Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request)

Not my recipe – but one of those that 'everybody’ knows, just like Atomic Buffalo Turds. A delicious way to vary the ways you use your Jalapeños. Other kinds of chili can of course also be used. Here is one of the models I make.

Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request)


Jalapeños or other kinds of chili

Cheddar cheese

Cream cheese of a kind


Minced meat – it could be minced beef or . raw sausage mince – ordinary. pork meat also works really well

Barbecue spice (will be translated upon request) – or other spice mix

Pinch of salt

maybe some. a bit eggs

How to:

Vask chilierne, cut the top of them and deseed them. Use a Jalapeño-DECORER or peak, sharp knife.

Grate the cheddar cheese coarsely and mix with cream cheese. I think that equal amounts of each works well. Also add flavor gives as example. crushed garlic.

Fill cheese chillies – it is easiest with fingers or a table knife.

Mix the batter with spices and a little salt. Do not be stingy with seasoning. If the batter is too loose and gritty, can add a little beaten egg (1 -2 tsk) – I think as a rule, it is necessary.

Apply a little oil in a circle on your cutting board or a smooth, clean kitchen. This is done so that the stuffing does not need to hang in.

Form a small ball father's hand – roll it well (but quickly, so it does not get heated up too much) and squeeze it slightly between both palms. If you start doing this, hangs stuffing better together.

Add fars'pandekagen’ the oil-lubricated cutting board / board and gently press the stuffing out so it has the same height over the place.

Add a chili on the stuffing and wrap the stuffing well together chili, so that is covered with an even layer all over. Make sure there are no cracks and holes into the chili.

Sprinkle all 'eggs’ with a little spice all the way around and put them cool, if they do not need to be prepared with the same.

Grilles on udegrillen – preferably with smoke – or in the oven. In the oven can high heat, however, also make it. Serve with whatever you fancy.


It is one of the recipes, where you do not have to hang on too much in the exact ingredients – the idea is to use. Try items. switching barbecuekrydderiet out with your favorite spice blend or just (smoked (not translated yet)) paprika maybe. Garlic is not needed, If you do not like it. There may sagten mix other goodies in the filling. Finely chopped, fresh cilantro in the filling or stuffing I am very fond of – and there is plenty of opportunity to experiment here also. En godt krydret rå pølsefars er også rigtig lækker i stedet for oksekødet.
The chili can of course also be varied and may sagten divided into several pieces, either in small pieces' tube’ or longitudinally.

Also, try to wrap bacon on them – it can help keep the stuffing bit of space and taste the super.

Make a little more than you need, if it is important that they are neat. I always think that a few 'break’ during cooking so little cheese runs out. They taste the still good, but if the presentation is important, so low abundant.

Have you filled to spare, then it may well be used for other things. Just smeared on a piece of bread which then grilled, is really delicious. It can also be filled in some chilli or pepper as grilled (without father) – og måske drysses med lidt grønt ved servering.

Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) - Ingredients Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) - chilierne renses Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) - rensede chilier klar til fyld Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) - ostefyldet blandes Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) - ostefyld Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) - de fyldte chilier Armadillo Eggs  fars og krydderier Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) - lidt olie hjælper Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) - olie i en cirkel Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) - farsen klappes først ud i hånden Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) - farsen klappes ud Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) - chilien pakkes i farsen Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) - første Armadillo Egg er rullet Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) - alle chili er pakket i fars Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) - drysset med krydderi Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) - finished Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) - serveres

Below are the remains of the filling smeared on some great pieces rosmarinflute, som efterfølgende er grillet i ovnen og serveret med skiver af bøftomat og røget chilisalt.

Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) - rester af fyldet på brød 1 Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) - rester af fyldet på brød 2 Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) - rester af fyldet på brød 3


Armadillo Eggs of ground beef from John Memorial. A big hit. They strung him along and tasted super delicious. Goat cheese in chillies and various spices in the meat (barbecue + 2 slags chili):

Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) - på gris 1 Armadillo Eggs (will be translated upon request) - på gris 2

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Beef Jerky (will be translated upon request) – dried meat

All fresh meat can be used for Beef Jerky. Most often used, however, beef and like a good cut. The main thing is that the meat is trimmed well the fat and tendons, especially if it has to last long – it should not!, cutting can easily be mottled.

A super delicious snack – which is interesting because. seasoning.

More marinade recipes come to continuously – and some versions smoked. Use like smoked chili in mixtures.


as. 400 – 600 gr kød skåret i tynde, narrow slices across the meat fibers. Cut any. skiver som derefter deles 2-3 gange på den rigtige led (again to the edge of the fibers).

1 af marinaderne nedenfor – or invent your own

How to:

Mix the marinade and place kødstrimlerne in. Let them marinate overnight in the refrigerator.

Take the meat out of the arinaden and let it drip on paper towel or a clean tea towel.

Dry the meat on low heat until it is completely dry, but still pliable.

The drying may be carried out in a dehydrator, in the oven or on the grill by indirect heat. Prøv at holde temperaturen på 50-60 grader. The grill can køden while smoked if desired. Of course you can also use a dedicated smoker – as a part or the entire process.

I will just meat once or more on the way.

Store in airtight container – refrigerated if possible – but Beef Jerky is also suitable for items. to take on a multi-day trip without a refrigerator. Will keep for months if it has dried enough and made of meat without too much fat.

Nydes som snacks eller lille mellemmåltid.

Beef Jerky (will be translated upon request) - der skal mikses lidt forskellige marinader

Marinade nummer 1

1 dl Veri Teriaki

1½ tsk røget chilisalt

2 tsk Pul Biber (Childe chiliflager)

1 tsk sellerifrø

½ tsk Liquid Smoke Hickory

Marinade nummer 2

2 spsk Mushroom Flavoured Soya Sauce

2 spsk Worcestershire sauce

1½ tsk røgsalt

1 tsp chili powder

½ tsk Mesquite Liquid Smoke

Marinade nummer 3

1 dl Reggae Reggae sauce

2 tsk røget chilisalt

1 spsk muscovado sukker

Marinade nummer 4

3 spsk Tamari

3 spsk chiliketchup

1 spsk sød og stærk chilisauce

2 tsk røgsalt

Marinade nummer 5

3 spsk Worcestershire sauce

3 spsk sød mørk soya

2 tsk røget papkrika

2 tsk løgpulver

2 tsk røgsalt

Marinade nummer 6

4 spsk Mushroom Flavoured Soya

2 spsk æblecidereddike

3 tsk muscovado sukker

2 tsk hvidløgspulver

1 tsk røgsalt

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Chili con carne (will be translated upon request)

My take on a classic that course can be made in many variations. It takes the little time and it tastes best of days after it is made. They are grateful to freeze and lends itself well to many guests, if it is to be easily. Therefore, it may be a good idea to make a big deal when you're at it. If guests have not cleared the pan, so it may well be frozen in suitable portions.

Chili con carne (will be translated upon request)


4 – 4½ kg okseklump

1200 – 1600 gr løg

ca 4 dl olivenolie

ca 1½ liter oksebouillon – mixed target

4 porter eller stout á 33 cl (can also be the ship's beer)

8 – 10 dl hakkede tomater/tomatpassata/flåede tomater

4 dl god, strong balsamic

4 hvidløg

1 – 4 ds chipotle – i.e.. á 200 gr (can undlades)

Chillies to taste, like mixed. Dried can also be used.

8 topspsk røget paprike (ca 80 gr)

8 små kanelstænger eller tilsvarende mængde store

4 hele stjerneanis

ca 20 laurbærblade – like fresh

8 topspsk oregano (ca 8 – 10 gr)

4 topspsk hel spidskommen (ca 30 gr)

140 gr muscovado sukker (or brown sugar)

140 gr salt

1 kg tørrede kidneybønner (or other beans aftertaste)

A few cups of strong coffee – eller 5-6 tsk pulverkaffe

maybe some. a few cans tomato.

6-8 store røde peberfrugter

ca 600 gr friske eller frosne, thawed corn kernels

300 gr god mørk chokolade – gerne 70-80% kakaoindhold

How to:

Sæt kidneybønnerne i blød i rigeligt koldt vand 12 – 24 timer før du skal lave Chili con carne. De kan udblødes fra 0 – 24 timer – see more here: Do beans soaked?

Cut lump in the dining friendly cubes and brown them in batches in a little oil. I usually brown in a frying pan and then pour the ingredients into the cauldron along the way.

Kom bouillon, beer, tomato and balsamic vinegar to the pan to the meat and turn the pan over very low heat. It will quietly bring to the boil while you prepare and get the next ingredients in.

Peel the onions and cut them into cubes. Brown them in a little oil to the pan – as for onions – they must be light brown.

While you care for them and regularly turns around in them, you can tinker garlic and chop them on the cutting board. In the pot with them.

Hak chipotle and fresh chili. Mild chili in larger pieces, chilli finely. Getting it in.

Add the smoked paprika, cinnamon sticks, star anise, bay leaves, oregano, cumin, muscovado og salt.

Also add the browned onions when they are finished.

Bring the pot quietly to a boil if it is not even. Cover and let it simmer quietly – i ca 90 minutter.

Fish stjerneanis'erne up and came beans. Bring back quietly to a boil and let simmer without låg i 30 – 60 minutter til bønnerne er færdige, if they are soaked first. If they are not macerated, to the boiling longer and it may be advantageous either to boil them some of the time with the lid on, or to be very awake about adding more liquid. Turn regularly around in the pan. The beans must be fully cooked and soft all the way through. Underdone beans are toxic. When they are tender and soft all the way through, is the finished. If there is no liquid on the way, Add the coffee. If you chew a bean that has not received enough when you taste for it, så spyt den ud.

If you're not used coffee to dilute with during cooking, kan du nu tilsætte pulverkaffen. Smag til om retten mangler salt, sugar, chili and other spices. If you think chili con carne'n be tyknes, you can add a few cans tomato.

Cut the peppers into small, eat-friendly cubes and put them in with the corn. Bring back quietly to the boil – simrer 2-3 minutter og gryden tages af varmen. Rør chokoladen i. Season to taste one last time.

Now Chili con carne'n served or soak for later in the day or in the fridge for the next day (the next days – it just gets better).

Heats quietly before serving and served with optional accessories – i.e.. Creme fraiche young nachochips (like touched with a little lime peel) and / or a soft salsa, guacamole, ris, salad, good bread etc.


Of course you can easily use other beans than kidney beans – many kinds. I really like most kinds of beans, but is enthusiastic about the kidney beans in this dish. Use what you like and follow udblødningtiden (If you are using maceration) and kogetiden the package.

Når chili con carne skal genopvarmes, it can easily be done in the oven. Then you are free to run and stir gently into the pan – and can use the time for something else. YLD Chili con carne'n to fad et ildfast, tires first with greaseproof paper and then aluminum foil as Krammes to the edge – or use an ovenproof dish with a lid if you have such a. Staniol blivet almost always etched chilli, derfor bagepapiret først. Sæt det tildækkede fad i kold ovn og varm ovnen op til 150. How long it takes to heat through food, depends on how big the dish is and how much there is in – men ca 45 minutter synes jeg passer til et par portioner.

Court will not damage that met a few pieces of smoked bacon cooking from start – fished up before serving.

Smoked home chillies are not bad.

Undlader you chipotlen, use a few tablespoons extra of the smoked paprika.

Make this a day before you need it, especially the first time. It takes some time to make.

You can make it without oil. So you broil not meat and onions before placing in the pan.

Coded can also get in that whole piece or larger lumps. So extended cooking time for meat is tender – ca 4 timer for en hel klump på 4 – 4½ kilo, shorter for smaller pieces.

Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - Ingredients Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - kødet skæres Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - kødet brunes Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - løgene skæres i tern Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - hakket hvidløg Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - chipotle Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - chipotle hakketChili con carne (will be translated upon request) - løgene er færdige Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - frisk chili Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - chili founders chopped Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - færdigsimret Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - klar til at blive rullet og komme en tur i ovnen





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Sweet chilli/pepper with coriander, chili- and meat filling (will be translated upon request)


8 – 10 store spidse peberfrugter – or a portion sized sweet chilies, such that when they are bisected fills the a large baking pan

ca 800 – 1000 gr økologisk hakket okse, ged, or lamb

2 store løg, chopped

4 æg

approximately ½ garlic, chopped

fresh chopped chilli, chili or hot chili sauce to taste

1½ topspsk stødt koriander

a great big bunch of fresh coriander, chopped

salt and peber


How to:

Rens og to-del peberfrugt/sød chili. Deseed them, but let the stem sit, so as not to cut a hole.

Mix remaining ingredients and fill in the halved fruit. Avg possibly. some fresh cilantro for garnish.

Bag dem i en forvarmet ovn ved 225 grader ca. 25 minutter – shorter time if it is less fruits.

Serve with ex. a large portion of green salad and sprinkle like a bit of fresh cilantro on by serving.


Variér selv fyldet ;o)

– Add ex. Feta

– Læg gedeost ovenpå de sidste 5 minutter af bagetiden – Drys, possibly. with sortløgsfrø

– Grate the peel of an eco-lime in

– Add the grated ginger

– Put small ærter in – or fresh sweet corn kernels or grated root

– Add the cumin and parsley instead of coriander


If they are made with chili instead of bell peppers can the cunningly used as snacks. Delicious with medium hot chili'skaller’ I would think.

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