Roast pork with orange, chili and liqourice (will be translated upon request)

…and suffered cloves and bay.

How cloves and bay is classic for roast pork is the other spices well be described as a newer feature of the past year. Instead of sprinkling the roast and seasonings, I have chosen to make a marinade and spray into the – to better distributing the taste.


3 kg kamsteg

A small handful of salt (I use lightly smoked chili salt)

3 usprøjtede appelsiner

possibly. 1-2 tsk sukker

3 tsk chilipulver med lille top

3 tsk engelsk lakridspulver med lille top

45 hele nelliker

A small handful of bay leaves – like fresh if you have a bush.


How to:

Take the roast out of the refrigerator at least an hour before using it in the oven. Dab the rind dry with paper towels and place the roast a place where it can get living room / kitchen temperature.

At that time, make the marinade also (can also be made earlier if it fits your schedule better).

Wash and dry orange founders. Grate the peel finely and squeeze out the juice. Come share both in a bowl. It does not matter that there are seeds and flesh.

If the orange peel is very acidic, smages til med 1-2 tsk sukker til saften smager som saft fra en sød appelsin.

Deal cloves holders a proper place in the mortar or ride krydderikværnen – and pour them so the marinade with chilli- and lakridspulver.

Stir marinade good – i.e.. but evt. spice lumps out of the back of a spoon. Let marinade pull an hour on the kitchen table. Should it be longer, then put it in the fridge.

When it soon is almost time for the roast to the oven, tændes ovnen på 150 grader.

Rind scratched off if necessary (it is almost always think) – scratch down to the meat, but not into the meat.

Si marinade into another bowl, so you have a completely liquid mass without 'lumps'. Use marinade syringe to distribute the marinade in the entire roast. Spraying onto the inclined around, so that a plug marinade going to be spread over several slices increased.

Rub the rind well with plenty of salt – and be sure to come down firmly in between all sværene.

If the roast is not just high over the place, you can roll some small balls of aluminum foil and stuff under the, there where it should be emphasized. We want the rind is just close to the heat of it all if possible.

Skær eller klip laurbærbladene i 3 dele på langs og sæt stykkerne ned mellem sværene.

Sæt et stegetermometer i stegen og indstil på kernetemperatur på 62 grader.

In the oven with the animal and wait for the thermometer is calling you. In the meantime, you should have something accessories to be prepared.

Når de 62 grader i midten af stegen er nået, take it out of the oven – it must not be covered. Turn the oven up on the grill. Arrow laurels of the rind.

When the oven is hot (and roast chilled a bit of) – put the roast zoom back about. 10 cm fra grillen, until sværene are crisp and perfect. Watch carefully and remove flux roast out when the rind is nice. Charge Stegen short rest meanwhile you all get track of the rest.

Så er der serveret ;o)



For marinade syringes at good hardware stores. It is a cheap and phenomenal tool for meat, where you always wished that you could benefit seasoning, such that it needed a little more into the meat. Widely used by barbeque people also. The cannula has a hole on the side of the needle, the tip is only used to perforate the.

I attach a recipe for braised kamsteg up at a later date also.

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