Fooled Pork

For some time I have been playing around with seitan (see more under 'tips') and now I am satisfied with a variety of recipes that is spicy and to our taste. I will share some of them with you in this and the next posts. The particularly interesting thing about seitan production is that you can spice it completely as you like, and thus have a product which is not only seasoned on the outside.

Fooled Pork - burger klar til servering


4 – 6 dl wheat gluten

1 dl chickpea flour/besan/gram flour

1½ dl nutritional yeast flakes

4 tbsp smoked paprika

4 tbsp onion powder

2 tbsp garlic powder

1 tbsp fine salt

chili to taste

maybe some. barbecue spice or mex seasoning


6 dl water

8 topped tbsp tahin

4 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp liquid smoke


A sweet / strong barbecue sauce


How to:

Place a large pot of water with a little salt on the stove and bring to the boil while you prepare the rest.

Combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl.

Mix all the wet ingredients - except barbecue sauce - in a bowl. Be sure that the tahin is well stirred in. It's easiest if you start to press it into the liquid with the back of a spoon.

Stir the wet ingredients into the dry mix until it forms a homogeneous mass - the mass is poured onto the table, and kneaded and now you add more gluten flour if necessary. The consistency should be like a well kneaded bread dough. Now you form a bread.

When the water boils, drop the 'bread' in and turn the heat down immediately, so that the water is just simmering. Put a lid on and let it simmer gently for 60 minutes.

Take it out of the water and let it drip dry - let it be allowed to cool slightly or completely before the next step.

The next step is to 'pull' the seitan to pieces with either Pulled Pork Bear Claws, a pair of forks or simply using your fingers.

Put all the pieces in a pan with a little oil - or use the grill and a tray to roast them in. They may of course also be grilled in the oven.

They must be fried / grilled until there has evaporated some fluid and the surface begins to be chewy and toasted.

Now add barbecue sauce and fry / grill for a bit longer so that yhe sauce sets as a delicious, sticky layer.

You can smoke the 'meat' as you grill when BBQing outdoors.


If you do not eat meat in general or maybe just want to cut down on the amount , but want to try something that can be used in the same way, seitan is a fun thing to play with. Seitan has many other names also: wheat meat, wheat gluten, artificial meat, 'Mock Duck’ etc.. Common to them all is that they are made of the gluten part of wheat flour are kneaded together with a variety of condiments/spices and prepared – often in two steps – and then have a texture that resembles meat. You can get gluten either by 'washing’ a wheat dough or by buying finished gluten flour. I use the last model. The consistency can be adjusted both by changing the amount of liquid and by the way you prepare it – but basically the structure is in the style of tender chops and sausages. Later, we look at how to make more firm products.

It is important that the dry ingredients are mixed with each other on theit own and the same goes for the wet ones - before the two are mixed together. The 'dough' forms quickly and it can be difficult to distribute the ingredients, if they are not well mixed as described, before dry and wet are mixed together.

You can freeze your Fooled Pork, both as a whole piece, when it has been pulled to small pieces or when it is completely finished, and grilled / toasted.

The different brands of gluten-flour behaves a little bit differently and there may be a difference in how much you need of the flour in the recipes. I denne skal du starte med 4 dl og så tilsætte mere under æltningen indtil konsistensen er rigtig.

If you find this portion too large – or maybe you just would like to try a smaller batch the first time – then you can halve it and then it only needs to simmer for 40 minutes.

If you fry it and use oil, try adding a little of the oil in the form of toasted sesame oil - it adds a delicious taste.

If you own a Multi Fry you can easily do the frying in it – use only bottom heat and level 4 (the highest) with the lid open.

Fooled Pork - Ingredients Fooled Pork - de tørre ingredienser målt op Fooled Pork - de tørre ingredienser blandet Fooled Pork - de våde ingredienser blandet Fooled Pork - dejen røres sammen Fooled Pork - dejen er æltet godt og formet til et brød Fooled Pork - dejen er lige kommet i vandet Fooled Pork - dejen er lige færdig og vandet hældt fra Fooled Pork - her har den kølet en håndfuld timer på køkkenbordet og overfladen er tørret ud Fooled Pork - nu skal der trækkes i småstykker Fooled Pork - sådan ser stykkerne ud Fooled Pork - stykkerne er stegt i en smule olie Fooled Pork - der tilsættes barbecuesauce Fooled Pork - der er stegt videre et par miutter med saucen Fooled Pork - burger klar til servering Fooled Pork - burger med Fooled Pårk samt slaw og hummus

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Light mayo without eggs

A delicious mayo which is somewhat less fat than the regular – and which of course can be seasoned to taste exactly as you like.

Light mayo without eggs


1 package silken tofu (300 gr)

2 dl oil – neutral or with a taste that you like in mayo

3 tbsp applecider vinegar

1 tablespoon nutritional yeast flakes (Optional)

2 tsp dijon mustard

2 tsp of vegan bouillon powder (Optional)

1 pinch of salt – like Kala Namak / black himalayan salt

Maybe a little spice to taste. Some use a small pinch of curry in the basic mayo.

How to:

Place all the ingredients except the oil in a food processor and blend until they are mixed completely and the silken tofu is creamy and uniform in consistency.

Add the oil a little at a time while blending until it all is incorporated.

Season to taste – maybe you would like a little more salt, vinegar or mustard?

Now you can use your mayo as it is – or adding various flavors if you like. For instance. split into portions and try some different sesonings.

Some of our favorites are:

  • chili – fresh or dried
  • chipotle – either powder or canned
  • garlic
  • smoked paprika
  • finely zested lemon peel (Replace like the applecider vinegar with lemon juice)
  • various herbs, eg. rams, chives, coriander, dill
  • karry

When the mayo has been refrigerated a while it will set a little due to. the silken tofu.

We use the mayo everywhere we would otherwise have used an egg-based mayo, but also where we previously would use butter on bread – not with sweets, there we use different nut butters – but e.g.. as a spread under simple delicious veggies as cucumber, tomato or potato, and drizzled well with chopped herbs – yummm. Good for sandwiches and bread where you use fried tofu or vegan/vegetarian meatballs, mushrooms or seitan'meat '.

Season to taste with additional apple cider vinegar or vinegar powder, some sugar, a little salt and maybe. celeriac seeds and use it for coleslaw.

Light mayo without eggs - Ingredients Light mayo without eggs - klar til blanding Light mayo without eggs - finished Light mayo without eggs Light mayo without eggs - brugt i coleslaw

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Crisp and spicy waffles

So I joined the waffle wave and has played around in the kitchen. The waffles can be varied infinitely – there are some suggestions to variations at the bottom of the page. They can be made as savory and salty – or as sweet waffles for dessert or breakfast – though we eat the spicy for breakfast as well. There can be put a lot of vegetables or fruit in the dough – or you can make them quite simple and run wild in the toppings. They can be used in place of bread in a sandwich, alone as a kind of chips or crackers – or in a classic way topped with something delicious spicy and / or sweet.

Vafler med chili og andre krydderier

Basic Ingredients:

2 dl chickpea/gram flour

2 dl wheat flour (can easily be replaced by another kind of flour)

2 topped teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

spices eg. chili to taste, 1 tablespoon mixed spice like barbecue / curry / garam masala etc., herbs, black onion seeds, coriander, sumak, granulated garlic, fennel, vanilla, cardamom, grated lemon- or orange peel – go wild

ca 4 – 5 dl water or plantbased milk

perhaps a little oil

How to:

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl and whisk in water or plant milk until the mixture is slightly viscous. As a slightly thick pancake batter if you know that consisyency.

Let the batter rest uncovered on the kitchen table for half an hour.

Turn on your waffle iron and bake the waffles. In my waffle iron they must bake 5-6 minutes a piece, but it really depends on how thick wafles your iron makes and how hot it gets – try a few so you know it. In my waffle iron the basic portion here yields about. 12 waffles. Let the baked waffles cool on a wire rack while you bake the rest.

Serve immediately.

The waffles can be frozen and heated in the oven before serving.


If you want to make sweet waffles, you can add about 2 tbsp coconut sugar or other sweetening to the batter. I like to add a little salt also when making sweet waffles – but it's up to you.

Try to add a few dl finely chopped vegetables – it tastes super nice. They can be raw or cooked. Chopped olives and sundried tomatoes also works excellent.

You can also add fruit in the same way and you can use oatmeal and / or desiccated coconut instead of some of the flour. On the whole, you can use different types of flour depending on what you fancy. For example, try. making waffles with coconut milk, banana and maybe toasted dessicated coconut in the batter.

My waffle iron can easily make waffles without fat without them sticking. If yours can't, you can add ½-1 dl oil to the batter or use an oil spray on the waffle plates before each portion.

I'll take pictures and come up with some ideas here below as we will be making some different kinds.

Vafler - Ingredients Vafler - tørre ting i skålen Vafler - tørre ting blandet Vafler - dejen er færdig Vafler - køler af på rist Vafler med chili og andre krydderier

Below are photos of waffles made with 1 topped tablespoon of mex spice blend and chili in the batter. Topping in the first picture is black bean hummus with red pepper and soft, fried onions. In the other picture is toasted pumpkin, chipotle and silk tofu cream with cress and ancho flakes.

Vafler - sort bønnehummus, rød perber og bløde stegte løg Vafler - bagt græskar, chipotle og silketofu creme og karse

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Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping

A delicious, spongy banana cake with chili and thick, lightly salted, chilli caramel flavored topping. It tastes great both freshly baked and after being cooled down in the refrigerator and can easily be varied with different toppings and / or spices, nuts etc..

Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping - et godt stykke

Ingredients – the cake:

300 g. good quallity wheat flour (Ø) or for example. chickpea flour if you do not eat wheat

60 gr Sukrin+ (sweetener made from erythritol and stevia – the amount here is equivalent to 120 gr sugar)

2 tsp. baking soda w. small top

2 tsp. baking soda w. small top

1 tsp. salt w. small top

1 tsp. vanilla powder w. small top

1 tsp. cinnamon w. small top

A little chili powder or freshly chopped chili to taste

100 gr. coconut oil

6-7 large or 8-10 small well ripe bananas

2 tablespoons. lemon juice or apple cider vinegar (activates the baking soda)

Caramel Topping:

500 gr of dates

1 dl water (use soak water from the dates, hvs possible)

200 gr smooth peanutbutter

1 teaspoon salt

chili to taste, fresh or powder

50 g coconut oil

1 dl maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla powder

How to – cake:

Turn on the oven at 175 degrees celsius.

Line a form of approximately 25 x 35 cm with baking paper.

Mix flour, Sukrin , baking powder and -soda, salt and spices in a large bowl.

Melt coconut oil at very low heat .

Mash the bananas thoroughly – easily done e.g.. with a fork on a cutting board – or use the food processor. They must be almost liquid, since they are the only, along with coconut oil and the little bit of acid which is' liquid’ in the recipe. Put them in the bowl with melted coconut oil and vinegar or lemon juice.

Stir the batter well.

Fill the cake batter into the form and smooth out the surface. Bake approximately 45 minutes.

Remove cake from oven, place it on a wire rack and let it cool completely.

This portion yields about 12 large pieces or 20 smaller.

How to – caramel topping:

Melt the coconut oil over low heat.

If the dates are quite soft, skal de udblødes mindst 1 time i varmt vand, Pour boiling water over so they are covered and leave them on the kitchen table. Then pour water from – gem 1 dl til næste skridt ( the rest can possibly used in a smoothie or other).

First blend the the dates in the food processor while slowly adding water.

Add remaining ingredients and blend until the texture is smooth and a like a very thick caramel sauce.

Fordel karameltopppingen over den afkølede kage.

Can be eaten immediately or after setting in the refrigerator for a while, the caramel toppping will firm up a bit in the fridge.

Store the cake refrigerated.


Try . to spice the cake with a little nutmeg or mace – that suits the banana taste really well.

You can also replace wheat flour with gluten free flour or ex. defatted coconut or almond flour.

Try adding a little dried berries – i.e.. cranberries, cherries or blueberries. Fresh can also be used, of course, – but it makes the cake a little more wet.

Instead of caramel topping you can use e.g.. the chocolate topping here: Chocolate Topping

If you use chocolate topping it may be nice to add whole or coarsely chopped nuts in the cake batter. It may be e.g.. walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, etc..

Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping - Ingredients Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping - de tørre ingredienser Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping - mos bananerne med en gaffel Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping - dejen er blandet Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping - klar til en tur i ovnen Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping - færdigbagt

Caramel Topping:

Caramel Topping - Ingredients Caramel Topping - blendet og klar Caramel Topping - på kagen Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping - der må smages Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping - et godt stykke Banana cake with chili and thick caramel topping - med ekstra topping

Cake with chocolate topping after this recipe: Chocolate Topping

med chokoladetopping - 1 med chokoladetopping - 2 med chokoladetopping - 3 med chokoladetopping - 4 med chokoladetopping - 5

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Chocolate-praline cake with chili

Spongy, praline-like, super delicious chocolate cake. Eaten in small servings, for example as. dessert – perhaps with a scoop of good vanilla icecream and fresh fruit or berries – or with cup of strong coffee anytime. The sweet potatoes – which in reality isn't potatoes at all – helps by adding sweetness and make the cake spongy and pralinelike, and makes sure it contains somewhat less calories than it tastes like. Cold from the fridge is like firm praline in the middle, warm is it like a real spongy chocolate'pudding'dessertcake.

Chocolate-praline cake with chili - serving

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Chocolate mousse / cake filling / topping with chili

English here: Chokolate mousse / cake filling / topping with chili

A small stroke of genius of a desert thing that has been seen on a lot of especially the vegan blogs in different versions. Here it is in my version. The silken tofu doesn't contain much fat (approximately 3%) – but is super deliciously creamy when it is blended.

The recipe delivers a silky, dark, (slightly) hot, dense, almost chocolate ganache-like chocolate mousse which can be eaten as dessert by itself as a chocolate mousse in example. med lidt pisket soyafløde eller kokosfløde til – or can be part of other desserts (perhaps with ice and fruit) and in cakes either as filling or topping. It might remind you a bit of a chocolate ganache and is also delicious as a filling in small chocolate shells i.e.. See lots of suggestions for variations at the bottom of the page. More will be added over time.

Chocolademousse with chili (will be translated upon request)

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Rice pudding cake with ginger and chilli – vegan version

English here: Rice pudding cake with ginger and chilli – vegan version

The vegan version of one of the blog's greatest hits. Even if you do not normally eat vegan foods, you can surely appreciate ingredients like rice that is cooked with almond milk, whipped almond cream that has been folded in and the coarse marzipan-like, spicy almond/cashew bottom. Another way to serve a danish rice pudding dessert. Although it can of course be made without chili, I do believe that, together with the ginger, it matches the sweet taste and really suits it well. They are both very discrete in the cake and gives just a hint of hot seasoning. Chili powder is medium hot (standard bought chilipowder) – adjust the volume if you use your own or other than standard.

Vegansk ris a la mande kage med ingefær og chili - færdig 3

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Chocolate muesli or nut bars with chili

English here: Chocolate muesli or nut bars with chili

The first of a new category of small easy to make ideas that might not quite qualify as recipes, but still a bit more than just 'sprinkle some chili on'.

Chili goes well with both chocolate and other spices, so when you have some leftover granola, muesli, nuts of a type, coconut, dried fruits and berries, etc.. a spicy chili chocolate is a super way to tie it all together and make some goodies in no time.

Chokolade musli eller nøddebarer med chili 8

The picture above is chocolate-chili-crunch-hearts made of some 'leftovers’ and a thick coat of chocolate.

I had a bit of a delicious granola, some honey roasted muesli and a bunch of different chokolade'lefovers’ – and then it's obvious to make some delights.

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Fruit / berry crumble with chili

English here: Fruit / berry crumble with chili

The classic crumble in a new version, discreetly flavored with vanilla and chili – and made with sweet dates, if you like. How discreet the seasoning is, will be up to you – I think it depends on what fruits / berries are used how much it can take.

Crumble med chili - ready-to-serve

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