Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves

It is quite easy an very delicious to make your own picled beetroots. It is possible to give them your own exiting twist using many different spices and of course chili. I love to variate the spices when I pickle them, but it seems like I often return to a combination of cloves and chili. If you already have a favourite picled beetroot recipe – it is easy to adjust the amount and different kinds of spices in it. Here's my take on a recipe – do add the spices that you think will be fun.

The beetroots here is very relish-like. If you choose to cut them like I do, you fish for a bit of chili and horseradish with the beetroot pieces when using them. Hot and delicious. It tastes a bit of everything, so you have to like both beetroots, horseradish, chili and cloves (or moderate the amounts of flavourings).

Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves


1 kg beetroots

Water and salt for boiling

50 gr horseradish

½ liter vinegar (standard vinegar or any kind you like)

½ tbsp salt

5oo gr raw cane sugar

Chillies to taste (i.e.. 30 gr chinenses – Habanero strength)

2 tsp whole cloves

2 tsp powdered chili or chili flakes (not too coarse)

Small whole – possibly. dried – chilies for decoration in the jars

maybe some. Sodium benzoate (not necessary, I think)

How to:

Rinse the beetroots well and cut of the top and some of the thin part of the root, if there's a long root. Keep the peel intact – so that only the uppermost part of the top is removed.

Boil the beetroots in salty water until almost done. Cover with water and use 1 tbsp salt per . liter. The beetroots will have to boil for 20 – 60 minuts. The larger the beetroot, the longer the cooking time.. Use the tip og a pointed knife to feel if they're done. They have to be at bit firm but almost tender.

Meanwhile grate the horseradish – it can be fine or medium coarse. Chop the chili finely (possibly. in the foodprocessor) and mix it with the horseradish. Cover and place in refridgerator until it shall be used.

Grind cloves in spice mill and mix them with chili powder / crushed chili.

Drain beets when they have had enough and immediately fill the pot with ice-cold water – and pour it off again.

Twist and rub the skin off the beets.

Cut the beets into cubes of between ½ and 1 cm wide and place them in clean, scalded and optionally. sodium bezoate rinsed glass jars. In between beetroot layers add the spices in the glass jars – both horseradish-chili-blend and ground cloves/chilies. I fill some of the spices in the jars when 1/3 filled and the rest when 2/3 filled.

Put in a few whole (decorative)chilies along the sides of the glas jars. Use a spoon to gently press the beetroot cubes together in the jars while filling them, such that there may be more in the glasses.

Give the vinegar a quick boil with sugar and salt. Take it off the heat and leave for 10 minutes. Add Sodium benzoate if you choose to use that (both the vinegar and the horseradish are preserving, so I do not think it is necessary here) and pour the brine over the beets. Tighten the lids and shake the jars well – back and forth and up and down, so that all the airbubbles will rise to the surface. Unscrew the lids and fill the jars to the brim with the brine. Immediately close and tighten the lids again and set the jars aside to cool.

When completely cooled, they probably need a rinsing on the outside – it's quite difficult to avoid spilling some of the brine.

Let beets soak in the brine and spices for at least a week before you eat them – preferably much longer. Go fish for a little chili and horseradish with the beetroot cubes when using them (mix the content around in the jar using a clean spoon when fishing).


There will usually be enough brine when dicing the beetroots into little cubes an packing them a bit in the jars like I do – but if you prefer round traditional slices or little wedges, it might be a good idea to multiply by 1,5.

Some recipes prescribe that water is used in the brine, some doesn't. I don't believe in adding water to this one, but you can choose to do so if you use the model where beets are cut into slices. Up to half of the vinegar can then be replaced by water.

Do add the spices that you like – I do not necessarily make the same kind each time, just as the chili heat may vary. You could also try to . add different spices and amount of chili in each jar. It is possible to use dried chili, if fresh ones aren't available. In my version here there's a lot of cloves – which I like a lot.

One star anise at the bottom of each jar is also a hit. Also try to use fennel seeds or liqourice root (raw liqourice is also a possibility) – or how about all the 'liqourice' tasting spices together.

Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves - beetroot Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves - rødbede  klar til gryden Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves - chilierne Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves - frisk peberrod Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves - peberrod og frisk chili er klar Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves - whole cloves Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves - kværnede nelliker Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves - whole dried chilli Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves - granulated chili Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves - nelliker og chili Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves - rødbederne skæres i tern Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves - første lag rødbeder i glassene Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves - med lidt af peberrodsblandingen Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves - og med lidt af nellikeblandingen Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves - andet lag rødbeder Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves - andet lag fyld Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves - færdigfyldte Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves - finished Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves Pickled beetroots with chili and cloves - på chilileverpostej



Beetroot hummus with chili (will be translated upon request)

Freshly baked bread with a good pesto, tapenade or hummus is not to stand for. It can be used as an accessory most vegetable, meat- and fish dishes and tastes wonderful as a haps in itself.

Here's a little spicy action based on beetroot as we're pretty excited about.


600 – 700 gr rødbeder i ensartet størrelse

4 spsk tahin

4 – 5 fed hvidløg

chili to taste, fresh, sauce or dried

zest of ½ lemon

3 spsk god balsamico (or lemon juice)

1 spsk stødt spidskommen

1 teaspoon salt, like røgsalt


How to:

Wash beets and beware that you do not perforate the peel – they must be cooked whole with the peel on.

Boil beetroot well in the salt water which just covers. Kogetiden er 30 – 60 minutter alt efter størrelse. Can not find them in the same size as the largest set of first and put the smaller the pot along the way.

Let beets cool light of (10 – 15 inutter) – og gnid derefter skrællen af.

Cut the beets into chunks and place in food processor along with the rest of the ingredients.

Run to a medium fine lot for you.

Season to taste with more of taste entities if you think something is missing.

Store in the fridge for a week.

Tastes super well with freshly baked flat bread or baguette. Also good for vegetables, i sandwich, as a dip for raw vegetables, who relish and much more….

Should anyone sit and think: sikke as something hippiefis – so no, det er smadderlækkert og rigtig spicy ;o)


Beetroots with chili, stewed in cream (will be translated upon request)

When coming beetroot with the vegetable box, we use them often either raw in salads or baked with other root vegetables. But I came across a recipe for creamed beetroot other day as may be tested – and corrected slightly to our taste. It was really delicious and certainly not the last time we try it. We had both the general darkness and some beautiful striped this time – it looked festive out down the pan.

Share the Year in the picture is a confit of one of its kind which is toasted crisp on the forehead. It's from an organic farmer in western Jutland and purchased through the seasons. It is one of the best and as I've ever been. They sell it occasionally – Also the ducks away regularly – they are wildly good. Seasonal protein range varies widely – men det er alt sammen super kvalitet.


1 kg beetroots, use the red, yellow, white, striped – what you have just

4 dl piskefløde

1 meget stort bundt bredbladet persille, grofthakket

1 topspsk dijonsennep

yellow chili sauce to taste

salt and peber

possibly slightly thickens


How to:

Peel the beets and cut them into cubes of about 1×1 cm.

Cook until tender with salt, covered in water just barely covers – det tager ca 5 – 6 minutter. Remember that beetroot is pretty solid, they have to be – taste your way if they have had enough.

Pour almost all the water from – there should be about ½ inch back into the pan – and add the cream.

Season with mustard, gul chilisauce, salt and peber. You should be able to taste all the ingredients.

Smooth any. right with a little of your favorite leveling.

Simmer card and turn the parsley in. Heat through and serve immediately.