A very fresh and spicy cheesecake with a loads of taste in every little bite. The oranges complements the delicious creamy rhubarb filling with a little extra acidity and freshness and the chili provides a surprising extra dimension to the cake.


Ingredients for rhubarb compote:

1 kg rhubarb stalks

350 g raw cane sugar

fresh chopped chilli to taste

1 tsp vanilla powder (or seeds from 1 pod or 3-4 tsp vanilla sugar)

finely grated zest from 3 – 4 organic oranges

Ingredients for base:

75 g melted butter plus a small amout for greasing the springform pan

150 g coarse grained bisquits of a kind

100 g coarsely chopped walnut kernels

Ingredients for filling:

300 g cream cheese (i.e. Philadelphia)

2 dl cream 38%

2 dl creme fraiche 18%

2 egg yolks

2 egg whites

100 g raw cane sugar

fresh chopped chilli to taste

1 tsp vanilla powder (or seeds from 1 pod or 3-4 tsp vanilla sugar)

8 sheets of gelatin

Ingredients for jelly:

juice from 3 – 4 organic oranges

juice from the rhubarb compote

2 – 4 tbsp liquid honey

6 sheets of gelatin


How to – rhubarb compote:

Remove leaves from rhubarbs and rinse the stalks well. There is a small membrane near the 'feet', which can be carefuly pulled or scraped of. You will need about 1 kg cleansed stalks. Part them lengthwise if they're very thick. Cut them in approx ½ – 1 cm pieces. Put the rhubarbs in a baking pan with the sugar, add finely chopped chili, finely grated orange zest and vanilla. Mix everything well.

Bake in preheated oven set at 200 degrees celcius for about 20 minutes until tender (rhubarbs soft, but still in whole pieces). Flip them around in the pan in 5 minutes intervals. Take out baking pan and let cool completely on the kitchen table, so that the rhubarb pieces cools down covered in their own juice.

How to – base:

Crush the biscuits as coarse or fine as you like them and mix them with walnuts and melted butter.

Press mixture into bottom of a greased springform pan. Use your fingers or the backside of a ladle.

Let it set in the refrigerator for ½ hour.

How to – filling:

Put the rhubarbs in a sieve with a bowl underneath and leave them to drip 'dry' (save the juice for making the jelly) – make small pancake flips a few times while draining, so that the rhubarbs will be gently turned and drained all over.

Soak gelatin sheets in cold water for 8 – 10 minutes.

Whip cream cheese, cream, creme fraiche and sugar until it reaches the consistensy of lightly whipped cream. Add egg yolks, chili and vanilla. Don't mix it in until the gelatin is added.

Remove the gelatin from the water and melt it over low heat with the water that clings to it.

Stir gelatin in the mix in a thin stream. Stir quickly while doing so.

Whip egg whites untill very stiff and fold them into the mix together with the drained rhubarb pieces. Pour the mix into the springform pan and flatten the surface gently. Cover with cling film.

Refridgerate the cake for at least a couple of hours – maybe until next day.

If you let it cool until the next day, then wrap the oranges one by one in clingfilm or put them in an airtight box and keep them in the fridge. Also save the rhubarb juice in the fridge.

How to – jelly:

Soak gelatin sheets in cold water for 8 – 10 minutes.

Squeeze the oranges and mix the juice with rhubarb juice and honey.

Remove the gelatin from the water and melt it over low heat with the water that clings to it.

Stir gelatin in the juice mix in a thin stream. Stir quickly while doing so. Wait 5-10 minutes while the juice is setting just a bit so that the consistency is like syrup.

Pour the mix gently over the cake and refrigerate again for a minimum of 4 hours until serving. Jelly must be easy to cut, not runny.


I use 1 Habanero for each of the rhubarb compote and the rest of the filling – that is 2 in all.

Use a springform pan larger than 25 cm if possible. I used 25 cm in the photos – in my first making of this cake - and it was filled to the brim and therefore almost impossible to balance with until jelly stiffened. If your largest springform pan is 25 cm, you can save a few dl of the filling in a small bowl of its own, when making the cake, all will be well – and you can use the extra filling for a bonus dessert.

Use organic or pasteurized eggs. Organic will taste the best (but be aware of what the health issues are in your country when using raw eggs).

The filling can be cut with at knife, it is very soft though, almost like a mousse. If you prefer a more firm texture, then use a few extra sheets of gelatine.

Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - ingredients Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - det nederste af fødderne skæres af rabarberne Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - de snittede rabarber Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - med de andre smagsgivere Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - før bagning Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - after baking Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - valnødder og kiks til bunden Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - base Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - klar til at blande fyld Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - fyldet blandes færdigt Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - fyldet er færsigt og lagt på bunden Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - klar til gelé Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - klar til sidste skridt Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - den flotte gelé skal stivne Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - den færdige kage 1 Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - den færdige kage 2 Rhubarb-orange-chili-cheesecake - den færdige kage 3

Honey cakes with chili

English here: Honey cakes with chili

Honey cakes with chili


450 gr honey

225 gr Muscovado sugar

250 gr butter

8 eggs

500 gr flour

3 teaspoon baking powder

6 – 8 teaspoons chili powder, mild-medium or chopped fresh chili to taste

4 teaspoon ground ginger

2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

2 teaspoon ground allspice

1 teaspoon ground cloves

1 – 3 glasses abricot jam – preferably homemade (or orange jam) – I use about. 8 dl

Nice, dark chocolate

How to:

Melt the honey on a low heat and let it cool down to room temperature.

Whisk butter and muscovado well and add honey.

Add the eggs one at a time and whisk between each.

Sift the dry ingredients together and fold them into the dough.

Put the dough into two greased springforms – or a square form lined with baking paper. I use a square shape form of approximately 30 x 37 cm.

Bake in preheated oven for. one hour at 150 degrees celsius.

Allow it to cool slightly in the form, before you take it out.

When it is completely cooled of, split it in two layers and a thick layer of abricot jam is spread out between the layers. The cake can easily be covered and wait for the day after, before you split it and add the jam. I think it is easiest to split the cake with a bread knife.

When the jam has been added, let the cake rest for half an hour – so the jam 'sets’ themselves. In the meantime, you can. temper the chocolate if you like. You don't need to temper the chocolate, but if you know how, then it makes a delicious surface and gives a nice 'crunch' when you bite of the cake. see also. little about chocolate.

The cake is cut into squares that are being coated with (tempered) chocolate. The cake can also be coated as a whole. If you use a chocolate rack to coat the cake on, then move the cakes again relatively quickly, so that it does not stick to the grid when the chocolate sets. If you areto the 'art' of using chocolate rack, then only coat 8 – 10 pieces at a time.

You can decorate them using for instance. candied orange peel before the chocolate hardens.

If you cut the cake into squares, so first cut the edge of the cake nice and clean. The pieces that you cut of, you can just make a handful of delicious chocolate chili truffle balls with: crumble cake pieces well and mix them with a little jam and cocoa powder – knead well together and form truffles which are rolled in a little desiccated coconut. They may also be coated with melted chocolate before they are rolled in the coconut.


If you would like to also have white butter cream in your honey cakes – then whisk 250g butter and 150g icing sugar and vanilla grains from one pod (or the equivalent of other vanilla product). Spread on one part of the cake and jam on the other and put them together.

Honey cakes with chili  - Ingredients Honey cakes with chili  - leave Honey cakes with chili  - ready for oven Honey cakes with chili  - færdigbagt Honey cakes with chili  - kagen flækkes Honey cakes with chili  - der smøres marmelade på Honey cakes with chili  - kanterne skæres fri Honey cakes with chili  - snulderet gemmes til romkugler Honey cakes with chili  - snitterne skæres ud Honey cakes with chili  - klar til chokoladeovertræk Honey cakes with chili  - nyovertrukne Honey cakes with chili  - finished


Remember that any honey cake leftovers are super for making truffles of – mix them with a little good until the consistency of thick cake batter, see proposals in the picture below. Roll them into balls ine – tril if necessary. in cocoa powder and store them in the fridge. They can also be rolled in – is cooled for a few hours and is coated with chocolate. Yum.

Rester til trøfler Rester til trøfler - massen Trøfler af honningkagerne Trøfler af honningkagerne 2

French nougat with chili (will be translated upon request)

The recipe here is based on a derived from Copenhagen Madhus. I've modified it slightly.


120 gr sukker (white or raw cane sugar)
150 gr pasteuriserede æggehvider

Sugar Making:
240 gr vand
720 gr sukker (white or raw cane sugar)
420 gr glukose
420 gr honning

500 gr almonds
300 gr pistacienødder

300 – 400 gr blandet tørret frugt – i.e.. mulberries, cranberry and cherry

6 tsk chilipulver (med top) or fresh, minced chili aftertaste

sugar thermometer
silikonemåtte (like the ones you use for baking) or cookie sheet
flor sugar (or kartoffelmel / flor icing sugar mixture – half of each)

How to:

Mandler og pistacienødder ristes i ovnen ved 200 grader, they are easy to light brown – turn the like around them in the way.

Sugar Sheets set of, so that it boils at medium heat, indtil den opnår en temperatur på 145 grader (measured with a sugar thermometer).

Meanwhile sugar lagen Koger, piskes marengsen luftig og stiv. Du behøver ikke at piske marengs før sukker massen nærmer sig de 140 grader – så er der lige lidt tid til den rammer 145 og du kan sagtens nå at piske marengs.

The boiling syrup is poured into thin stream into the meringue, while whisking. Squeak and ca. 10 – 15 minutter, until the mass is chewy and slightly cooled. Make chili in the way.

Silikonemåtten, or a large piece of baking paper, sprinkled with a layer of icing sugar – like are few mm thick. This added nuts and fruit gently. Do not put them in the middle and push them around – then remove flormelisen. Place them neatly in handfuls, as powdered sugar layer stays where it is.

Pour nougat'en beyond and use silicone / baking paper to fold the mass in half – Open the paper and fold the other way – a few times for fruits and nuts are distributed. Sprinkle a little powdered sugar on overladen underway If there is no. Watch out especially out at the edges. If the mass sticks to the baking paper at this stage – it may be impossible to get to get rid (Mok mass onto a new sheet of greaseproof paper if it happens).

When you think that fruit and nuts are well distributed, then sprinkle a layer of icing sugar, put a layer of wax paper and roll immediately nougat out with rolling pin to the desired size. If nougat'en hangs over the baking paper in some places at this time, so just let it – this gets easier once it has cooled.

Let it cool completely on the kitchen table or in the fridge – like the day after, and cut into desired pieces. If the blade sticking to nougat'en, then dip it in hot water before cutting each cut.

Best stored in the fridge. Like in the entire sheet or larger pieces, where you saw only cuts it to be used every time.


It requires a large mixing machine or a very powerful electric mixer to make this portion. Even my 500W Dualit must have breaks along the way – so a large mixer is preferable.

The batch here is great, and it can obviously be halved, or how you now want to divide it down. White you make full portion, must be large bowls and pots in use. Jeg bruger 5 liters gryde til sukkermassen (the bubbles well up along the way) og 5 liters røreskål. Pots and pans are very sticky, so maybe it's a go’ idea to make a large portion. now when you still have to do the cleaning. It's not so hard to get by, as you might think, when faced with the sticky mass.


To coat the nougat'en with tempered chocolate – see . little about chocolate. Either a thick layer on top before you cut pieces, or each piece of which can be dipped in chocolate.

It is important to your silicone mat is of the type which can withstand high thermal (beregnet til at bage på og lave sukkerting på) – I would not do this on one of them which is merely intended to roll cold dough out on.

You can use all kind of nuts and seeds as you like with, or in place of, almonds and pistachios. E.g. hazelnuts, cashewnødder, pine nuts, paranødder osv. Are not you so glad dried fruit – so do it. Some choose to use colored cocktail cherries – it looks mighty fine.

When you have to have the mass of the dish, it is advantageous to dyppen a hard dejsraber in hot water and to use the – deep the CE. sometimes along the way.

Would you like to use your hands to shape and knead the mass, go easy if coated in a thin layer of neutral cooking oil first.

Barbecue sauce with dark forest honey

There are many delicious barbecue sauce recipes around the web – Some of buy versions are reputable and most often does one get yourself messed a hit together in a bowl before grilling, which can not be reproduced accurately, but you just make a new next time. I have some ingredients that I keep returning to and made a sauce of slightly larger portion which come in bottles. Here in a little special variant with dark forest honey.

The sauce here is intended as a barbecue sauce of the kind that you smear on meat and vegetables the last moments of grilling time. It can also be served to the grilled or fried meat and vegetables as a dip or sauce.

It's a little more time consuming process than to snatch a bottle at the supermarket, but I think of course it is worth it. Judge for yourself, if you have the courage to try.

This batch yields approximately. 2,2 liter.


1 kg semidried, røgede tomater

Chili to taste – possibly. smoked (not translated yet)

200 gr mørk skovhonning

100 gr tamarindpasta + 1 liter vand

3 dl mørk soya (use the thick of Asians supermarket)

3 hele hvidløg

1 dl mørk sesamolie

Sodium benzoate


How to:

The tomatoes sliced ​​down the middle and dried in the oven. Store tomatoes stand with me about. 15 timer ved 50 – 60 grader.

Then cold smoked the approximately. 12 timer.

Tamarindpastaen udrøres i 1 liter kogende vand og står og trækker minimum 30 minutter. The juice is strained then down into the pan and the pulp thrown out.

Alle ingredienser blandes i gryden og simrer under låg ca 30 minutter.

Blend then – preferably with a hand blender. Otherwise, the mass to cool to the temperature as your food processor or blender can handle.

When it is blended to a suitable consistency Køge mass op igen. Herefter tages den af varmen og der røres Atamon i.

Hæls sauce on pure, scalded, Atamonskyllede bottles.



Of course you can use hot smoked tomatoes instead – it takes course only an hour or two depending on how much heat you give them – then they are dried and smoked a little. Fresh tomatoes – without smoke – can also be used, it's just a little something different.


Among other things used: grilled chicken, grilled pepper (T-Bone has fået Barbecue spice (will be translated upon request))


Made with particular. In Trinidad Scorpion Morouga Blend til Portion in.

Plum chutney with orange and chili (will be translated upon request)

Blommechutneyen here tastes although the sun and summer. The orange gives the yolks a beautiful contrast and both fit nicely with the chili.

If the plums are ripe chutney can be a bit thin. Of course you can thicken it with the gelling agent if it is – but I think now you do not mind the texture is not the same from time to time.

The portion here is quite large – divide themselves – or low at, det plejer at blive spist hurtigt ;o)

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