Dictionary – chiliwords (page not correctly translated yet)

Words included in chili names

to Heart heart-shaped
Charm chili
Alajuela the second largest city in Costa Rica
Shape formede on ungarnsk
Soul æble on ungarnsk
Alotenango a "municipal’ in the area of ​​Sacatepéquez in Guatemala. Alotenango betyder ‘in the wall of the parrots’. Municipality inhabited primarily by Mayans
Yellow gul
Antalya to and Tyrkiet
Aribib should i Bolivia. Also, a word that describes a provocative, hyper og støjende person. 
Soft mild
Bode Yellow yellow goat in Gaelic.
Bag bag
Sweet Exchange poses in Lille (bag) with sweet
Brazilian Hornet Brazilian wasp
Cacho de Cabra gedehorn
Cachucha bell-shaped
Cherry cherry in Spanish
Chilaca gray hair, old (Pay Nahuatl acatl)
Chilhuacle gamle chili (på Nahuatl – Aztekernes sprog)
Cochabamba should i Bolivia. Nestled in a valley of the same name in the Andes.
Comoyagua city ​​in Honduras. Former capital.
De Arbol tree-like
Dong Xuan Market the oldest and largest market in Vietnam – in the city of Hanoi.
Sweet sweet
Pickle marinate / pickle in Spanish
Tasty tasteful
Japan Japanese to Spanish
Northern northern
Tomatoes æble on ungarnsk
Pasilla suspense rosin. Is also a common name for various dried, relaterede pounds af sorten Chilaca.
Piura region in northern Peru, whose capital is also called Piura
Punta Yellow Spids gul
Sargans yolk on ungarnsk
Sanctioned live in chicks

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