Blackcurrant gelly with chili (will be translated upon request)

Very simple and delicious basic recipe for jelly made with blackcurrants, which can easily be made with other berries as well. See photos of the jelly made with redbeeries at the bottom. Eaten alone in well, homemade bread with a little butter or cheese, meats, postej m.m. – is also delicious as jelly for hot food. Good to round a sauce with. Delicious in pancakes, for fritters and ice m.m.m.

Blackcurrant gelly with chili (will be translated upon request) - på friskristet brød


5 kg solbær (frozen thawed) or other berries

fresh chili to taste, i.e., 200 – 300 gr Habanero (of the strong)

about 3 ½ liter vand

4 kg rå rørsukker

5 breve gul Melatin

ca 8 tsk Atamon + lidt til glassene

How to:

Getting the berries in a large pot. You do not have to rib them first. Remove the stems from chili founders and mark them. Do not remove the cores and frøstole. Come chili in the pot for the berries.

Add water so that you can see it down between the berries, but not to cover them. It is about 3 ½ gallons.

Bring gryden i kog og lad det småkoge under låg i ca 15 minutter.

Pour the mixture to drain for a juice bag over a large pot (der bliver små 5 liter), preferably overnight – but at least a few hours.

Measure the drained juice up. There should preferably be 4 ½ – 5 liter. You can alternatively. priming up with a little water if there is less than 4 ½ liters.

Skold and optionally. Atamonskyl your glass and lid.

Getting the juice in a large saucepan and heat to boiling point.

Drys gul Melatin i under omrøring og kog massen 1 minut.

Add the sugar and bring back to a boil. Lad koge 1 minut.

Remove from the heat and add Atamon.

Come immediately gel on the clean glass and luk to. When you close a glass, turned it just a ride on the head and back before it to cool.


If you make a great deal of time (med 5 kg bær), you need to work a little fast when the gel to the glass, so that the latter does not cool as much of it can be difficult to pour on glass.

You can use any berries for this simple recipe – and of course you can mix them if you want. Are the berries sweet, you can reduce the amount of sugar. Du kan sagten nå at smage til imens sukkeret koger 1 minut og evt. add a little more if you come a little ii initially.

You can natural course add other flavorings also / instead if you like. Whole dried spices executed in the field berries boil and boil with the mass. Spirits can be added just before the gel is poured on glass – beregn ca 1 spsk pr glas.

Portionen her giver lige knap 7 liter.

Blackcurrant gelly with chili (will be translated upon request) - hvorman kan se lidt af farven Blackcurrant gelly with chili (will be translated upon request) - det ser sort ud Blackcurrant gelly with chili (will be translated upon request) - jeg morer mig med navngivningen Blackcurrant gelly with chili (will be translated upon request)

And here is the version made of ribs instead.

Ribsgelé med habanero Ribsgellé med habanero på brød Habaribs

The following is a tuttifruttiversion, made when the freezer was emptied of berries.

Tuttifrutti med chili - Ingredients Chili Frutti

Kirsestik on cherries, red gooseberries, BOC chili and vanilla


Tuttifruttien blev lavet på 4 kg røde stikkelsbær, 4 kg solbær, 4 kg cirusrugt, well with chili, 1 liter æblemost (with elderflower). The chili was cut into rings and citrus fruits into slices about ½ cm thickness, with peel. It was quietly brought to a boil and then simmering it for ½ hour, with a pair of pumping over underway. The mass was drained in colander, aim and juice bag (it was a great deal of, so several things had to play).

Her blev 6 liter, som blev videreprocesseret med 4500 gr sukker og 6 breve gul melatin. Incredibly intense flavor (there is after all not thinned with water). Yum.

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4 thoughts on “Blackcurrant gelly with chili (will be translated upon request)

  1. Hej Vivi – har lavet dit gele med ribs og chili, uhm – det er godt. Nu står jeg og har et lille kilo stikkelsbær, men kan ikke finde et opskrift hos dig med stikkelsbær og chili. Tror du man kan lave gele af dem ligesom solbær og ribs – eller har du en helt anden ide??

    herlig varm sommerhilsen

    • Hejsa

      Skønt at du også kan lide den 🙂 – det klæder bærrene så forrygende med chili synes jeg.
      Du kan sagtens lave den med stikkelsbær i stedet for – eller stikkelsbær sammen med noget andet hvis det lige passer. Jeg har selv lavet både stikkelsbær ren og røde stikkelsbær og kirsebær sammen, det virker super – og bare brug samme opskrift 🙂

      Rigtig go’ fornøjelse med de skønne bær – jeg går også selv amok i dem allesammen i øjeblikket – yummm.

    • Hejsa

      Den bliver hot, men ikke alt for stærk synes jeg – og der er mange som har smagt den, der er enige.
      Som du kan se er det jo en kæmpeportion af 5 kg bær m.m. – så det er derfor det kan lyde lidt meget med de 2-300 gr Habanero.
      Det virker rigtig fint sammen med den kraftige solbærsmag 🙂

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