Yellow curry paste (will be translated upon request)

Curry pastes used in all kinds simmer dishes – both the easy fast and those who should be a little longer. They are also delicious in soups – or mixed in once fast fish cakes, beef buns and much more. They come in a lot of mixtures and in some of the classic, there is a strong convergence of ingredients, but the relative amount of different, giving different flavor profiles. Here my version of the yellow Thai curry.


2 stilke citrongræs – the white part, finely chopped

5-6 gule chili (that can be used orange or red)

2 skalotteløg, chopped

5 cm galangarod, finely chopped

4 fed hvidløg

1 spsk hele korianderfrø

1 spsk hel spidskommenfrø

½ tbsp kommensfrø

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

2 spsk Fish Sauce

½ SPSK rejepasta

3 tsk stødt gurkemeje

2 spsk palmesukker

Saft af 1 lime


How to:

Coriander, kommen og spidskommen ristes på en tør pande i 2-4 minutter ved jævn varme. Stir it constantly. It should scents light roasted and must of course be too dark.

Stood ingredient holders together in a mortar. Alternatively, blend the. Stop frequently and scraping the mass down the sides, so that it becomes well mixed.

Kan opbevares 2-3 uger på køl eller fryses i portioner (as. 1 top-spsk er passende pr. portion for two, I think – but a try). Jeg får 4 portioner ud af denne. They packed easily in small wrap packages and place in a freezer bag on which is written what is in.

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