sauce depends on the plums you use and whether you use skin. If you would like to make a light sauce, the skin off and you can use light soy or omit it completely (and it will be probably a little salt in).

Of course you can also add other spices – i.e.. ground star anise will go well in this sauce.

Plum sauce with chili (will be translated upon request) - ready for cooking 007


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Sweet chili sauce

WARNING: highly addictive.

This chili sauce is reminiscent of the style of the sweet mild 'thai’ chili sauce that you can buy in stores – However, with lot's of more flavor – perhaps more like those that you get at a good Thai restaurant.

It may be thickened by adding cornflour or be boiled until right consistency – I do the latter. makes 2-3 dl sauce.

Try a single portion at first and see if it's for you, Adjust . the recipe if you like – then you can double up the amounts next times it made.

Use the sauce as a dipping sauce for everything, as a glaze for everything and to drip on everything – it tastes great – especially as sweet'n'very hot, I believe ;o)


Chili to taste – both volume and strength

½ head of garlic

300 gr palm sugar (in which the blocks are made of seethed palm juice) (or raw cane sugar)

1 dl rice vinegar (or white wine vinegar)

1 dl sherry (any sherry will do)

1 dl water

½ cup Fish Sauce

1 – 2 tsp salt

maybe some. 1 tbsp cornflour (i.e.. Cornstarch)

maybe some. Sodium benzoate

How to:

Pour rice vinegar, sherry, water and Fish Sauce in a saucepan with the sugar.

Bring slowly to the boil and meanwhile chop the garlic and chillies finely, but not to a mash – possibly. in food processor / blender and add to the pan. I use whole chili incl. seed and placenta – but do what you like. Pour a bit. of the liquid into the blender, it makes everything run more easily.

Simmer for 5 – 10 minutes and add salt to taste – and possibly. more chilli or vinegar.

Now you can do one of two things. Either boil the sauce until you think that it has the right syrupy consistency. It usually takes me up until 45 minutes at medium heat and remember to stir occationally and especially towards the end. If you multiply the portion up, it'l take a bit longer. The sauce has the right cionsistency when the bubbles become small and forms a kind of foam, such that one can not see the liquid in the bottom – then it needs 5 minutes more and then remove it from the heat.

Or you can adjust the thickness with cornflour which is first dissolved in 2-3 tbsp cold water and added to the ingredients in the pot. Start with half the corn flour / water mixture. Let simmer for 3-4 minutter and add more if needed. Then simmer for 3 - 4 minutes again. Remember in both cases the sauce thickens slightly when it cools.

Now you can either let the sauce cool slightly and stir in the chili distributed before pouring it into scalded and possibly. Atamonskyllede bottles – or you can pour it into bottles of the same and immediately close them.

Keep in the fridge up to a month if corn starch i s used. Should it last longer must you start Atamon'en just before the sauce is poured on bottles (den skal være under 100 grader). But why not make a fresh portion once in while instead. The starch is changing the consistency after it has been stored for some time – you can avoid that by boiling it until right consistency instead.

The reduced sauce has a very long shelf life in the fridge – but I like to add a little bit of sodium benzoate for safety's sake.


You can easily use very hot chillies in this sauce – it need not be as mild as store bought version if you like it hotter. Finely chopped ginger can also be used for flavoring – added with the rest of the ingredients. The same applies to tomato paste – pour a small or large can of paste into the mixture and let simmer a few minutes at the end. If you use tomato paste, you must not do the corn flour version – as the tomato paste itself thickens the sauce.

One can discern Fish sauce in this – it is awfully nice, I think, but do not you care about the taste of the Fish Sauce, then halve the amount.

Sød chilisauce 2

Bl.a. made with:

1 7pot Infinity 25 small Royal Black 7 Takanotsume for one double portion.

That was . (mega-hot)

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White Fire (will be translated upon request) – white chili sauce

A very special chili sauce which protrudes somewhat from the usual. Den er meget koncentreret i smagen og en smule af den kan få en enhver ret til at smage som en tur til Østasien.

I do like the rather strong, because it is used in such small quantities – there must be a little bit to give strength also. The flavor is very intense.

Providing approximately. 7,4 dl


Hvide chili – the number and strength aftertaste

2 dl risvineddike

150 gr palmesukker

15 gr salt

125 – 150 gr hvidløg

1 dl neutral olie

150 gr løg

150 gr ingefær

100 gr galangarod

ca 100 gr citrongræs

3 dl vand

Sodium benzoate

How to:

Clean white onions and cut into chunks.

Vask galangaen – scrubber the CE. with a grøntsagsbøste – and peel the ugliest part of the peel of, if anything it. You do not need to remove the rest. Cut it into small pieces.

Cut the top dry green piece of citrongræsstænglerne, cut the bottom root end and remove the outer leaves. Rinse them and cut them into slices.

Peel the ginger and cut into slices.

Vask chilien, skær stilken af og skær chilierne i et par stykker.

Come alt – except Atamon – to Dryden.

Simrer 30 minutter under låg.

Køler til den temperatur din blender kan håndtere.

Blend really well and passed through a sieve. The pulp is thrown out and the juice is poured back into the pot.

Koges, remove from heat and add Atamon.

Poured in small, rene, scalded, Atamonskyllede bottles which immediately closed and just turned a walk upside down and back again.


The sauce stand a bit in the bottle when it is – it means nothing. The shake just before use.


Suggestions for use – kylling i 3 dage med White Fire

First Day: a good økokylling rubbed with olive oil and sprinkle with coarse salt. Sættes i kold ovn og steges 140 minutter ved 150 grader. Når der er 20 minutter tilbage af stegetiden, Brush the chicken with the White Fire. Serve with favorite accessories. I do often have a few narrow coarse flutes as a baker fifteen minutes just when the chicken comes out.

Thighs, drumsticks and wings eaten. Breast meat will keep for itself and all other (ben, skins were not eaten and everything smovs from roasting pan) stored in the refrigerator in a pan.

Second day: a few homemade coarse sandwich buns with chicken salad made on bryskødet, creme fraice, White Fire and whatever else you might want to put in. The picture shows white cucumber and Holy Mole and a little salt.

Third day: pot with chicken remains filled with water to the remains covered. The simmering with the lid on for an hour and sieve. The soup is poured back into the pot. If there is much fat as floats, you can remove some of it with a spoon.

You now have a super delicious because soup can be used with just what you want. Here I built the soup further by adding chickpeas and fresh tomatoes into chunks. Kogte det ved svag varme i 10-20 minutter. Blended with a hand blender and added coconut milk. Cooked quickly and tasted to the White Fire, ca 1 spsk æbleeddike og lidt salt.

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Tropicana (will be translated upon request) – yellow fruity chili sauce

A very versatile and delicious sauce that we at times almost daily use. The tropical flavor notes chamber does not, they could otherwise do in many sauces with the theme, but balanced fine of vinegar and strength from the chili. Garlic and onions gives the sauce something 'bottom’ in taste without to put your finger on what it is.

Certainly one of the favorites. Use it to marinade (salad, greens, fisk, meat), Catfish glaze, på pizzaen, som Chilisauce, a small spoonful of dessert, etc..

Tropicana (will be translated upon request)


1 kæmpe ananas eller 2 mindre

2 store mango eller 3 mindre (Honey Mango if possible)

Yellow chili with fruit notes, i.e.. Ananas young citrus

3 økologiske citroner

300 – 400 gr ingefær

5 dl æblecidereddike (mild, i.e.. Urtekrams)

2 dl mild olivenolie

3 – 4 løg

1 hvidløg

300 gr rå rørsukker

75 – 100 gr salt, i.e.. Himalayas

maybe some. Sodium benzoate

How to:

Make all the ingredients ready. They may be mixed in a bowl, except onions and ½ cup of the oil.

Chilierne skylles og skæres i 4-5 stykker hver.

The onion cut into cubes – as. 1 cm

The garlic peeled and each clove minced in a few.

Ginger peeled and chopped into small cubes or just sliced.

Mango skrælles og skæres i stykker på ca .2 cm.

Pineapple skrælles, divided into quarters, stick and cut the flesh into pieces of approximately. 2 cm.

Lemons are washed and rind grated finely. It must be used together with the juice, der nu presses.

Heat ½ cup oil in a large saucepan – middle varme. Step logos look, they do not take color, men der sker ikke noget hvis de gyldner lidt.

Add the remaining ingredients – except Atamon – and bring to a boil. Leave to simmer on low heat about. 20 minutes.

Tag gryden af varmen og blend med en stavblender til massen er homogen og nærmest har konsistens som en tyk sovs. Do not have a stick blender, then cooling it off to a temperature as your regular blender or food processor can handle and give it a ride several times. Back to the pan with the.

Taste and. for more sugar, Vinegar and salt. Sukkerindholdet kommer an på din smag og hvor modne frugterne er.

Cook the mass and remove it from the heat. Add perhaps. Atamon for instructions on flasken.

Put into clean, scalded glass or small bottles, who is washed Atamon or spirits.

Be tightly closed immediately. Alternatives to Atamonen can henkoge glasses / flaskerne – but durability is so not that long when you open sauce.

The batch here gives approximately. 4 liter afhængig af frugternes størrelse.

Tropicana (will be translated upon request) - with labels

Among other things used:

Tropicana (will be translated upon request) - the pizza

Grilled corn (greased grill before lift)

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Red Hot chili sauce (will be translated upon request)

Housing 'standard’ multi-use and very hot chili sauce that lends itself equally well to be made with medium hot as quite strong chillies. I have successfully made it with 'shake-greenhouse’ chili mixture at the end of the season.

I love it as red Habanerosauce – uhm, but superhot it is also a nice sauce to have standing, when the dosage of the strong stuff the easy.

Mænden the rest of the ingredients align with chili amount. Should you export use 2 ½ cups oil and 7 ½ cup red wine you must also times the rest of the ingredients by 2 ½.

Red Hot Chilisauce - Pure Pain


Chili: all the chilies as you like to make sauce

The following portion multiplied by the number of times it takes for olive oil and red wine to just barely cover the chillies into the pan

1 dl olivenolie

3 dl rødvin

2 spsk salt

6 topspsk rå rørsukker

1 lille tsk citronsyre

maybe some. noget koncentreret tomatpasta

Sodium benzoate

How to:

Remove stem from chillies and halve them. In the pot with them.

Pour oil and red wine so it barely covers chillies (remember that times the rest of the ingredients up later when you get to them).

Let it simmer for fifteen minutes.

Blend the pulp with a stick blender – or allow to cool to the temperature of your food processor (or blender) can tolerate and use the.

Cook the mass back to you think the consistency is as you want it – I boil it usually just a few minutes – but you can cook it in as it suits you. Taste the while to the measured citric acid, sugar and salt – maybe you will have less or more in?

Hvis du synes at den er blevet for tynd – eller bare hvis du har lyst – så tilsæt noget koncentreret tomatpasta. Det jævner og runder smagen godt af med tomat. Så skal det lige koges igennen et par minutters tid.

Remove from the heat and add Atamon as directed on the bottle.

Pour immediately clean, scalded, atamonskyllede glass or bottles, which immediately closed and just turned a walk upside down and back again.


Normally I use red wine – but you can make a light sauce with white wine and exports. gule chillier. You can substitute wine vinegar, so you get a more Sambal oelek like sauce. One can add onion, garlic, ginger, lemon grass, etc..

The sauce is relatively thin – which suits me fine, when I make the rather strong. You can easily use something less liquid (oil and red wine) – eg. so chilerne only half covered, if you would like a thicker chili sauce. It is not uncommon that the thin model face and stand (see last picture below) – they mean nothing, it just shaken together again before taking the. If the sauce is made extra hot (i.e.. Generation superhots) so it is nice that it is thin and easy to spread.

   Red Hot chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - on glass 006

F. i.e.. made with:

Blandede røde Habanero + Aji Chombo + Trinidad Scorpion Morouga Blend

…og her lidt hots + superhots

Red Hot chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - superhot og hots Red Hot Chilisauce - Pure Pain

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Barbecue sauce with dark forest honey

There are many delicious barbecue sauce recipes around the web – Some of buy versions are reputable and most often does one get yourself messed a hit together in a bowl before grilling, which can not be reproduced accurately, but you just make a new next time. I have some ingredients that I keep returning to and made a sauce of slightly larger portion which come in bottles. Here in a little special variant with dark forest honey.

The sauce here is intended as a barbecue sauce of the kind that you smear on meat and vegetables the last moments of grilling time. It can also be served to the grilled or fried meat and vegetables as a dip or sauce.

It's a little more time consuming process than to snatch a bottle at the supermarket, but I think of course it is worth it. Judge for yourself, if you have the courage to try.

This batch yields approximately. 2,2 liter.


1 kg semidried, røgede tomater

Chili to taste – possibly. smoked (not translated yet)

200 gr mørk skovhonning

100 gr tamarindpasta + 1 liter vand

3 dl mørk soya (use the thick of Asians supermarket)

3 hele hvidløg

1 dl mørk sesamolie

Sodium benzoate


How to:

The tomatoes sliced ​​down the middle and dried in the oven. Store tomatoes stand with me about. 15 timer ved 50 – 60 grader.

Then cold smoked the approximately. 12 timer.

Tamarindpastaen udrøres i 1 liter kogende vand og står og trækker minimum 30 minutter. The juice is strained then down into the pan and the pulp thrown out.

Alle ingredienser blandes i gryden og simrer under låg ca 30 minutter.

Blend then – preferably with a hand blender. Otherwise, the mass to cool to the temperature as your food processor or blender can handle.

When it is blended to a suitable consistency Køge mass op igen. Herefter tages den af varmen og der røres Atamon i.

Hæls sauce on pure, scalded, Atamonskyllede bottles.



Of course you can use hot smoked tomatoes instead – it takes course only an hour or two depending on how much heat you give them – then they are dried and smoked a little. Fresh tomatoes – without smoke – can also be used, it's just a little something different.


Among other things used: grilled chicken, grilled pepper (T-Bone has fået Barbecue spice (will be translated upon request))


Made with particular. In Trinidad Scorpion Morouga Blend til Portion in.

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Dragon Blood (will be translated upon request) – chili sauce with blackcurrants

Chili sauce here has lots of flavor in itself – before arriving in chili – as it can form the basis for all strengths. Here we make it hot ;o)

The different ingredients each contribute – but no one dominates (in addition, of course, the chili). Solbær'en can be tasted / smelled – but it is not the first thing you think of.

Saucen bliver let tyktflydende af sig selv og den smager henad en hot brown sauce/worcestershire.


ca 1 kg solbær – fresh (or frozen Opto) – juice can probably also be used

½ liter of soy – Kikkomann is excellent for this

½ liter æblecidereedike

1 helt hvidløg

fresh chili to taste – like strong

a large piece of ginger or two

4 top spsk muscovado/molasse/brun farin (possibly more)

2 top spsk salt

possibly. Sodium benzoate

How to:

Rinse and nip berries. Put them in a pan with soy sauce and vinegar. Bring det i kog og lad det simre under låg i 20 minutter.

Imens renses chilierne og hakkes medium fint.

Ginger cut into thin slices – it should not be peeled off first.

The garlic peeled and coarsely chopped.

Når bærrene har simret 20 minutter hældes hvidløg, chili and ginger in, og det hele simrer 10 – 15 minutter mere.

Take it off the heat and let it cool slightly. Then blend in blender or food processor and filreres through a strainer. Blend like several rounds. Stir a little of the pulp in the strainer with a spatula or spoon to get the thick juice to run through.

The pulp is thrown out.

The juice / sauce poured back into the pot, sugar and salt are added and stirred up. It simmers for a few minutes and season if necessary. for more sugar. It depends on the berries which sourly it has been. Gryden tages af varmen.

Atamon added as is written on the bottle and the sauce poured on small clean, scalded atamonskyllede bottles.

Used in soups, saucer, the pastaretten, stir-fried Steak and on and on all permitted on the grill. However, may be reconstituted in a little oil or other prior to use as a marinade. Eminent to simmer dishes with meat and like tomato.

Blackcurrant Rene may be wholly or partially replaced by blueberries and / or blackberries.

Dragon Blood (will be translated upon request) - bottle Dragon Blood (will be translated upon request) - ppå et stykke pizza

Første portion lavet med 1 Bhut Jolokia x Douglah kryds (not fully mature) og ca 15 modne Gule Naga. It was a delicious taste and good chili power.
Siden er den lavet med lidt godt og blandet af røde chilier og hjemmelavet chilipulver.


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