Chickpea balls with chili

English here: Chickpea balls with chili

Definitely just meant as a basic recipe – do playwith the ingredients. See also the 'Tips’ further down the page.

The mass before frying is also great as Jalapeñostuffing in halved, cored, stuffed Jalapeños, to be grilled on the outdoor grill or ovenbaked / grilled. They might be. brushed with chili sauce, Liquid Smoke or another good sauce before cooking or they can be sprinkled with a little cheese if desired.

Chickpea balls with chili

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Mango chutney with chilli (will be translated upon request)

Mango chutney is suitable for many kinds of food in both the cold and the hot kitchen. It can be used in the laying, wherein the whistle egg food, pate, the cut meat and cheese etc.. up – turn it with a little sour cream and use it in sanwich- or burgerbollen – or as a sauce for vegetables. Delicious on tallekenen as an accompaniment to many hot dishes as well as on top of rice dishes. As accessories / dip for good bread – like with other kinds of 'dip'. Try it also on fish – både som tilbehør til den færdige fisk og som marinade i pakken med den bagte fisk.

Mango chutney with chilli (will be translated upon request) - on glass

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Chili con carne (will be translated upon request)

My take on a classic that course can be made in many variations. It takes the little time and it tastes best of days after it is made. They are grateful to freeze and lends itself well to many guests, if it is to be easily. Therefore, it may be a good idea to make a big deal when you're at it. If guests have not cleared the pan, so it may well be frozen in suitable portions.

Chili con carne (will be translated upon request)


4 – 4½ kg okseklump

1200 – 1600 gr løg

ca 4 dl olivenolie

ca 1½ liter oksebouillon – mixed target

4 porter eller stout á 33 cl (can also be the ship's beer)

8 – 10 dl hakkede tomater/tomatpassata/flåede tomater

4 dl god, strong balsamic

4 hvidløg

1 – 4 ds chipotle – i.e.. á 200 gr (can undlades)

Chillies to taste, like mixed. Dried can also be used.

8 topspsk røget paprike (ca 80 gr)

8 små kanelstænger eller tilsvarende mængde store

4 hele stjerneanis

ca 20 laurbærblade – like fresh

8 topspsk oregano (ca 8 – 10 gr)

4 topspsk hel spidskommen (ca 30 gr)

140 gr muscovado sukker (or brown sugar)

140 gr salt

1 kg tørrede kidneybønner (or other beans aftertaste)

A few cups of strong coffee – eller 5-6 tsk pulverkaffe

maybe some. a few cans tomato.

6-8 store røde peberfrugter

ca 600 gr friske eller frosne, thawed corn kernels

300 gr god mørk chokolade – gerne 70-80% kakaoindhold

How to:

Sæt kidneybønnerne i blød i rigeligt koldt vand 12 – 24 timer før du skal lave Chili con carne. De kan udblødes fra 0 – 24 timer – see more here: Do beans soaked?

Cut lump in the dining friendly cubes and brown them in batches in a little oil. I usually brown in a frying pan and then pour the ingredients into the cauldron along the way.

Kom bouillon, beer, tomato and balsamic vinegar to the pan to the meat and turn the pan over very low heat. It will quietly bring to the boil while you prepare and get the next ingredients in.

Peel the onions and cut them into cubes. Brown them in a little oil to the pan – as for onions – they must be light brown.

While you care for them and regularly turns around in them, you can tinker garlic and chop them on the cutting board. In the pot with them.

Hak chipotle and fresh chili. Mild chili in larger pieces, chilli finely. Getting it in.

Add the smoked paprika, cinnamon sticks, star anise, bay leaves, oregano, cumin, muscovado og salt.

Also add the browned onions when they are finished.

Bring the pot quietly to a boil if it is not even. Cover and let it simmer quietly – i ca 90 minutter.

Fish stjerneanis'erne up and came beans. Bring back quietly to a boil and let simmer without låg i 30 – 60 minutter til bønnerne er færdige, if they are soaked first. If they are not macerated, to the boiling longer and it may be advantageous either to boil them some of the time with the lid on, or to be very awake about adding more liquid. Turn regularly around in the pan. The beans must be fully cooked and soft all the way through. Underdone beans are toxic. When they are tender and soft all the way through, is the finished. If there is no liquid on the way, Add the coffee. If you chew a bean that has not received enough when you taste for it, så spyt den ud.

If you're not used coffee to dilute with during cooking, kan du nu tilsætte pulverkaffen. Smag til om retten mangler salt, sugar, chili and other spices. If you think chili con carne'n be tyknes, you can add a few cans tomato.

Cut the peppers into small, eat-friendly cubes and put them in with the corn. Bring back quietly to the boil – simrer 2-3 minutter og gryden tages af varmen. Rør chokoladen i. Season to taste one last time.

Now Chili con carne'n served or soak for later in the day or in the fridge for the next day (the next days – it just gets better).

Heats quietly before serving and served with optional accessories – i.e.. Creme fraiche young nachochips (like touched with a little lime peel) and / or a soft salsa, guacamole, ris, salad, good bread etc.


Of course you can easily use other beans than kidney beans – many kinds. I really like most kinds of beans, but is enthusiastic about the kidney beans in this dish. Use what you like and follow udblødningtiden (If you are using maceration) and kogetiden the package.

Når chili con carne skal genopvarmes, it can easily be done in the oven. Then you are free to run and stir gently into the pan – and can use the time for something else. YLD Chili con carne'n to fad et ildfast, tires first with greaseproof paper and then aluminum foil as Krammes to the edge – or use an ovenproof dish with a lid if you have such a. Staniol blivet almost always etched chilli, derfor bagepapiret først. Sæt det tildækkede fad i kold ovn og varm ovnen op til 150. How long it takes to heat through food, depends on how big the dish is and how much there is in – men ca 45 minutter synes jeg passer til et par portioner.

Court will not damage that met a few pieces of smoked bacon cooking from start – fished up before serving.

Smoked home chillies are not bad.

Undlader you chipotlen, use a few tablespoons extra of the smoked paprika.

Make this a day before you need it, especially the first time. It takes some time to make.

You can make it without oil. So you broil not meat and onions before placing in the pan.

Coded can also get in that whole piece or larger lumps. So extended cooking time for meat is tender – ca 4 timer for en hel klump på 4 – 4½ kilo, shorter for smaller pieces.

Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - Ingredients Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - kødet skæres Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - kødet brunes Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - løgene skæres i tern Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - hakket hvidløg Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - chipotle Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - chipotle hakketChili con carne (will be translated upon request) - løgene er færdige Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - frisk chili Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - chili founders chopped Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - færdigsimret Chili con carne (will be translated upon request) - klar til at blive rullet og komme en tur i ovnen





Za'atar with chili (will be translated upon request)

Delicious versatile spice blend with lots of flavors. Good to mix different dipping freshly baked bread, as previously dipped in good olive oil, which drys on Salater, in meat dishes and as a spice in minced meat, i grøntsags-retter, som drys på grillede grøntsager efter de har været på grillen, kikærteretter, on fish and flat madbrød – previously brushed with a little oil – before baking. I have almost always a mixture of glass standing on the shelf or in the fridge ready to use.


Made with dry spices, but in season, thyme and oregano successfully replaced by fresh.

4 spsk sesamfrø

4 spsk spidskommenfrø

4 spsk timian

4 spsk oregano

4 spsk sumak

1 spsk chilipulver (strength aftertaste)

1 spsk salt

How to:

Sesame seeds are roasted on a dry frying pan over a medium heat until golden and fragrant. Stir constantly in them.

Cumin grating hereinafter in the same way. They need not roasted just long – Therefore, each of which.

Blend everything together and store in airtight container. Refrigerated if there is fresh herbs in.


Harissa (will be translated upon request)

Harissa is a native North African and chillies growing in North Africa would be an obvious choice – but any kind may of course be used. I Marokko, Algeria and Tunisia used Harissa like in soups, couscous, simreretter, pasta dishes etc.

A mild Harissa is great at some good bread, on a baked potato or a piece of grilled vegetables.

Personally I do not think that Harissa must be made with chinenser – but like the other species.

You can use dried chili, som udblødet 20 minutter i varmt vand inden brug.


Chili: i.e.. a handful of piri piri or two

2 spsk korianderfrø

2 spsk spidskommenfrø

1 spsk kommensfrø

2 tsk tørret mynte eller lidt frisk

1½ spsk salt – like salt flakes

About . ½ head of garlic

Saften af 1 citron

3 spsk ekstra jomfru olivenolie + ekstra til at fylde på til sidst

How to:

Coriander, spidskommen and commentary shaken look on a medium hot forehead for about. 4 minutter under konstant omrøring.

The roasted crushes spices in a mortar or shredded in spice grinder with mint until they are pulverized.

Blend all ingredients, at near the extra olie, to form a smooth mass.

Pour the mixture in a clean, sterilized glass and smoothed out. Pour olive oil over the mass for about. 1 cm lag.

Every time there is used by Harissa'en topped up with a little more oil to seal the mass with.

Opbevares på køl i ca 2-3 uger. Alternatively, any portion of frozen after production.

If you taste Harissa'en in the blender before pouring it on glass – and finds it too strong – you can blend a little pepper or sun-dried tomato in. Now you can do anyway just for flavor. I use økocitroner and often choose to use the finely grated must also. Variér selv løs ;o)