Chocolate sauce with chili

English here: Chocolate sauce with chili

A super easy and quick chocolate sauce that tastes terrific both warm and cold. It can be adjusted with different types of chocolate and other flavorings such that it can be used with almost everything.

It will be quite thick in the version first proposed when it is cold, but you can always stir in a little water or other liquid in order to make it thinner if you like – both when the sauce is warm and when cold. The chocolate you use also affects how thick the sauce becomes – the darker the thicker, so you can adjust it and use whichever chocolate you just have in the kitchen.

Chocolate sauce in the various models can also be used as the center of filled chocolates, it needs to be a bit thick then.

I will come up with some more suggestions for variations at the bottom of the page as I get them made.

Chokoladeauce med chili - med mediummørk chokolade og maltwhisky - på bananis


150 gr dark chocolate 70% to 80%

1 can of condensed milk

1½ – 2 dl water – can be partially or completely replaced by for example. orange juice, other fruit juices, spirits, liqueur, coffee or whatever you think.

1/4 teaspoon salt

a little chili powder to taste – finely chopped fresh chili can also be used

How to:

Chop the chocolate if you are not using a type that is already in small 'drops'.

Mix all ingredients in a small saucepan. But start however, with only 1 dl of liquid.

Heat up over very low heat while you regularly stir until chocolate is melted.

Season to taste if something is missing and adjust the consistency if you think that it is too thick.

Eat immediately or store in the refrigerator until needed. It can also be dilluted to thinner consistency as cold, If you think it's too thick – just stir inn more liquid a little at a time. It is of course somewhat thicker when cooled.

If it has become too thin, you can add more chocolate. It requires that you heats it up very gently again until chocolate is melted.


Use different flavorings in the sauce – both liquid and spices. It can be grated zest and juice of an orange or two, cherry juice, various spirits and liqueurs: rum, cognac, whisky, Amaretto, Malibu, Kahlua, Grand Marnier, peppermint liqueur. Maybe use partial water when you think that the flavor is intense enough. Various spices suits it well, depending on occation, i.e.. cinnamon, mace, star anise, vanilla, cardamom, licorice and others.

It is sweetened condensed milk that is used here. It is also available as unsweetened, but it is the sweetened version that is often easiest to find.

I found a recipe on chocolate sauce made from condensed milk, water and chocolate on a US website once – it's the one I've been playing around with and added to here.

Some examples of my variants:

Condensed Milk, 150 gr 80% Callebaut Kumabo, 1 dl Amaretto, 1 dl water, chili, salt

Chocolate sauce with chili - på bananmadder med peanutbutter

Condensed Milk, 200g milk chocolate, 1 dl Malibu, ½ dl of water, chili, salt. (in the image of the bread with banana 1 dl water ekstra, it was a bit much. Start with ½)

Chokoladeauce med chili - med flødechokolade og malibu Med flødechokolade og Malibu - på bananmadder

Condensed Milk, 150 gr Callabaut Fortina 65%, 1½ dl Creme de Cassis, ½ dl of water, chili, salt

Chokoladeauce med chili - med mørk chokolade og creme de cassis

Condensed Milk, 150 gr Callabaut Fortina 65%, 1 ½ dl of good malt whiskey, as 1 dl water, a nip of salt (no chili).

Chokoladeauce med chili - med mediummørk chokolade og maltwhisky Chokoladeauce med chili - med mediummørk chokolade og maltwhisky - på bananis

More ideas to be tested:

White chocolate, limoncello, licorice

Dark chocolate, peppermint liqueur

Dark-medium chocolate, nut liqour and cinnamon

Dark-medium chocolate, water and nutmeg

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