Dried pear rings with chilli syrup and rosemary (will be translated upon request)

Pear slices here we use as snacks and they have helped to change my view of dried fruit – they taste very well.



Chili syrup (will be translated upon request)

Fresh rosemary


How to:

The bulbs are washed and core are removed with a kærnehusudstikker.

Cut the pears into slices of about. 3-4 mm tykkelse.

Heal them on the rack and brush them with chili syrup on top.

Hak rosemary pins look and drys over with the same pærerne is swabbed, so that they are firmly.

Dry the bulbs in dehydratoren.

I like the bulbs when they are still a little soft – then rosemary also lots of flavor yet. Rosemary flavor seems I lost a little when dried completely bone dry.

Tørrede pærer med Habanerosirup og rosmarin

Of course you can sprinkle them with whatever you want. They can also be dried in an oven at low heat, – then I would suggest that they are either placed on a rack from the start of – or if, as here is smeared with syrup and thus erlidt wet / sticky, started up on baking paper on a baking sheet and then moved onto a rack and dryer on when they are semi-arid.

Caramel cooked pears with chili, caramel sauce and whipped cream (will be translated upon request)

An old classic that deserves a revival iklædt suffered chili.

Here it is served with chili-mandel-krokant.

Opskriften er til 4 personer.


4 store eller 8 små faste pærer

100 gr sukker

½ dl of water

1 tsp chili powder

a nip of salt

ca 20 gr smør

1 – 1½ dl piskefløde


How to:

Low CE. in portion chili-mandel-krokant.

Bulbs rinsed and peeled. Let the stem sit. Large bulbs makes sense to halve and remove core housing – most easily with a spoon, but small bulbs used throughout.

Sukkeret smeltes i en gryde ved middel varme.

Når alt sukkeret er smeltet røres vandet godt ud i.

The bulbs into the pot and heat is tempered immediately to very low. Vend pærerne godt rundt i siruppen og bliv ved med at vende dem forsigtigt nogle gange i løbet af de 5 – 10 – 15 minutter de nu står og simrer møre i karamellen. The time is dependent on how soft the bulbs was from the beginning. When they are almost done sprinkle salt and chilli powder to the pan and turning around.

Keep an eye on the caramel. There may need to be thinned with some more water on the way, so it does not become too thick and burns.

When the pears are tender, be they with a slotted spoon and dropped slightly by.

Stir quickly butter in the caramel into the pan and remove it from the heat. Pour the caramel into a bowl and let it cool.

Just before serving whip the cream stiff and fold with caramel. It looks fine if it does not stir out completely in, but just turned around a few times so it makes the 'stripes'.

If the caramel has become quite abundant stiff of standing – it can be whipped with floda instead. Just pour it in just the liquid cream and whisk it all together – it will be fine pin.

Serve the pears with cream / karamelblandngen and sprinkle any. with krokant.

Chocolademousse with chili (will be translated upon request), grappa whipped cream and chili syrup cooked pear pieces

This may be a good bet for a super easy dessert, where there is still something exciting to come by in taste.

The bulbs will sagten made one or a few days before they are needed – and mousse can also if you like the heavy and dense. If it should be light and fluffy, it must be made earlier than a few hours prior to use. I think it is absolutely fantastic on both Maad.

The mousse is just a classic dark chokolademousse with chili. I like my chocolate mousse quite dark and without cream – så jeg foretrækker denne opskrift og bruger gerne 80% chokolade i den. Therefore, it is not very sweet – just chocolate delicious.

Giver 4 – 6 portioner.


1 dl rå rørsukker

1 dl water

1 fast pære

chili to taste


4 øko æg (maybe instead use. 4 pasteuriserede blommer og 4 pasteuriserede hvider)

140 gr mørk chokolade

chili to taste


1 dl piskefløde

1 spsk grappa (or else – i.e.. orange liqueur of some sort is a classic for chocolate)

1 tsk flormelis

How to:

Peel the pear, del den i 4 både og fjern kernehuset. Cut into slices on the short edge.

Clean the chilli and cut it into small cubes.

Of d, sugar, pear and chilli in a small saucepan and bring to the boil. Simmer over low heat, uncovered, for about. 10 minutes.

Put everything in a bowl, let it cool slightly and place it in the fridge – like the day after.

Melt the chocolate in a water bath at low heat in the dish as mousse must be assembled in.

Share while the eggs – whites in a large bowl and the egg yolks just kept short time in a small.

Finely chop the chilli as finely as you can and pour up to the egg yolks.

When the chocolate has melted, set the bowl on the chef's table to chokolade has approximately room temperature. I gently touches around it a few times along the way with a spatula and make sure to scrape any. chocolate down from sides of bowl.

Now whip the egg whites until stiff.

Stir egg yolks and chilli good in chocolate (it solidifies very quickly, so I use elmixeren the lowest gear), tilsæt hurtigt ca 1/3 af æggehviderne og fortsæt med at røre dem godt ud (still with slow mixing).

Væk med mixeren og vend de sidste æggehvider forsigtigt i massen – it is easiest with a spatula, I think. Although it must be carefully, must continue to be exactly no more stripes in – no longer, then slips the air bubbles out and those we will retain.

Hæld straks i 4 – 6 fine glas eller hvad du måtte ønske at servere i – and put them in the fridge.

Just before serving whip the cream with the spirits and icing sugar (icing sugar makes the cream can 'keep’ spirits and still whipped).

Add a layer of whipped cream on top of the mousse and top with chili pear and a little bit of syrup.


Operating syrup you can use over the next few days in the kitchen – to example. quickly boil a small glass of fresh jam with what you just fruit – or you can try other good things for the.

Eventually made with a Aji Pineapple (could easily take a more) i pæren og 2 Aribibi Gusano i moussen.