Appelsinlagkage med bær og chili (will be translated upon request)

En frisk version af lagkage hvor du selvfølgelig selv bestemmer styrken på chilierne. Jeg synes at det er lækkert at bruge lidt hot frisk chili eller chilipulver i bundene og så en mild frisk chili i fyldet. Brug endelig friskplukkede bær når de er sæson – og variér med lige hvad du kan lide.

Appelsinlagkage med bær og chili (will be translated upon request) - der er serveret


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A very fresh and spicy cheesecake with a loads of taste in every little bite. The oranges complements the delicious creamy rhubarb filling with a little extra acidity and freshness and the chili provides a surprising extra dimension to the cake.


Ingredients for rhubarb compote:

1 kg rhubarb stalks

350 g raw cane sugar

fresh chopped chilli to taste

1 tsp vanilla powder (or seeds from 1 pod or 3-4 tsp vanilla sugar)

finely grated zest from 3 – 4 organic oranges

Ingredients for base:

75 g melted butter plus a small amout for greasing the springform pan

150 g coarse grained bisquits of a kind

100 g coarsely chopped walnut kernels

Ingredients for filling:

300 g cream cheese (i.e. Philadelphia)

2 dl cream 38%

2 dl creme fraiche 18%

2 egg yolks

2 egg whites

100 g raw cane sugar

fresh chopped chilli to taste

1 tsp vanilla powder (or seeds from 1 pod or 3-4 tsp vanilla sugar)

8 sheets of gelatin

Ingredients for jelly:

juice from 3 – 4 organic oranges

juice from the rhubarb compote

2 – 4 tbsp liquid honey

6 sheets of gelatin


How to – rhubarb compote:

Remove leaves from rhubarbs and rinse the stalks well. There is a small membrane near the 'feet', which can be carefuly pulled or scraped of. You will need about 1 kg cleansed stalks. Part them lengthwise if they're very thick. Cut them in approx ½ – 1 cm pieces. Put the rhubarbs in a baking pan with the sugar, add finely chopped chili, finely grated orange zest and vanilla. Mix everything well.

Bake in preheated oven set at 200 degrees celcius for about 20 minutes until tender (rhubarbs soft, but still in whole pieces). Flip them around in the pan in 5 minutes intervals. Take out baking pan and let cool completely on the kitchen table, so that the rhubarb pieces cools down covered in their own juice.

How to – base:

Crush the biscuits as coarse or fine as you like them and mix them with walnuts and melted butter.

Press mixture into bottom of a greased springform pan. Use your fingers or the backside of a ladle.

Let it set in the refrigerator for ½ hour.

How to – filling:

Put the rhubarbs in a sieve with a bowl underneath and leave them to drip 'dry' (save the juice for making the jelly) – make small pancake flips a few times while draining, so that the rhubarbs will be gently turned and drained all over.

Soak gelatin sheets in cold water for 8 – 10 minutes.

Whip cream cheese, cream, creme fraiche and sugar until it reaches the consistensy of lightly whipped cream. Add egg yolks, chili and vanilla. Don't mix it in until the gelatin is added.

Remove the gelatin from the water and melt it over low heat with the water that clings to it.

Stir gelatin in the mix in a thin stream. Stir quickly while doing so.

Whip egg whites untill very stiff and fold them into the mix together with the drained rhubarb pieces. Pour the mix into the springform pan and flatten the surface gently. Cover with cling film.

Refridgerate the cake for at least a couple of hours – maybe until next day.

If you let it cool until the next day, then wrap the oranges one by one in clingfilm or put them in an airtight box and keep them in the fridge. Also save the rhubarb juice in the fridge.

How to – jelly:

Soak gelatin sheets in cold water for 8 – 10 minutes.

Squeeze the oranges and mix the juice with rhubarb juice and honey.

Remove the gelatin from the water and melt it over low heat with the water that clings to it.

Stir gelatin in the juice mix in a thin stream. Stir quickly while doing so. Wait 5-10 minutes while the juice is setting just a bit so that the consistency is like syrup.

Pour the mix gently over the cake and refrigerate again for a minimum of 4 hours until serving. Jelly must be easy to cut, not runny.


I use 1 Habanero for each of the rhubarb compote and the rest of the filling – that is 2 in all.

Use a springform pan larger than 25 cm if possible. I used 25 cm in the photos – in my first making of this cake - and it was filled to the brim and therefore almost impossible to balance with until jelly stiffened. If your largest springform pan is 25 cm, you can save a few dl of the filling in a small bowl of its own, when making the cake, all will be well – and you can use the extra filling for a bonus dessert.

Use organic or pasteurized eggs. Organic will taste the best (but be aware of what the health issues are in your country when using raw eggs).

The filling can be cut with at knife, it is very soft though, almost like a mousse. If you prefer a more firm texture, then use a few extra sheets of gelatine.

Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - ingredients Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - det nederste af fødderne skæres af rabarberne Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - de snittede rabarber Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - med de andre smagsgivere Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - før bagning Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - after baking Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - valnødder og kiks til bunden Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - base Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - klar til at blande fyld Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - fyldet blandes færdigt Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - fyldet er færsigt og lagt på bunden Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - klar til gelé Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - klar til sidste skridt Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - den flotte gelé skal stivne Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - den færdige kage 1 Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - den færdige kage 2 Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - den færdige kage 3

Orange and raspberry jam with chili (will be translated upon request)

Filurmarmeladen here with flavors of orange, hindbær og chili, is almost concentrated summer on glass. Citron and the use of shell gives it a little edge – but it's still a fine, sweet jam. Chili force determines one might even.

Filurlig chili marmelade


2 kg appelsin, usprøjtet

6-700 gr citron, usprøjtet

8-900 gr hindbær

4 kg sukker

Chillies to taste – i.e.. 5-6 Habanero

Sodium benzoate

How to:

Wash citrus and chilli.

Cut the flower of citrus fruits and stem of the chillies.

Cut the citrus fruit into smaller pieces, remove seeds and chop them in the food processor.

Hak also chili and raspberries.

Getting everything except Atamon in a large saucepan and bring it slowly to the boil. Add a little water, if it is too thick. Let the mass simmer for half an hour. Season to taste along the way and add any. mere chili.

Remove from the heat and add Atamon as directed on the bottle.

Fullness immediately marmalade on cleaned, scalded and optionally. sodium bezoate rinsed glass jars. Close immediately and turn the glasses for a walk on the head and back straight away when you close them.

Portionen giver ca 5,5 liter marmelade

Filurlig chili marmelade - Ingredients Filurlig chili marmelade - frugterne skæres i mindre stykker Filurlig chili marmelade - frugt i foodprocessor Filurlig chili marmelade - marmeladen koges


Citrus marmalade with chili and gin (will be translated upon request)

A super aromatic, slightly bitter marmalade with particular. the beautiful bergamot for flavoring. Orange and lemon gives a little sweetness and acid, gin'en is that a discrete Smag and supplements, chili will keep you warm and vanillaen rounds taste of. A big hit here with us to a homemade bun with a little butter or a good cheese during. The style is a bit like English bitter orange marmalade – which, moreover, is bergamot in the good of them.

Citrus marmalade with chili and gin (will be translated upon request)


ca 2 kg bergamotte, usprøjtet

ca 2 kg appelsin, usprøjtet

ca 1 ½ kg citron, usprøjtet

750 gr lys sirup

6 kg rå rørsukker + 8 spsk

8 toptsk vanillapulver

fresh or dried chilli to taste

1 flaske god gin

2 breve rød Melatin á 25 gr

Sodium benzoate

How to

All citrus fruits are washed well.

Cut the small hard piece about the flower of bergamotterne and cut into wedges. Jeg deler dem i 8 på langs. Grovhak pieces on cutting board with a knife, before they met in the food processor, where they run to smithereens. Remove as many seeds as possible along the way. Bergamotten er den hårdeste af de 3 citrusfrugter og især med den, it is important that the shell be chopped into small enough pieces. Where both orange- and lemon peel easily becomes tender, can be large pieces bergamotteskal be a little tough to chew, especially as here where the white is also used – then crush them nicely.

Lemons and oranges, peeled with a potato peeler or thin peelings, so that almost only the colored part of the peel can be used. The skin met in the food processor. Peel the white part of the peel of the fruit with a sharp knife and discard.

Cut the fruit into smaller chunks and remove the seeds you just encounter along the way. Kom stykkerne i foodprocessoren og finhak dem her.

Finthak Chilean on the cutting board and place in pan. You can alternatively. start with a little and then taste for during the cooking time if you would like to have more in.

Kom syrup, 6 kg sukker og vanilla i gryden og bring den i kog.

Lad marmeladen småkoge uden låg i 30 – 40 minutter. Stir in the regular. During cooking, you can go to the core fishing when you see them in the surface. That way you can easily get all the kernels off, so I'm not so thorough in removing them when the fruit is cut into pieces. Season to taste along the way – should be more chili in?

Rør de 2 poser rød Melatin ud i 8 spsk sukker og følg anvisningen på pakken.

Remove from the heat and stir in gin'en – both steams and sputters a bit – so be careful.

Add Atamon as directed on the package – or not if you do not like to use Atamon – then you probably have your own way of preserving the.

Come marmalade on cleaned, scalded and Atamon- or liquor poured glass which immediately closed and just turned a walk upside down and back again.


If you do not want to get gin in jam, you can get another drink or liquid in – or completely fail. If you do not pour liquid in, then the two breve Melatin enough redundant.

I have not really tested how large portion will be in liters – but below is a picture of how many glasses of different sizes one serving provides. I need the big soup pot for this portion. Bergamotterne are in such short, so it is with the use of 'catch’ and have provided them with jam year.

Citrus marmalade with chili and gin (will be translated upon request) - Ingredients Citrus marmalade with chili and gin (will be translated upon request) - bergamot Citrus marmalade with chili and gin (will be translated upon request) - hakket bergamotte Citrus marmalade with chili and gin (will be translated upon request) - appelsin og citron Citrus marmalade with chili and gin (will be translated upon request) - ingredienserne klar i gryden Citrus marmalade with chili and gin (will be translated upon request) - der simres Citrus marmalade with chili and gin (will be translated upon request) - fin farve og gode stykker Citrus marmalade with chili and gin (will be translated upon request) - så mange glas bliver der Citrus marmalade with chili and gin (will be translated upon request) - på et stykke med brie

Roast pork with orange, chili and liqourice (will be translated upon request)

…and suffered cloves and bay.

How cloves and bay is classic for roast pork is the other spices well be described as a newer feature of the past year. Instead of sprinkling the roast and seasonings, I have chosen to make a marinade and spray into the – to better distributing the taste.


3 kg kamsteg

A small handful of salt (I use lightly smoked chili salt)

3 usprøjtede appelsiner

possibly. 1-2 tsk sukker

3 tsk chilipulver med lille top

3 tsk engelsk lakridspulver med lille top

45 hele nelliker

A small handful of bay leaves – like fresh if you have a bush.


How to:

Take the roast out of the refrigerator at least an hour before using it in the oven. Dab the rind dry with paper towels and place the roast a place where it can get living room / kitchen temperature.

At that time, make the marinade also (can also be made earlier if it fits your schedule better).

Wash and dry orange founders. Grate the peel finely and squeeze out the juice. Come share both in a bowl. It does not matter that there are seeds and flesh.

If the orange peel is very acidic, smages til med 1-2 tsk sukker til saften smager som saft fra en sød appelsin.

Deal cloves holders a proper place in the mortar or ride krydderikværnen – and pour them so the marinade with chilli- and lakridspulver.

Stir marinade good – i.e.. but evt. spice lumps out of the back of a spoon. Let marinade pull an hour on the kitchen table. Should it be longer, then put it in the fridge.

When it soon is almost time for the roast to the oven, tændes ovnen på 150 grader.

Rind scratched off if necessary (it is almost always think) – scratch down to the meat, but not into the meat.

Si marinade into another bowl, so you have a completely liquid mass without 'lumps'. Use marinade syringe to distribute the marinade in the entire roast. Spraying onto the inclined around, so that a plug marinade going to be spread over several slices increased.

Rub the rind well with plenty of salt – and be sure to come down firmly in between all sværene.

If the roast is not just high over the place, you can roll some small balls of aluminum foil and stuff under the, there where it should be emphasized. We want the rind is just close to the heat of it all if possible.

Skær eller klip laurbærbladene i 3 dele på langs og sæt stykkerne ned mellem sværene.

Sæt et stegetermometer i stegen og indstil på kernetemperatur på 62 grader.

In the oven with the animal and wait for the thermometer is calling you. In the meantime, you should have something accessories to be prepared.

Når de 62 grader i midten af stegen er nået, take it out of the oven – it must not be covered. Turn the oven up on the grill. Arrow laurels of the rind.

When the oven is hot (and roast chilled a bit of) – put the roast zoom back about. 10 cm fra grillen, until sværene are crisp and perfect. Watch carefully and remove flux roast out when the rind is nice. Charge Stegen short rest meanwhile you all get track of the rest.

Så er der serveret ;o)



For marinade syringes at good hardware stores. It is a cheap and phenomenal tool for meat, where you always wished that you could benefit seasoning, such that it needed a little more into the meat. Widely used by barbeque people also. The cannula has a hole on the side of the needle, the tip is only used to perforate the.

I attach a recipe for braised kamsteg up at a later date also.

Red cabbage pickled with orange, cranberries and chili (will be translated upon request)

I love red cabbage with so-called Christmas spices. The attentive reader will know that they now have a place in my kitchen throughout the year – determined not only in December. For everyday, I would like to have this magnificent cabbage raw, but it should be shelved, so it must be with a good seasoning. My version here is slightly sweet and salty, slightly acidic from the vinegar and spicy. Do you want a less sweet, Sharp as just down the syrup.


A red cabbage head – as. 2 kg

4 dl eddike – like frugteddiker and like mixed

4 dl saft/sirup – like blackcurrant, e.l ribs.

revet skal og saft af 2 store eller 3 mindre usprøjtede appelsiner

ca 250 – 300 gr tørrede tranebær

fresh chopped chilli to taste

1 tsk hele nelliker

1 lille stang hel kanel – or the corresponding section of a large

ca 1 spsk hele stykker muskatblomme

2 stykker tørret ingefær

4 – 8 tsk salt

maybe some. Sodium benzoate


How to:

Hak snit and red cabbage as fine as you can suffer the – I cut it with a knife on the cutting board, but maybe you will have just the fine in the food processor.

Grate the orange peel and squeeze the juice of the oranges.

Notch cranberries into smaller pieces with a knife.

Mix all ingredients unless directed to salt and Atamon in a large pot and bring them slowly to the boil. Lad simre ca. 1 time.

When it has KOGT the first fifteen minutes, you can begin to taste with more juice or vinegar if you think that one of the items are missing.

When simmering time is nearing end, smacks you with a little salt and possibly. more spices – Here you can benefit from using powdered. If you find that it lacks sweetness, need to assess whether to more juice in, or if you want to get hold of the sugar jar. The acid is adjusted with one of eddikerne.

When you are satisfied, taken from the heat. If you are using Atamon, added it as directed on the bottle. Measure up as if it were to jam / preserves.

Come clean on red cabbage, scalded and optionally. sodium bezoate rinsed glass jars, which immediately closed and turned upside down and says little.



I portionen på billedet har jeg brugt en blanding af 2 eddiker: apple vinegar with shallot and raspberry vinegar. Jeg har også brugt 2 slags saft/sirup: blackcurrant juice (Ribena) and tamarindsirup. Half of each of both cases.

The cut cabbage takes up much, so find a large pot until the project. Jeg bruger en 8 liters til det.

I've spent a small TSMB. It was just as it should be.


Abricot marmalade with chili, Amaretto and roasted almonds

English here: Abricot marmalade with chili, Amaretto and roasted almonds

Intense and beautiful jam – with flavors of concentrated sunshine.


1500 gr dried apricots

6 organic oranges

2 large or 3 small organic lemons


(fresh) chili to taste

1500 100 gr sugar

300 g almonds

3 dl Amaretto

Gelling agent for jam

maybe some. Sodium benzoate

How to:

Finely chop the apricots in food processor – do it in batches.

Rinse the oranges and lemons. Grate the peel finely and squeeze the juice out of them.

Pour the juice into a measuring jug and fill with water to a total of 2 liters of liquid. Putliquid in a large bowl with apricot pulp and lemon-- and orangezest. Wash and core the chillies and chop them medium to fine, put them in the Bowl as well – and stir well. Cover the bowl with film and put the mass in the fridge until the next day.

On the second day - remove the skin from the almonds an toast them. Pour boiling water over the almond so they are covered and let them soak for 1-2 minutes. Drain and refill with fresh boiling water. Now the almonds can be taken up and de-skinned after another minute or two. Pour a little of the hot water out of the bowl as you go along, so that you can get to ones on top without burning your fingers – but those below must still be covered by water.

Chop the almonds medium-fine and roast them on a medium hot pan until they start to smell good and have just a litte colour. They shoul be roasted until golden, but not dark.

Put the pulprikot pulp in a pot with sugar (the 1500 gr) and put it slowly to the boil. Add the almonds. Simmer about. 10 – 15 minutes while thoroughly stirring it – it'l burn easily. Season to taste along the way – is there enough of chili in it? Otherwise be fast to chop a little more and put in.

Stir the 100 gr of sugar with gelling agent in accordance with the instructions on the packaging and stir it in the jam. Let it boil ½ – 1 minute depending on the instructions.

Remove from the heat and add the Amaretto first and then possibly. Sodium benzoate.

Put into clean, scalded and optionally. sodium benzoate rinsed glasses, which immediately is closed and turned upside down and back again.


The jam is relatively 'stiff' when adding gelling agent – it must be, becouse youre pouring in the Amaretto subsequently. The final jam is slightly stiff (but not too much) – it is really good at using in honeycakes for instance ;o)

Amarettoen does not taste much through, but provides along with the almond a nice base’ in the jam. If you want the taste more prominent, you can easily put in some more of it – but make sure to use plenty of gelling agent then.

This portion yilds approximately 4,5 litres of finished jam. As you can see it is easy to divide down if you are making a smaller portion.

Bl.a. made with 10 Aji Pineapple which gives a very subtle spicy flavor. One can easily put in more.

Homemade marzipan with orange and chilli (will be translated upon request) – filled chocolates


Dark chocolate shells

250 gr mandler

3 – 4 bittermandler eller abrikoskerner

2 spsk honning eller mere

3 – 4 spsk Cointreau eller anden appelsinlikør

Fintrevet skal af 1 usprøjtet appelsin

1 tsk chilipulver eller finthakket frisk chili


How to:

Prepare the molds with chocolate, see little about chocolate

The almonds are chopped - they must not popped first - in a food processor, indtil de har en konsistens som meget groft mel – prøv dig frem hvilken konsistens du bedst kan lide. I think that this marzipan must be more coarse than the regular store bought marzipan.

Honey, chili, appelsinskal og Grand Marnier tilsættes og der køres igen til massen er let sammenhængende – endelig ikke for længe. The mixture should be slightly sticky, måske skal der lidt mere Cointreau eller honning i – kommer an på hvor fint du malede mandlerne og hvor store skefulde honning der kom i.

Pressure mass in chocolate shells. They might be. blot dry with a finger dipped in cold water.

Close off with melted chocolate.

Old-fashioned marinated white Christmas herring with orange and chilli (will be translated upon request)

It is delicious even making its marinated herring. They can achieve an intense flavor of just the way you like to. Here is my Christmas version of the white herring.


10 islandske spegesildfileter

5 dl eddike

500 gr rå rørsukker

Revet skal og saft af 3 store eller 4 mindre usprøjtede appelsiner

Et stykke frisk ingefær på ca 6 – 8 cm

10 laurbærblade

1 – 5 tsk knust chili eller små, whole dried chilli

3 små kanelstænger

3 tsk nelliker

7 – 8 stjerneannis


How to:

Herring Fillets be watered down, to get some of the salt out of them. This is done by laying it close in a dish or jar – and inclined as much cold water by, which has herring. They put in the fridge where they stand overnight – ca 12 timer.

Meanwhile you wait, lichens you lagen (oh well – and sleep a little).

Gag cinnamon rods into smaller pieces. Wash the ginger and cut into thin slices.

All the ingredients in a pot and boil quietly up stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and cool completely.

The herring taken out of the water and dripped of. Cut them into chunks as you like and put it on clean, scalded glass. Fordel lagen over sildene. Der skal være ca. as much as the liquid medium which is herring. It is important that they be completely covered and the tubes is completely filled, such because the fish will always be covered with bed sheet. Make sure there is a bit of all the spices in each glass.

If you can get the crowd to fit with a number of glass, but there is just ½ inch liquid in each – then top up with a little vinegar.

Now herrings to soak in the brine – preferably in the refrigerator or at least in a cool room. It takes at least a few days and like a lot longer. Normally we make herrings from the middle of November to the first days of December, if they are eaten at Christmas and remains in January.



Salt herring are herring that has matured with the salt in a barrel – i reglen minimum 6 måneder. The salt also conserves Sildene. When the herring to be used, they must be diluted to some of the salt can be pulled out. It depends how long it watered down – it depends on the salt concentration is desired in the finished product. It is important that there is used for salted herring marinated herring – you may not use fresh (usaltede) herring – they are not suitable for the preservation in this way.

I hope that you have the heart to pour one inferior buy-curry salad on. If you insist on pouring this one on – so low your own, like one that matches the seasoning of herrings it is used for.

Plum chutney with orange and chili (will be translated upon request)

Blommechutneyen here tastes although the sun and summer. The orange gives the yolks a beautiful contrast and both fit nicely with the chili.

If the plums are ripe chutney can be a bit thin. Of course you can thicken it with the gelling agent if it is – but I think now you do not mind the texture is not the same from time to time.

The portion here is quite large – divide themselves – or low at, det plejer at blive spist hurtigt ;o)

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