Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping

A delicious, spongy banana cake with chili and thick, lightly salted, chilli caramel flavored topping. It tastes great both freshly baked and after being cooled down in the refrigerator and can easily be varied with different toppings and / or spices, nuts etc..

Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping - et godt stykke

Ingredients – the cake:

300 g. good quallity wheat flour (Ø) or for example. chickpea flour if you do not eat wheat

60 gr Sukrin+ (sweetener made from erythritol and stevia – the amount here is equivalent to 120 gr sugar)

2 tsp. baking soda w. small top

2 tsp. baking soda w. small top

1 tsp. salt w. small top

1 tsp. vanilla powder w. small top

1 tsp. cinnamon w. small top

A little chili powder or freshly chopped chili to taste

100 gr. coconut oil

6-7 large or 8-10 small well ripe bananas

2 tablespoons. lemon juice or apple cider vinegar (activates the baking soda)

Caramel Topping:

500 gr of dates

1 dl water (use soak water from the dates, hvs possible)

200 gr smooth peanutbutter

1 teaspoon salt

chili to taste, fresh or powder

50 g coconut oil

1 dl maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla powder

How to – cake:

Turn on the oven at 175 degrees celsius.

Line a form of approximately 25 x 35 cm with baking paper.

Mix flour, Sukrin , baking powder and -soda, salt and spices in a large bowl.

Melt coconut oil at very low heat .

Mash the bananas thoroughly – easily done e.g.. with a fork on a cutting board – or use the food processor. They must be almost liquid, since they are the only, along with coconut oil and the little bit of acid which is' liquid’ in the recipe. Put them in the bowl with melted coconut oil and vinegar or lemon juice.

Stir the batter well.

Fill the cake batter into the form and smooth out the surface. Bake approximately 45 minutes.

Remove cake from oven, place it on a wire rack and let it cool completely.

This portion yields about 12 large pieces or 20 smaller.

How to – caramel topping:

Melt the coconut oil over low heat.

If the dates are quite soft, skal de udblødes mindst 1 time i varmt vand, Pour boiling water over so they are covered and leave them on the kitchen table. Then pour water from – gem 1 dl til næste skridt ( the rest can possibly used in a smoothie or other).

First blend the the dates in the food processor while slowly adding water.

Add remaining ingredients and blend until the texture is smooth and a like a very thick caramel sauce.

Fordel karameltopppingen over den afkølede kage.

Can be eaten immediately or after setting in the refrigerator for a while, the caramel toppping will firm up a bit in the fridge.

Store the cake refrigerated.


Try . to spice the cake with a little nutmeg or mace – that suits the banana taste really well.

You can also replace wheat flour with gluten free flour or ex. defatted coconut or almond flour.

Try adding a little dried berries – i.e.. cranberries, cherries or blueberries. Fresh can also be used, of course, – but it makes the cake a little more wet.

Instead of caramel topping you can use e.g.. the chocolate topping here: Chocolate Topping

If you use chocolate topping it may be nice to add whole or coarsely chopped nuts in the cake batter. It may be e.g.. walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, etc..

Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping - Ingredients Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping - de tørre ingredienser Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping - mos bananerne med en gaffel Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping - dejen er blandet Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping - klar til en tur i ovnen Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping - færdigbagt

Caramel Topping:

Caramel Topping - Ingredients Caramel Topping - blendet og klar Caramel Topping - på kagen Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping - der må smages Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping - et godt stykke Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping - med ekstra topping

Cake with chocolate topping after this recipe: Chocolate Topping

med chokoladetopping - 1 med chokoladetopping - 2 med chokoladetopping - 3 med chokoladetopping - 4 med chokoladetopping - 5

Chocolate-praline cake with chili

Spongy, praline-like, super delicious chocolate cake. Eaten in small servings, for example as. dessert – perhaps with a scoop of good vanilla icecream and fresh fruit or berries – or with cup of strong coffee anytime. The sweet potatoes – which in reality isn't potatoes at all – helps by adding sweetness and make the cake spongy and pralinelike, and makes sure it contains somewhat less calories than it tastes like. Cold from the fridge is like firm praline in the middle, warm is it like a real spongy chocolate'pudding'dessertcake.

Chocolate-praline cake with chili - serving

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Fruit / berry crumble with chili

English here: Fruit / berry crumble with chili

The classic crumble in a new version, discreetly flavored with vanilla and chili – and made with sweet dates, if you like. How discreet the seasoning is, will be up to you – I think it depends on what fruits / berries are used how much it can take.

Crumble med chili - ready-to-serve

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Almond-Mazarin with chili and fruit or berries

English here: Almond-mazarin with chili and fruit or berries

The first of a series of cakes which I am about to develop, which does not contain white sugar, butter and eggs – but lots of other goodies instead . There is no compromise on the taste and I try to fill them with my favorite ingredients.

Here's my idea of ​​a really spongy and 'heavy' almond mazarin cake which gets a fresh tinge from some nice berries or other fruit. A discreet chili spice gives an extra touch, I believe.

Almond-Mazarin with chili and fruit or berries

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Rolled whole cut with dates, mushrooms, walnuts and chili (will be translated upon request)

Roll Roast is not just what we do most often, but it's really a great way to get some well-seasoned meat. The taste of the rolled inside, penetrates well into the meat and is well distributed.

Ingredients – rullestegen:

A piece of pig layer – mit her vejede 2.7 kg

400 gr Medjools dadler – pitted weight

100 gr tørrede svampe – i.e.. shitake

200 gr valnødder

2 spsk salt

2 tsk knust peber

Fresh ground chili aftertaste (not too strong) – or powder if you do not have fresh

4 dl portvin

a little salt and pepper to the surface

Ingredients – braising:

4 dl rødvin

2 stjerneanis

15 – 20 nelliker

a few mace


How to:

Remove stones dadlerne. Rens chilierne og skær dem i mindre stykker.

Mix dates, mushrooms, walnuts, chili, salt and peber. Chop in food processor – like to ad a few times (jeg gør det af 3). It should have a good, gritty consistency – not trench and not for pin – try to see the picture below.

Bland de 4 dl portvin i det hakkede fyld og lad det stå og trække lidt, while you prepare the meat.

Trim the meat if the butcher has done it for you. Trimmings in this case means not only removing tendons and too much fat – it must also be. Here it also means making the piece uniform. If there is some flaps inside and is little in the way or making flesh thick in one place, then cut them by. Roll the roast together to see if it is about. just thick all over the place – if not, it may have to be cut. If the piece is roughly square, it should also be scribed to the mold. The meat that you cut off, you can chop and use as part of the filling – eller hakke det og gemme det i fryseren til en anden dag hvor det kan bruges til noget godt.

Once you are happy with the play, come to fullness in. Let a small piece to the point where the roast should be closed, but favor the otherwise flat and fold it well to.

Rul Stegen together and it's snowing. Have not tried it before, try to Google it – it is not that hard. Move it into a roasting pan in which the right can be and rub salt and pepper on the surface.

Hæld 4 dl rødvin, 4 dl vand, star anise, nelliker og muskatblomme ved.

Sæt et stegetermometer i midten af det tykkeste sted og sæt centrumtemperatur på ca 70 grader.

Stegen sættes i kold ovn som tændes på 175 – 180 grader. Step to kernetemperaturen is opnået. With the increased size which I used, tog det 1 time og 45 minutter i min ovn.

When the roast is done, remove it from the oven and pour the liquid through a sieve into a saucepan. Stegen covered with aluminum foil and a clean towel until you are ready to cut the. Den må gerne stå og samle sig 20 minutters tid.

Thicken and season with salt, pepper and maybe a little port wine.

Served items. with root vegetables and your favorite vegetables.

Chilidevils on Horseback (will be translated upon request)

I eeeeelsker Devils on Horseback – which of course can be made in a variety of flavors.

My favorite is with dates, roquefort, dijon and s'fø'li ​​bacon.

And then shall chili in: Chilidevils on Horseback (will be translated upon request).


Store dried dates (like the delicious Medjools – available at well-stocked greengrocers)

Blue cheese – stilton, roquefort eller danablue

maybe some. suffered dijon mustard


Nice, smoked bacon

How to:

Cut a slit in the side of dadlerne and destone them.

Hak chilien – or use small whole where you put one in each blame. I have here chopped Aji little rough and Naga little fine – and also put a half Naga in some of them.

Stir cheese, dijon and chili together and fill in dadlerne. They must be (almost) Whither lukkes.

Cut bacon in half thinly sliced (or get to the butcher) – like longitudinally.

Wrap the bacon on dadlerne and replace if necessary. fixed with a toothpick.

Grilles at not too high heat on the barbecue or put on cookie sheet and bake in oven for bacon'en is crisp. Jeg bager dem ved 200 – 225 grader – repeat if necessary. underway.

If they are on the grill, it is a good idea to close dadlerne completely and cover them completely in bacon, so the cheese does not melt ud.

It's hard to fill them so nothing runs out, men der skal nok være rigeligt tilbage indeni til at give den gode smag.

Serve as a snack or accessories.

Super Delicious for a cool glass, as appetizer or brunch- or Tapas table.