Cranberry marmalade with chili and licorice

Lots of licorice and chili to taste gives cranberries a nice kick in this jam. The taste of the otherwise bittersour little berries is at first nice and soft with spicy chili and then liquorice comes sneaking into the tast to round it off and kind of bring it all together.

Cranberry marmalade with chili and licorice


2,5 kg cranberries

chili to taste – fresh or dried (i.e.. 3 Habananeros)

5 topped tsp vanillapowder

3 dl red balsamic vinegar

2 kg raw canesugar

200 gr raw canesugar

120 gr english liqourice powder

4 tsp gelling agent (depending on brand)

Sodium benzoate

How to:

Rinse the cranberries well if they are freshly picked and also rinse the chilies (remove seeds if you like – I do not) and chop them fine, possibly in the food processor.

Put cranberries, chili, vanilla powder, balsamic vinegar and 2 kg raw canesugar into a pot and bring it slowly to a simmer.

Simmer until cranberries are soft and mushy.

Blend 200 gr raw canesugar well with the liqourice powder and gelling agent in a separate bowl. Licorice powder is very susceptible to moisture, so do not take it out of the package before now.

Sprinkle licorice mixture into the pot with the boiling mixture and stir well while doing so. Simmer the marmalade for further 2 minutes and take the pot of the heat.

Add sodium benzoate as directed on the bottle (if you use sodium benzoate) and immediately fill the marmalade into clean, scalded and optionally. sodium bezoate rinsed glass jars, which are immediately closed.


Licorice amount is always a matter of taste. If you are afraid that it is too much for your taste, then start by adding half of the suggested amount during the 2 minutes simmering time, taste and immediately add more if you like.

Cranberry marmalade with chili and licorice - de smukke tranebær Cranberry marmalade with chili and licorice - not kket chili Cranberry marmalade with chili and licorice - ready for cooking Cranberry marmalade with chili and licorice - lakridsblandingen Cranberry marmalade with chili and licorice - ved at være færdig Cranberry marmalade with chili and licorice

Coated marzipan balls with gin drunken cranberries and chili (will be translated upon request)


400 gr marcipan

a cup dried cranberries

a good gin

1 – 2 tsk chili

white chocolate coating


How to:

Fill a mug almost with cranberries. Pour the gin over so it covers. Cover the mug with movie and put it in the fridge for the next day.

Drain tranebær'ene and knead them well into the marzipan.

Ask the balls to dry on the kitchen table for an hour, before they are coated with white chocolate.

Use gin'en to something sensible. It can eg. mixed with a blue cheese and a pinch of chili for a delicious cream to no good bread.


Red cabbage pickled with orange, cranberries and chili (will be translated upon request)

I love red cabbage with so-called Christmas spices. The attentive reader will know that they now have a place in my kitchen throughout the year – determined not only in December. For everyday, I would like to have this magnificent cabbage raw, but it should be shelved, so it must be with a good seasoning. My version here is slightly sweet and salty, slightly acidic from the vinegar and spicy. Do you want a less sweet, Sharp as just down the syrup.


A red cabbage head – as. 2 kg

4 dl eddike – like frugteddiker and like mixed

4 dl saft/sirup – like blackcurrant, e.l ribs.

revet skal og saft af 2 store eller 3 mindre usprøjtede appelsiner

ca 250 – 300 gr tørrede tranebær

fresh chopped chilli to taste

1 tsk hele nelliker

1 lille stang hel kanel – or the corresponding section of a large

ca 1 spsk hele stykker muskatblomme

2 stykker tørret ingefær

4 – 8 tsk salt

maybe some. Sodium benzoate


How to:

Hak snit and red cabbage as fine as you can suffer the – I cut it with a knife on the cutting board, but maybe you will have just the fine in the food processor.

Grate the orange peel and squeeze the juice of the oranges.

Notch cranberries into smaller pieces with a knife.

Mix all ingredients unless directed to salt and Atamon in a large pot and bring them slowly to the boil. Lad simre ca. 1 time.

When it has KOGT the first fifteen minutes, you can begin to taste with more juice or vinegar if you think that one of the items are missing.

When simmering time is nearing end, smacks you with a little salt and possibly. more spices – Here you can benefit from using powdered. If you find that it lacks sweetness, need to assess whether to more juice in, or if you want to get hold of the sugar jar. The acid is adjusted with one of eddikerne.

When you are satisfied, taken from the heat. If you are using Atamon, added it as directed on the bottle. Measure up as if it were to jam / preserves.

Come clean on red cabbage, scalded and optionally. sodium bezoate rinsed glass jars, which immediately closed and turned upside down and says little.



I portionen på billedet har jeg brugt en blanding af 2 eddiker: apple vinegar with shallot and raspberry vinegar. Jeg har også brugt 2 slags saft/sirup: blackcurrant juice (Ribena) and tamarindsirup. Half of each of both cases.

The cut cabbage takes up much, so find a large pot until the project. Jeg bruger en 8 liters til det.

I've spent a small TSMB. It was just as it should be.