Chocolate-praline cake with chili

Spongy, praline-like, super delicious chocolate cake. Eaten in small servings, for example as. dessert – perhaps with a scoop of good vanilla icecream and fresh fruit or berries – or with cup of strong coffee anytime. The sweet potatoes – which in reality isn't potatoes at all – helps by adding sweetness and make the cake spongy and pralinelike, and makes sure it contains somewhat less calories than it tastes like. Cold from the fridge is like firm praline in the middle, warm is it like a real spongy chocolate'pudding'dessertcake.

Chokolade-konfektkage med chili - servering

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Chocolate mousse / cake filling / topping with chili

English here: Chokolate mousse / cake filling / topping with chili

A small stroke of genius of a desert thing that has been seen on a lot of especially the vegan blogs in different versions. Here it is in my version. The silken tofu doesn't contain much fat (approximately 3%) – but is super deliciously creamy when it is blended.

The recipe delivers a silky, dark, (slightly) hot, dense, almost chocolate ganache-like chocolate mousse which can be eaten as dessert by itself as a chocolate mousse in example. med lidt pisket soyafløde eller kokosfløde til – or can be part of other desserts (perhaps with ice and fruit) and in cakes either as filling or topping. It might remind you a bit of a chocolate ganache and is also delicious as a filling in small chocolate shells i.e.. See lots of suggestions for variations at the bottom of the page. More will be added over time.

Chokolademousse med chili

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Chocolate muesli or nut bars with chili

English here: Chocolate muesli or nut bars with chili

The first of a new category of small easy to make ideas that might not quite qualify as recipes, but still a bit more than just 'sprinkle some chili on'.

Chili goes well with both chocolate and other spices, so when you have some leftover granola, muesli, nuts of a type, coconut, dried fruits and berries, etc.. a spicy chili chocolate is a super way to tie it all together and make some goodies in no time.

Chokolade musli eller nøddebarer med chili 8

The picture above is chocolate-chili-crunch-hearts made of some 'leftovers’ and a thick coat of chocolate.

I had a bit of a delicious granola, some honey roasted muesli and a bunch of different chokolade'lefovers’ – and then it's obvious to make some delights.

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Chocolate sauce with chili

English here: Chocolate sauce with chili

A super easy and quick chocolate sauce that tastes terrific both warm and cold. It can be adjusted with different types of chocolate and other flavorings such that it can be used with almost everything.

It will be quite thick in the version first proposed when it is cold, but you can always stir in a little water or other liquid in order to make it thinner if you like – both when the sauce is warm and when cold. The chocolate you use also affects how thick the sauce becomes – the darker the thicker, so you can adjust it and use whichever chocolate you just have in the kitchen.

Chocolate sauce in the various models can also be used as the center of filled chocolates, it needs to be a bit thick then.

I will come up with some more suggestions for variations at the bottom of the page as I get them made.

Chokoladeauce med chili - med mediummørk chokolade og maltwhisky - på bananis

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Chili con carne (will be translated upon request)

My take on a classic that course can be made in many variations. It takes the little time and it tastes best of days after it is made. They are grateful to freeze and lends itself well to many guests, if it is to be easily. Therefore, it may be a good idea to make a big deal when you're at it. If guests have not cleared the pan, so it may well be frozen in suitable portions.

Chili con carne


4 – 4½ kg okseklump

1200 – 1600 gr løg

ca 4 dl olivenolie

ca 1½ liter oksebouillon – mixed target

4 porter eller stout á 33 cl (can also be the ship's beer)

8 – 10 dl hakkede tomater/tomatpassata/flåede tomater

4 dl god, strong balsamic

4 hvidløg

1 – 4 ds chipotle – i.e.. á 200 gr (can undlades)

Chillies to taste, like mixed. Dried can also be used.

8 topspsk røget paprike (ca 80 gr)

8 små kanelstænger eller tilsvarende mængde store

4 hele stjerneanis

ca 20 laurbærblade – like fresh

8 topspsk oregano (ca 8 – 10 gr)

4 topspsk hel spidskommen (ca 30 gr)

140 gr muscovado sukker (or brown sugar)

140 gr salt

1 kg tørrede kidneybønner (or other beans aftertaste)

A few cups of strong coffee – eller 5-6 tsk pulverkaffe

maybe some. a few cans tomato.

6-8 store røde peberfrugter

ca 600 gr friske eller frosne, thawed corn kernels

300 gr god mørk chokolade – gerne 70-80% kakaoindhold

How to:

Sæt kidneybønnerne i blød i rigeligt koldt vand 12 – 24 timer før du skal lave Chili con carne. De kan udblødes fra 0 – 24 timer – see more here: Do beans soaked?

Cut lump in the dining friendly cubes and brown them in batches in a little oil. I usually brown in a frying pan and then pour the ingredients into the cauldron along the way.

Kom bouillon, beer, tomato and balsamic vinegar to the pan to the meat and turn the pan over very low heat. It will quietly bring to the boil while you prepare and get the next ingredients in.

Peel the onions and cut them into cubes. Brown them in a little oil to the pan – as for onions – they must be light brown.

While you care for them and regularly turns around in them, you can tinker garlic and chop them on the cutting board. In the pot with them.

Hak chipotle and fresh chili. Mild chili in larger pieces, chilli finely. Getting it in.

Add the smoked paprika, cinnamon sticks, star anise, bay leaves, oregano, cumin, muscovado og salt.

Also add the browned onions when they are finished.

Bring the pot quietly to a boil if it is not even. Cover and let it simmer quietly – i ca 90 minutter.

Fish stjerneanis'erne up and came beans. Bring back quietly to a boil and let simmer without låg i 30 – 60 minutter til bønnerne er færdige, if they are soaked first. If they are not macerated, to the boiling longer and it may be advantageous either to boil them some of the time with the lid on, or to be very awake about adding more liquid. Turn regularly around in the pan. The beans must be fully cooked and soft all the way through. Underdone beans are toxic. When they are tender and soft all the way through, is the finished. If there is no liquid on the way, Add the coffee. If you chew a bean that has not received enough when you taste for it, så spyt den ud.

If you're not used coffee to dilute with during cooking, kan du nu tilsætte pulverkaffen. Smag til om retten mangler salt, sugar, chili and other spices. If you think chili con carne'n be tyknes, you can add a few cans tomato.

Cut the peppers into small, eat-friendly cubes and put them in with the corn. Bring back quietly to the boil – simrer 2-3 minutter og gryden tages af varmen. Rør chokoladen i. Season to taste one last time.

Now Chili con carne'n served or soak for later in the day or in the fridge for the next day (the next days – it just gets better).

Heats quietly before serving and served with optional accessories – i.e.. Creme fraiche young nachochips (like touched with a little lime peel) and / or a soft salsa, guacamole, ris, salad, good bread etc.


Of course you can easily use other beans than kidney beans – many kinds. I really like most kinds of beans, but is enthusiastic about the kidney beans in this dish. Use what you like and follow udblødningtiden (If you are using maceration) and kogetiden the package.

Når chili con carne skal genopvarmes, it can easily be done in the oven. Then you are free to run and stir gently into the pan – and can use the time for something else. YLD Chili con carne'n to fad et ildfast, tires first with greaseproof paper and then aluminum foil as Krammes to the edge – or use an ovenproof dish with a lid if you have such a. Staniol blivet almost always etched chilli, derfor bagepapiret først. Sæt det tildækkede fad i kold ovn og varm ovnen op til 150. How long it takes to heat through food, depends on how big the dish is and how much there is in – men ca 45 minutter synes jeg passer til et par portioner.

Court will not damage that met a few pieces of smoked bacon cooking from start – fished up before serving.

Smoked home chillies are not bad.

Undlader you chipotlen, use a few tablespoons extra of the smoked paprika.

Make this a day before you need it, especially the first time. It takes some time to make.

You can make it without oil. So you broil not meat and onions before placing in the pan.

Coded can also get in that whole piece or larger lumps. So extended cooking time for meat is tender – ca 4 timer for en hel klump på 4 – 4½ kilo, shorter for smaller pieces.

Chili con carne - ingredienser Chili con carne - kødet skæres Chili con carne - kødet brunes Chili con carne - løgene skæres i tern Chili con carne - hakket hvidløg Chili con carne - chipotle Chili con carne - chipotle hakketChili con carne - løgene er færdige Chili con carne - frisk chili Chili con carne - chilierne hakket Chili con carne - færdigsimret Chili con carne - klar til at blive rullet og komme en tur i ovnen





Homemade pistachio marzipan cake with chili-licorice-nougat (will be translated upon request)

Hjemmelavet pistaciekransekage med chili-lakrids-nougat


300 g almonds

200 gr pistacienøddekerner, usaltede

3 – 4 bittermandler eller abrikoskerner

1 æggehvide

100 gr flydende glukose

200 gr blød nougat

as. 1 tsk chilipulver eller hakket frisk efter smag

2 – 2½ tsk engelsk lakridspulver (with small peak)

100 – 125 gr god chokolade til overtræk (light or dark aftertaste) – and possibly. a little chili and licorice powder


How to:

Rinse a milk carton and lay it down with the opening up. Cut the top third of (see image). Lining it with wax paper and hold it together with a clamp her where it was open.

Melt the nougat water bath with hot pepper and liquorice. Season to taste if it is strong enough – remember that it must be inside the sweet cake, so it may take some kapow.

Pour the nougat in milk carton and let it freeze up again. I put it in the fridge.

Meanwhile, you can prepare the almonds. Hæld kogende vand over og lad dem trække 2 minutter. Drain and came fresh boiling water over. Lad dem igen stå 2 minutter. Smut them if they are ready. If the skin is too real, så giv dem et nyt hold kogende vad i 2 minutter. Tonsils popped easiest if you just pour a little water from, such that the top almonds in the bowl is free from water, but the ones downstairs are covered. As you come into the bowl pour a little water from time to time.

Getting the almonds in the food processor along with pistacienøddekernerne and bitter almond / apricot kernels. Run them to a medium coarse meal. Add the egg white and glucose and run again for a marcipandej shapes itself. There'll stop and scrape down the sides a few times along the way.

Take the marzipan out of the food processor and knead it through on the kitchen table. Wrap it in film and place it in the refrigerator until you are ready to bake. Preferably at least a few hours.

Nougaten skæres i 16 lige store stykker.

Marcipanen deles også i 16 klumper. You can use. a weight. Vej den store klump og divider med 16 og vej hver lille klump af (they would like to weigh about. 40 gram hver). They are also great with baked when they are about. equal, so weighing is a good idea.

Rul hver klump til en pølse som er 1 cm længere end nougatstykkerne. Pressure sausages flat, put nougat and marzipan close nicely together nougat. Shape each piece into a slightly rounded triangle shape with your fingers – or make them slightly curved if you better like it. Make sure there is closed with marzipan around the nougat.

Læg stykkerne på bagepapir som er lagt på 2 bageplader som er lagt oven på hinanden (it does always with cake not to get them too dark at the bottom).

Forvarm ovnen til 225 grader og bag stykkerne ca. 8 – 10 minutes. Keep a close eye on them. They must be light brown, but not more than the.

Let them cool completely on the baking sheet without touching them. They are soft when they are hot.

When they have cooled, Loosen the from the baking paper, but being on this.

Temperér chokoladen – see . little about chocolate – and charge the Køle of consistency as a thick glaze. Remember to scrape the down the sides of the bowl during cooling, so that it does not coagulate the.

Make the chocolate in a small freezer bag as you cut a very small corner of. Use the bag as a piping bag and got chocolate in pieces in zigzag stripes or whatever suits you.

Let the chocolate harden completely before removing the pieces from the baking paper.



If the cake mass is not sweet enough for your taste (remember that there will nougat in) – then you can knead a little powdered sugar in the. Use a tiny bit of cold water if it becomes too dry – or slightly more glucose if you want to stick with it. The version here is not very sweet in itself.

You do not temper the chocolate if you do not bother – but it is always great looking.

Of course you can get icing on your cake pieces if you'd rather have it – you could possibly. see how the pattern with the traditional cake pieces.

In the picture I have made double portion nougat – I needed something in common noises pieces also. Your will thus be half as thick.

If your fingers stuck in when working with marzipan eventually, rinse your hands in between. It is easiest with clean hands and they are allowed to be dampened slightly with cold water if it goes easier for you.

I use milk chocolate in these – melted with a little chilli and licorice powder like nougat'en. Chokoladen køles af under omrøring og nedskrabning fra siderne hvert 3-4 minut, until one can shape the small peaks in the above as being. Then the temperate fine and has the right consistency.

Hjemmelavet pistaciekransekage med chili-lakrids-nougat - ingredienser Hjemmelavet pistaciekransekage med chili-lakrids-nougat - glemte lakridsen på første billede Hjemmelavet pistaciekransekage med chili-lakrids-nougat - mælkekarton klar Hjemmelavet pistaciekransekage med chili-lakrids-nougat - og foret med bagepapir Hjemmelavet pistaciekransekage med chili-lakrids-nougat - nougaten skal stivne i formen Hjemmelavet pistaciekransekage med chili-lakrids-nougat - mandler og nødder Hjemmelavet pistaciekransekage med chili-lakrids-nougat - blendet mellemfint Hjemmelavet pistaciekransekage med chili-lakrids-nougat - klar til æltning på køkkenbordet Hjemmelavet pistaciekransekage med chili-lakrids-nougat - marcipanen er færdig og skal på køl Hjemmelavet pistaciekransekage med chili-lakrids-nougat - efter et par timer på køl Hjemmelavet pistaciekransekage med chili-lakrids-nougat - nougaten skæres ud - her dobbelt portion Hjemmelavet pistaciekransekage med chili-lakrids-nougat - kransekagestykkerne formes Hjemmelavet pistaciekransekage med chili-lakrids-nougat - færdigbagte Hjemmelavet pistaciekransekage med chili-lakrids-nougat - chokoladen er klar Hjemmelavet pistaciekransekage med chili-lakrids-nougat - det går nemt med en lille fryspose Hjemmelavet pistaciekransekage med chili-lakrids-nougat - klip ført lidt af den plastik som sidder i vejen af og derefter et lille hul Hjemmelavet pistaciekransekage med chili-lakrids-nougat - nu med chokolade


Have also tried me with a version of the same age, men kransekagen er lavet af 4 abrikoskerner, 250 gr mandler med skind, 250 gr valnødder, ca 200 gr rå rørsukker, 1 æggehvide og chililakridssirup til massen har en god, haemorrhage consistency. They are slightly sticky to shape – but it goes.

It was very different, but really delicious. Syrups gave it a lot Smag going forrygende with valnøderne and nougat'en – an almost malty flavor, which together with the color and texture is reminiscent slightly toward rye bread – the absolutely most delicious way. A variant sjov – in my version is not so sweet – and therefore will actually go really well with a champagne.

Lavet på lakriddsirup og med valnødder

Peanutbutter- and chocolate fudge with chili (will be translated upon request)


1 ds kondenseret mælk (sweetened)

250 gr crunchy peanutbutter (or smooth if you prefer)

350 gr god mørk chokolade

Ca 2 ½ teaspoon powdered chili or finely chopped fresh aftertaste


How to:

Hak chokoladen fine, if not it is in buttons.

Line a mold with baking paper – I like to use one bread form – I think it is appropriate in size.

Mix all ingredients in either a bowl, as lunes a water bath, or in a pot if you can control your stove with low heat.

Warm ingredients quietly up until they are melted together. Massen må helst ikke komme over 45 grader pga. chocolate.

Pour the mixture into the mold and smooth the surface roughly out with a spatula.

Let it stand for peace on the kitchen table at least a few hours before it is cut into squares or bars.

Fudge can be stored in a tin with tight-fitting lid at room temperature. Should it stay a little longer, can be stored refrigerated (I have it on cool) and it can be frozen. You can easily freeze a large piece down and only cut it out when it is thawed and you should use it.


Drunken coconut with a nip of chili – filled chocolates


150 g desiccated coconut

100 g glucose

1 dl Dark Rum

1 dl Malibu

½ tsp chilli powder


How to:

Prepare chocolate shells – see . little about chocolate.

Dissolve glucose in rum and Malibu.

Add the chilli and coconut and mix well.

Cover with cling film and refrigerate until next day.

If the coconut mass is too dry – you can add a little more glucose or spirits. Be careful not to make it too wet – then it may be difficult to cover the shells with chocolate.

Fill shells almost to the top and press the mass gently using the tip of a finger dipped in a little cold water.

Close shells with chocolate.

If the coconut blend was too wet, try to first pour the liquid chocolate along the edge all the way around and then top up in the middle – otherwise it may be difficult to make the chocolate coalesce over the wet coconut.

I know - I know – I didn't have a better rum available – …'Somebody' drank it ;o)

Homemade marzipan with coffee (will be translated upon request), blackcurrant and chili – filled chocolates


Dark chocolate shells

250 gr mandler

3 – 4 bittermandler eller abrikoskerner

2 spsk honning eller mere

3 – 4 spsk Creme de Cassis eller anden solbærlikør

2 tsk pulverkaffe

1 tsk engelsk lakridspulver

½ – 1 tsp chili powder

god, strong, homemade blackcurrant jam – like flavored with rum


How to:

Prepare shells – see . little about chocolate.

Mandlerne hakkes – med skind – i en foodprocessor indtil de har en konsistens som meget groft mel – prøv dig frem hvilken konsistens du bedst kan lide. I think that this marzipan must be more coarse than the regular store bought marzipan.

Add honey, chili, licorice powder, Creme de Cassis og pulverkaffe og kør til massen er let sammenhængende – endelig ikke for længe. The mixture should be slightly sticky, måske skal der lidt mere vædske i – kommer an på hvor fint du malede mandlerne og hvor store skefulde honning der kom i.

Stir a little rum in solbærmarmeladen if not already.

Fill blackcurrant jam in the bottom of the shells

Add a bit of marzipan mass upstairs solbærmarmeladen – make sure there is room to cast off with chocolate.

Close off with melted chocolate, decoration CE. with whatever you find on.

It can be a little difficult to close them if the filling is very wet. Please start by pouring the chocolate around the edges when you close and then fill up to the middle – then it goes a little easier.