Chritmas caramels (will be translated upon request)


1 portion basis-karamelmasse

ca 100 gr rosiner

about 1 ½ – 2 dl portvin, ROM, or other well to soak the raisins in

ca 100 gr mandler eller nødder af din yndlingsslags – mine is Brazil nuts

1 tsp vanilla powder (not sugar)

2 kanelstænger

ca 15 grønne kardemomme

1 tsk nelliker


How to:

Dag 1:

Chop coarsely raisins and put them to soak in port wine or rum – or whatever you want overnight.


Dag 2.

Hugs kardemommerne with few bumps in the mortar and remove the husk.

Pour the seeds in spice grinder along with cloves and cinnamon sticks (who has just broken into a few pieces). Mal spices to a semi-fine powder and add vanillaen. Save for later.

Chop the nuts very rough.

Make the caramel as in the recipe for basic caramel and when it is about to be het finished, add to raisins – with the possible. excess fluid.

Boil again into the mass until it is finished. How long it takes depends on how much fluid that was with raisins. Stir well while the raisins do not burn on.

When the caramel is ready take it off the heat and stir in chopped nuts. Then the spices. Stir well and pour into a bowl with oiled cookie sheet. Follow the rest of the basic recipe.



Tefal has made a really good small electric spice- and coffee grinder. It comes with two inserts – one for coffee and one for spices. Den koster ca 250 kr. Se links.

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