A very fresh and spicy cheesecake with a loads of taste in every little bite. The oranges complements the delicious creamy rhubarb filling with a little extra acidity and freshness and the chili provides a surprising extra dimension to the cake.


Ingredients for rhubarb compote:

1 kg rhubarb stalks

350 g raw cane sugar

fresh chopped chilli to taste

1 tsp vanilla powder (or seeds from 1 pod or 3-4 tsp vanilla sugar)

finely grated zest from 3 – 4 organic oranges

Ingredients for base:

75 g melted butter plus a small amout for greasing the springform pan

150 g coarse grained bisquits of a kind

100 g coarsely chopped walnut kernels

Ingredients for filling:

300 g cream cheese (i.e. Philadelphia)

2 dl cream 38%

2 dl creme fraiche 18%

2 egg yolks

2 egg whites

100 g raw cane sugar

fresh chopped chilli to taste

1 tsp vanilla powder (or seeds from 1 pod or 3-4 tsp vanilla sugar)

8 sheets of gelatin

Ingredients for jelly:

juice from 3 – 4 organic oranges

juice from the rhubarb compote

2 – 4 tbsp liquid honey

6 sheets of gelatin


How to – rhubarb compote:

Remove leaves from rhubarbs and rinse the stalks well. There is a small membrane near the 'feet', which can be carefuly pulled or scraped of. You will need about 1 kg cleansed stalks. Part them lengthwise if they're very thick. Cut them in approx ½ – 1 cm pieces. Put the rhubarbs in a baking pan with the sugar, add finely chopped chili, finely grated orange zest and vanilla. Mix everything well.

Bake in preheated oven set at 200 degrees celcius for about 20 minutes until tender (rhubarbs soft, but still in whole pieces). Flip them around in the pan in 5 minutes intervals. Take out baking pan and let cool completely on the kitchen table, so that the rhubarb pieces cools down covered in their own juice.

How to – base:

Crush the biscuits as coarse or fine as you like them and mix them with walnuts and melted butter.

Press mixture into bottom of a greased springform pan. Use your fingers or the backside of a ladle.

Let it set in the refrigerator for ½ hour.

How to – filling:

Put the rhubarbs in a sieve with a bowl underneath and leave them to drip 'dry' (save the juice for making the jelly) – make small pancake flips a few times while draining, so that the rhubarbs will be gently turned and drained all over.

Soak gelatin sheets in cold water for 8 – 10 minutes.

Whip cream cheese, cream, creme fraiche and sugar until it reaches the consistensy of lightly whipped cream. Add egg yolks, chili and vanilla. Don't mix it in until the gelatin is added.

Remove the gelatin from the water and melt it over low heat with the water that clings to it.

Stir gelatin in the mix in a thin stream. Stir quickly while doing so.

Whip egg whites untill very stiff and fold them into the mix together with the drained rhubarb pieces. Pour the mix into the springform pan and flatten the surface gently. Cover with cling film.

Refridgerate the cake for at least a couple of hours – maybe until next day.

If you let it cool until the next day, then wrap the oranges one by one in clingfilm or put them in an airtight box and keep them in the fridge. Also save the rhubarb juice in the fridge.

How to – jelly:

Soak gelatin sheets in cold water for 8 – 10 minutes.

Squeeze the oranges and mix the juice with rhubarb juice and honey.

Remove the gelatin from the water and melt it over low heat with the water that clings to it.

Stir gelatin in the juice mix in a thin stream. Stir quickly while doing so. Wait 5-10 minutes while the juice is setting just a bit so that the consistency is like syrup.

Pour the mix gently over the cake and refrigerate again for a minimum of 4 hours until serving. Jelly must be easy to cut, not runny.


I use 1 Habanero for each of the rhubarb compote and the rest of the filling – that is 2 in all.

Use a springform pan larger than 25 cm if possible. I used 25 cm in the photos – in my first making of this cake - and it was filled to the brim and therefore almost impossible to balance with until jelly stiffened. If your largest springform pan is 25 cm, you can save a few dl of the filling in a small bowl of its own, when making the cake, all will be well – and you can use the extra filling for a bonus dessert.

Use organic or pasteurized eggs. Organic will taste the best (but be aware of what the health issues are in your country when using raw eggs).

The filling can be cut with at knife, it is very soft though, almost like a mousse. If you prefer a more firm texture, then use a few extra sheets of gelatine.

Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - ingredients Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - det nederste af fødderne skæres af rabarberne Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - de snittede rabarber Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - med de andre smagsgivere Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - før bagning Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - after baking Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - valnødder og kiks til bunden Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - base Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - klar til at blande fyld Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - fyldet blandes færdigt Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - fyldet er færsigt og lagt på bunden Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - klar til gelé Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - klar til sidste skridt Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - den flotte gelé skal stivne Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - den færdige kage 1 Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - den færdige kage 2 Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - den færdige kage 3

Coated marzipan balls with walnuts (will be translated upon request), licorice and chili


400 gr marcipan

a half cup walnuts


2 toptsk engelsk lakridspulver

1 tsk chili

white chocolate coating


How to:

Fill a mug half with walnuts. Pour the port over as it covers. Cover the mug with movie and put it in the fridge for the next day.

Mix marzipan with chili and licorice and knead well. Pour a few teaspoons port in – it makes it easier to knead.

Drain the nuts.

Pak little marzipan on each walnut and roll them into balls. Moisture hands with cold water on the way when it becomes too sticky. The water will surface to look a little funny, whitish out – but it dries again.

Ask the balls to dry on the kitchen table for an hour, before they are coated with white chocolate – see . little about chocolate.

Port wine can be used in the sauce, if you think it has been too bitter.

Rolled whole cut with dates, mushrooms, walnuts and chili (will be translated upon request)

Roll Roast is not just what we do most often, but it's really a great way to get some well-seasoned meat. The taste of the rolled inside, penetrates well into the meat and is well distributed.

Ingredients – rullestegen:

A piece of pig layer – mit her vejede 2.7 kg

400 gr Medjools dadler – pitted weight

100 gr tørrede svampe – i.e.. shitake

200 gr valnødder

2 spsk salt

2 tsk knust peber

Fresh ground chili aftertaste (not too strong) – or powder if you do not have fresh

4 dl portvin

a little salt and pepper to the surface

Ingredients – braising:

4 dl rødvin

2 stjerneanis

15 – 20 nelliker

a few mace


How to:

Remove stones dadlerne. Rens chilierne og skær dem i mindre stykker.

Mix dates, mushrooms, walnuts, chili, salt and peber. Chop in food processor – like to ad a few times (jeg gør det af 3). It should have a good, gritty consistency – not trench and not for pin – try to see the picture below.

Bland de 4 dl portvin i det hakkede fyld og lad det stå og trække lidt, while you prepare the meat.

Trim the meat if the butcher has done it for you. Trimmings in this case means not only removing tendons and too much fat – it must also be. Here it also means making the piece uniform. If there is some flaps inside and is little in the way or making flesh thick in one place, then cut them by. Roll the roast together to see if it is about. just thick all over the place – if not, it may have to be cut. If the piece is roughly square, it should also be scribed to the mold. The meat that you cut off, you can chop and use as part of the filling – eller hakke det og gemme det i fryseren til en anden dag hvor det kan bruges til noget godt.

Once you are happy with the play, come to fullness in. Let a small piece to the point where the roast should be closed, but favor the otherwise flat and fold it well to.

Rul Stegen together and it's snowing. Have not tried it before, try to Google it – it is not that hard. Move it into a roasting pan in which the right can be and rub salt and pepper on the surface.

Hæld 4 dl rødvin, 4 dl vand, star anise, nelliker og muskatblomme ved.

Sæt et stegetermometer i midten af det tykkeste sted og sæt centrumtemperatur på ca 70 grader.

Stegen sættes i kold ovn som tændes på 175 – 180 grader. Step to kernetemperaturen is opnået. With the increased size which I used, tog det 1 time og 45 minutter i min ovn.

When the roast is done, remove it from the oven and pour the liquid through a sieve into a saucepan. Stegen covered with aluminum foil and a clean towel until you are ready to cut the. Den må gerne stå og samle sig 20 minutters tid.

Thicken and season with salt, pepper and maybe a little port wine.

Served items. with root vegetables and your favorite vegetables.