Hummus with lemon, coriander and chilli (will be translated upon request)

You can make hummus in so many ways and I think I love them all. We do include a variant where the taste of lemon, coriander and chilli emerge.

Delicious on a piece of freshly baked flat bread / spicy madbrød and as a dip for raw vegetables.


About . 700 – 800 gr kikærter – soaked and cooked (or canned if it should go fast)

2 – 3 spsk Tahin

1 stort bundt frisk koriander

1 spsk stødt koriander

2 tsk spidskommen

4 – 5 fed hvidløg

Chili to taste, fresh or granulated

1 – 2 øko-citroner, grated zest and juice

Extra jomfru olivenolie

ca 2 tsk flagesalt

How to:

It all runs in the food processor to a smooth paste. How fine / gov you want it is up to you.

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