Chocolate muesli or nut bars with chili

English here: Chocolate muesli or nut bars with chili

The first of a new category of small easy to make ideas that might not quite qualify as recipes, but still a bit more than just 'sprinkle some chili on'.

Chili goes well with both chocolate and other spices, so when you have some leftover granola, muesli, nuts of a type, coconut, dried fruits and berries, etc.. a spicy chili chocolate is a super way to tie it all together and make some goodies in no time.

Chokolade musli eller nøddebarer med chili 8

The picture above is chocolate-chili-crunch-hearts made of some 'leftovers’ and a thick coat of chocolate.

I had a bit of a delicious granola, some honey roasted muesli and a bunch of different chokolade'lefovers’ – and then it's obvious to make some delights.


White chocolate

Miscellaneous leftovers of dark chocolate

Granola and muesli

Vanilla Powder

Chili Powder

Green cardamom pods

Cinnamon stick

Some mace

How to:

Melt the white chocolate in a double boiler with vanilla powder and a little chili powder. The white chocolate is the most tricky of the chocolates, so be sure to use a low heat. Taste and adjust the spices when the chocolate is melted.

While the chocolate is melting, mix something crunchy, dried fruit, or what you like.

Fill the bottom of some molds with the white chocolate – i.e.. silicone muffin molds. You can also choose to use one large mold and cut the pieces afterwards – I just think that they get prettier in the small portion molds.

Fill in some crunch and press it lightly into the chocolate.

Melt some dark chocolate over low heat. Just use the pan / dish from before also if there is still some white chocolate left in it.

Pulverize the spices in a spice grinder. You can also choose to pick out the cardamom seeds from their shells before using them, but it's not necessary if you just strain the final spiceblend. (Bonus info: the cardamom powder you buy is both the shells and the seeds that's puverized – otherwise it would be a lot more expensive).

Use a small sieve to strain it into the chocolate (so that there are no large pieces of spice to bite into) and also add to taste sopme chili powder. Chocolate may take a good deal of chili – so be sure to taste it a couple of times.

Pour the melted chocolate over the muesli in the molds. When chocolate is filled into a mold, then lift it an inch above the table and let it fall down – repeat a few times until chocolate is nicely spread out.

Place the chocolate in a cooler place and let it harden completely.


It is even faster to just mix the filling into the melted chocolate and then distributing it into the molds with a spoon and letting it solidify on cooling. In this way, there is used less chocolate per. amount of other filling. You can then. decorate the finished pieces with some nice 'stripes' of chocolate in a contrasting color.

Use all sorts of flovourizers that you think goes well with chocolate and chili in addition to those mentioned already – eg. a little grated orange peel, licorice powder, 1 tbsp spirits of a kind, etc. Some of the spices that we do not traditionally associate with candy, can actually work really well with a chili chocolate. It may be nutmeg, allspice, fennel. Try experimenting a bit with some small portions.

Chokolade musli eller nøddebarer med chili 1 Chokolade musli eller nøddebarer med chili 2 Chokolade musli eller nøddebarer med chili 3 Chokolade musli eller nøddebarer med chili 4 Chokolade musli eller nøddebarer med chili 5 Chokolade musli eller nøddebarer med chili 6 Chokolade musli eller nøddebarer med chili 7 Chokolade musli eller nøddebarer med chili 8

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