Old-fashioned marinated white Christmas herring with orange and chilli (will be translated upon request)

It is delicious even making its marinated herring. They can achieve an intense flavor of just the way you like to. Here is my Christmas version of the white herring.


10 islandske spegesildfileter

5 dl eddike

500 gr rå rørsukker

Revet skal og saft af 3 store eller 4 mindre usprøjtede appelsiner

Et stykke frisk ingefær på ca 6 – 8 cm

10 laurbærblade

1 – 5 tsk knust chili eller små, whole dried chilli

3 små kanelstænger

3 tsk nelliker

7 – 8 stjerneannis


How to:

Herring Fillets be watered down, to get some of the salt out of them. This is done by laying it close in a dish or jar – and inclined as much cold water by, which has herring. They put in the fridge where they stand overnight – ca 12 timer.

Meanwhile you wait, lichens you lagen (oh well – and sleep a little).

Gag cinnamon rods into smaller pieces. Wash the ginger and cut into thin slices.

All the ingredients in a pot and boil quietly up stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and cool completely.

The herring taken out of the water and dripped of. Cut them into chunks as you like and put it on clean, scalded glass. Fordel lagen over sildene. Der skal være ca. as much as the liquid medium which is herring. It is important that they be completely covered and the tubes is completely filled, such because the fish will always be covered with bed sheet. Make sure there is a bit of all the spices in each glass.

If you can get the crowd to fit with a number of glass, but there is just ½ inch liquid in each – then top up with a little vinegar.

Now herrings to soak in the brine – preferably in the refrigerator or at least in a cool room. It takes at least a few days and like a lot longer. Normally we make herrings from the middle of November to the first days of December, if they are eaten at Christmas and remains in January.



Salt herring are herring that has matured with the salt in a barrel – i reglen minimum 6 måneder. The salt also conserves Sildene. When the herring to be used, they must be diluted to some of the salt can be pulled out. It depends how long it watered down – it depends on the salt concentration is desired in the finished product. It is important that there is used for salted herring marinated herring – you may not use fresh (usaltede) herring – they are not suitable for the preservation in this way.

I hope that you have the heart to pour one inferior buy-curry salad on. If you insist on pouring this one on – so low your own, like one that matches the seasoning of herrings it is used for.

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