White chocolate with chili and licorice (will be translated upon request)

White chocolate with chili and licorice (will be translated upon request)


200 gr god hvid chokolade

1 tsk lakridspulver (small top)

1 tsk pulveriseret chili (small top)


How to:

Melt the chocolate over low heat for chocolate smelter or water bath. Tempera on CE. – see little about chocolate.

Mix licorice and chilli in a small bowl (it's a little letterer touching licorice powder out) and stir in the white chocolate.

Immediately pour the mass into small chocolate molds and leave to set.

Nougat with chilli and star anise (will be translated upon request) – filled chocolates

Very easy confections with a unique flavor. De 4 ingredienser klæder hinanden rigtig godt.


good white chocolate shells

500 gr blød nougat

4 – 5 stjerneanis

2 tsk chilipulver


How to:

Prepare shells – see . little about chocolate.

Mal star anise spice mill and run it.

Melt nougat with chili and stjerneanispulveret.

Let it cool for kitchen temperature while regularly stir, so it does not stick to the edges.

Fill nougat'en in the shells and let it harden completely closed by white chocolate.

Coated marzipan balls with walnuts (will be translated upon request), licorice and chili


400 gr marcipan

a half cup walnuts


2 toptsk engelsk lakridspulver

1 tsk chili

white chocolate coating


How to:

Fill a mug half with walnuts. Pour the port over as it covers. Cover the mug with movie and put it in the fridge for the next day.

Mix marzipan with chili and licorice and knead well. Pour a few teaspoons port in – it makes it easier to knead.

Drain the nuts.

Pak little marzipan on each walnut and roll them into balls. Moisture hands with cold water on the way when it becomes too sticky. The water will surface to look a little funny, whitish out – but it dries again.

Ask the balls to dry on the kitchen table for an hour, before they are coated with white chocolate – see . little about chocolate.

Port wine can be used in the sauce, if you think it has been too bitter.