Smoking Hot Barbecue Sauce

English here: Smoking Hot Barbecue Sauce

A super delicious and versatile barbecue sauce that is worth the effort. If you do not have the opportunity to smoke the tomatoes, then theres mentioned an alternative at the bottom of the page.
Use the sauce as it is on grilled / fried / roasted vegetables, meat, poultry and oily fish. Use it in sauces and dips – alone or whisked together with other kinds of dip. Use it in burger, on hot dogs, French fries and pulled pork, etc..

Smoking Hot Barbecue Sauce - finished

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Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request)

The butter tender jaws are concentrated sauce, which is made of reduced red wine, flavored with particular. soy, blackcurrant juice and hot chilli. It may of course be made in just the strength is desired, but it does well as a strong sauce, since the rest of flavor entities can easily catch up with chili. The jaws themselves are well seasoned without being dominated by the sauce, so do not hold back with seasoning.

Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request)


3 – 4 kg svinekæber

2 flasker rødvin

4 dl soya

4 dl solbærsaft

6 – 8 løg

2 – 3 hele hvidløg

a handful of carrots

chili to taste – eks 3 – 4 chokolade Habanero

1 topspsk sellerifrø

20 – 25 tørrede enebær

salt and peber

little butter or oil

maybe some. cream and a little thickening

How to

Pig jaws checked for tendons and these are cut off. Sprinkle jaws with a little salt and pepper. Be a little reluctant salt, then where they are expected to part soy in court.

Wash the carrots. They should only be peeled off if absolutely necessary. Cut them into slices.

The onions are peeled and cut into chunks.

The garlic cut in half so that all fat is cut through the middle and possibly. free to be removed.

The chili cut into quarters and stem removed.

Pigs jaws browned in a single layer in a little butter or oil and poured gradually into the pan. Carrots and onions browned also – separately – and add them to the pan.

In saucepan accepted now also the rest of the ingredients: red wine, soy, blackcurrant juice, garlic, chili, celery and juniper berries.

Put the lid on the pot and bring to the boil. Turn down so it simmer and leave it and do it in 1 ½ hours.

Remove from the heat and fish gently jaws up, they are very tender. Add them to drain in a colander.

Strain the sauce and put it back into the pan. Let it boil until there is less than half back compared to what you started with, like less.

Taste the sauce to. Missing salt, chili, sweetness? If you want to dyu round it off with a little cream and it is too thin for your taste, do not you smooth it easy.

Come jaws back into the pan and heat with lid and on low heat. Turn them gently a few times along the way.

Serve with whatever you fancy. Here it is often a delicious root vegetables and a salad with slightly sour dressing.


There's a free hand with chili also in this right, but I myself am very excited about the dark 'chokolade'chilier. The Court can take a pretty good time chili – there are plenty of other flavors to back up – and if you serve with a gentle and soft moss there's space to fire well into the sauce. Is the sauce was a bit too strong, can be a little cream dampen fine.

The recipe here makes for a very large portion. We make it often in the size and batch freezer remains. It is worth gold on busy weekdays.

Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - Ingredients Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - kæberne brunes Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - klar til simring Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - færdigsimret Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - de færdige kæber drypper af Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - saucen reduceres Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - saucen ved at være klar Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - kæber og sauce lunes sammen

Sweet pickled figs with chili and cinnamon (will be translated upon request)

Figs and cinnamon is a familiar mix, which I think comes beautifully displayed in interaction with a little port wine and chilli to give a little twist. Figensylt kan bruges som del af en dessert, estimates on ice; equally in the classic blue cheese combination. It also works super on a steak. I totally frivolous with the combination of figs and mushrooms to steak or increased – mums. On a piece of meat or cold in an egg sandwich decorates the flavor also tremendously. The soy sauce gives a slight edge salt, which plays beautifully with the caramelized notes. It tastes almost as if it is flavored with licorice.


1 kg tørrede figner

7½ dl portvin (1 flaske)

4 dl soya, i.e.. Kikkoman or one of the thicker from the Asian shops

1 kg rå rørsukker

25 gr hel kanel

chili to taste – fresh or dried

maybe some. Sodium benzoate

How to:

The stem is removed from the figs and cut in half or kvartes or cut into even smaller pieces, depending on what you think is appropriate. Do you older figs, så skær dem i ca 1 x 1 eller 1,5 x 1,5 cm stykker.

Getting the figs in a bowl with port wine and soy sauce – toss well around – and style dish covered and cool until the next day.

On the second day jabbed cinnamon into pieces in the mortar and then crushed to powder in spice grinder. Aim the.

Fig mass is poured into a pot and sugar added with chili and cinnamon. Heat mass and let it simmer about. 2 – 15 minutter indtil konsistensen er som sirup – it is very different how long it takes depending on the type of fig and soy type that is used. Season to taste along the way – is there enough of chili in it? cinnamon? – Otherwise season with a little more.

Remove from the heat and let stand a few minutes before adding Atamon if you use it.

Immediately pour into clean, scalded and optionally. Atamonskyllede glass as close immediately and just turned a walk upside down and back again.

Portionen her giver små 2 liter.


I have ex. brugt 2 Fatalii choco og 3 små Habanero Choco.

Add it from the spice shelf as you like – there is much that clothes figs – especially the so-called Christmas spices like cloves, star anise, cardamom (Moreover, also the brown), muskat, licorice powder, etc..

One can use the small Spanish figs coated with flour – but because. flour syrup can be no 'long’ in it and it can be difficult to control – try using some without flour.

Figensylt - finger i kvarter Figensylt - med mærkat


The chili from another day:

Figensylt - udvalgte chilier

Plum sauce with chili (will be translated upon request)

Delicious as dippingsauce and fried or cold meats. Good for sandwiches and for adding flavor to sauces and dressings. Also a hit on curries.


Ca 2 kg blommer

4 løg

1 hvidløg

100 g frisk ingefær

2 tsk stødt ingefær

2 dl riseddike

1 dl mørk soyasauce

Revet skal og saft af 2 lime

300 – 500 gr palmesukker (depends on your preference and the sour plums are)

Chili to taste - fresh or dried

maybe some. Sodium benzoate

How to:

You can choose to remove the skin from the plums if you want. It is made easier by immersing them in boiling water for one minute, and then immediately in ice-cold water. Now the skin can be easily pulled by. Remove it if you like - it is not strictly necessary.

Remove stones from plums.

Onions, garlic, chili (if using fresh) og ingefær finthakkes.

All the ingredients - except Atamon – brought quietly to a boil in a saucepan. Start med 300 gr palmesukker og smag til igen efter puréring.

Let the sauce simmer for plums are tender and overcooked. It takes approximately. 20-30 minutter. Stir in the sometimes.

Blend the sauce with a hand blender – or let it cool to a temperature your big blender / food processor can handle and use the.

If you did not remove the skin before cooking, Do you assess the consistency is now OK and skin pureed good enough - otherwise you pass the mixture through a sieve.

Cook the plum sauce again and season - lack acid, sweetness or strength?

When the sauce is flavored remove the pan from the heat and if you use Atamon add it now as directed on the bottle.

Pour on clean scalded, and possibly. Sodium benzoate rinsed , bottles.


The color of your plum sauce depends on the plums you use and whether you use skin. If you would like to make a light sauce, the skin off and you can use light soy or omit it completely (and it will be probably a little salt in).

Of course you can also add other spices – i.e.. ground star anise will go well in this sauce.

Plum sauce with chili (will be translated upon request) - ready for cooking 007


Barbecue sauce with dark forest honey

There are many delicious barbecue sauce recipes around the web – Some of buy versions are reputable and most often does one get yourself messed a hit together in a bowl before grilling, which can not be reproduced accurately, but you just make a new next time. I have some ingredients that I keep returning to and made a sauce of slightly larger portion which come in bottles. Here in a little special variant with dark forest honey.

The sauce here is intended as a barbecue sauce of the kind that you smear on meat and vegetables the last moments of grilling time. It can also be served to the grilled or fried meat and vegetables as a dip or sauce.

It's a little more time consuming process than to snatch a bottle at the supermarket, but I think of course it is worth it. Judge for yourself, if you have the courage to try.

This batch yields approximately. 2,2 liter.


1 kg semidried, røgede tomater

Chili to taste – possibly. smoked (not translated yet)

200 gr mørk skovhonning

100 gr tamarindpasta + 1 liter vand

3 dl mørk soya (use the thick of Asians supermarket)

3 hele hvidløg

1 dl mørk sesamolie

Sodium benzoate


How to:

The tomatoes sliced ​​down the middle and dried in the oven. Store tomatoes stand with me about. 15 timer ved 50 – 60 grader.

Then cold smoked the approximately. 12 timer.

Tamarindpastaen udrøres i 1 liter kogende vand og står og trækker minimum 30 minutter. The juice is strained then down into the pan and the pulp thrown out.

Alle ingredienser blandes i gryden og simrer under låg ca 30 minutter.

Blend then – preferably with a hand blender. Otherwise, the mass to cool to the temperature as your food processor or blender can handle.

When it is blended to a suitable consistency Køge mass op igen. Herefter tages den af varmen og der røres Atamon i.

Hæls sauce on pure, scalded, Atamonskyllede bottles.



Of course you can use hot smoked tomatoes instead – it takes course only an hour or two depending on how much heat you give them – then they are dried and smoked a little. Fresh tomatoes – without smoke – can also be used, it's just a little something different.


Among other things used: grilled chicken, grilled pepper (T-Bone has fået Barbecue spice (will be translated upon request))


Made with particular. In Trinidad Scorpion Morouga Blend til Portion in.

Dragon Blood (will be translated upon request) – chili sauce with blackcurrants

Chili sauce here has lots of flavor in itself – before arriving in chili – as it can form the basis for all strengths. Here we make it hot ;o)

The different ingredients each contribute – but no one dominates (in addition, of course, the chili). Solbær'en can be tasted / smelled – but it is not the first thing you think of.

Saucen bliver let tyktflydende af sig selv og den smager henad en hot brown sauce/worcestershire.


ca 1 kg solbær – fresh (or frozen Opto) – juice can probably also be used

½ liter of soy – Kikkomann is excellent for this

½ liter æblecidereedike

1 helt hvidløg

fresh chili to taste – like strong

a large piece of ginger or two

4 top spsk muscovado/molasse/brun farin (possibly more)

2 top spsk salt

possibly. Sodium benzoate

How to:

Rinse and nip berries. Put them in a pan with soy sauce and vinegar. Bring det i kog og lad det simre under låg i 20 minutter.

Imens renses chilierne og hakkes medium fint.

Ginger cut into thin slices – it should not be peeled off first.

The garlic peeled and coarsely chopped.

Når bærrene har simret 20 minutter hældes hvidløg, chili and ginger in, og det hele simrer 10 – 15 minutter mere.

Take it off the heat and let it cool slightly. Then blend in blender or food processor and filreres through a strainer. Blend like several rounds. Stir a little of the pulp in the strainer with a spatula or spoon to get the thick juice to run through.

The pulp is thrown out.

The juice / sauce poured back into the pot, sugar and salt are added and stirred up. It simmers for a few minutes and season if necessary. for more sugar. It depends on the berries which sourly it has been. Gryden tages af varmen.

Atamon added as is written on the bottle and the sauce poured on small clean, scalded atamonskyllede bottles.

Used in soups, saucer, the pastaretten, stir-fried Steak and on and on all permitted on the grill. However, may be reconstituted in a little oil or other prior to use as a marinade. Eminent to simmer dishes with meat and like tomato.

Blackcurrant Rene may be wholly or partially replaced by blueberries and / or blackberries.

Dragon Blood (will be translated upon request) - bottle Dragon Blood (will be translated upon request) - ppå et stykke pizza

Første portion lavet med 1 Bhut Jolokia x Douglah kryds (not fully mature) og ca 15 modne Gule Naga. It was a delicious taste and good chili power.
Siden er den lavet med lidt godt og blandet af røde chilier og hjemmelavet chilipulver.