Crisp and spicy waffles

So I joined the waffle wave and has played around in the kitchen. The waffles can be varied infinitely – there are some suggestions to variations at the bottom of the page. They can be made as savory and salty – or as sweet waffles for dessert or breakfast – though we eat the spicy for breakfast as well. There can be put a lot of vegetables or fruit in the dough – or you can make them quite simple and run wild in the toppings. They can be used in place of bread in a sandwich, alone as a kind of chips or crackers – or in a classic way topped with something delicious spicy and / or sweet.

Vafler med chili og andre krydderier

Basic Ingredients:

2 dl chickpea/gram flour

2 dl wheat flour (can easily be replaced by another kind of flour)

2 topped teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

spices eg. chili to taste, 1 tablespoon mixed spice like barbecue / curry / garam masala etc., herbs, black onion seeds, coriander, sumak, granulated garlic, fennel, vanilla, cardamom, grated lemon- or orange peel – go wild

ca 4 – 5 dl water or plantbased milk

perhaps a little oil

How to:

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl and whisk in water or plant milk until the mixture is slightly viscous. As a slightly thick pancake batter if you know that consisyency.

Let the batter rest uncovered on the kitchen table for half an hour.

Turn on your waffle iron and bake the waffles. In my waffle iron they must bake 5-6 minutes a piece, but it really depends on how thick wafles your iron makes and how hot it gets – try a few so you know it. In my waffle iron the basic portion here yields about. 12 waffles. Let the baked waffles cool on a wire rack while you bake the rest.

Serve immediately.

The waffles can be frozen and heated in the oven before serving.


If you want to make sweet waffles, you can add about 2 tbsp coconut sugar or other sweetening to the batter. I like to add a little salt also when making sweet waffles – but it's up to you.

Try to add a few dl finely chopped vegetables – it tastes super nice. They can be raw or cooked. Chopped olives and sundried tomatoes also works excellent.

You can also add fruit in the same way and you can use oatmeal and / or desiccated coconut instead of some of the flour. On the whole, you can use different types of flour depending on what you fancy. For example, try. making waffles with coconut milk, banana and maybe toasted dessicated coconut in the batter.

My waffle iron can easily make waffles without fat without them sticking. If yours can't, you can add ½-1 dl oil to the batter or use an oil spray on the waffle plates before each portion.

I'll take pictures and come up with some ideas here below as we will be making some different kinds.

Vafler - Ingredients Vafler - tørre ting i skålen Vafler - tørre ting blandet Vafler - dejen er færdig Vafler - køler af på rist Vafler med chili og andre krydderier

Below are photos of waffles made with 1 topped tablespoon of mex spice blend and chili in the batter. Topping in the first picture is black bean hummus with red pepper and soft, fried onions. In the other picture is toasted pumpkin, chipotle and silk tofu cream with cress and ancho flakes.

Vafler - sort bønnehummus, rød perber og bløde stegte løg Vafler - bagt græskar, chipotle og silketofu creme og karse

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Chili Oil (will be translated upon request)

Many want to make chili oil and thus have a bottle of delicious hot oil standing in the kitchen to quickly spice up a salad, roast steak in, bruge i en dippingsauce osv. Der sælges da også mange varianter af chiliolie især i de asiatiske butikker.

If you want to make the oil itself, should be aware that the oil can develop botulismebakterier. In contrast to many other bacteria that we can find in food – fresh as well as for old – then botulism something more serious, can cause severe poisoning symptoms and paralysis, and at worst could be fatal. It is also called botulism. It occurs in anoxic environments and do not feel so good with acids. but in our kitchens is the possibility that present when we make ex. chili oil and chili honey.

Before you completely drop to low oil, then you must know that it is very rare to poisoning occurs and there are actions that you can take to minimize or eliminate the risk. Evaluate even if you think the risk is to live with or whether you'd rather spend your chili in other products. Selv vælger jeg at lave olien frisk i små portioner og få den spist med det samme.

In the bottom of the post here, I have a number of links to various info about bacteria etc.. I suggest that you read a bit about it and form an overview.


På billedet ses 2 friske chiliolier, made by respectively. to finely chop chili (BOC) and stir into the reservoir – and chilli blended into the oil in the mini chopper. The oil I use freshly made and any. residues are stored refrigerated and used the next day.

På Wikipedia skrives der at industrielt konserverede varer skal koges under tryk ved 121 grader i 3 minutter (in U.S. acceptable) – i.e.. in the pressure cooker and written “To kill the bacteria, the food is cooked under pressure, so that the temperature reaches 120 ° C, og kogningen skal fortsætte i mindst 20 minutter”.

Jeg har set forslag om at man varmebehandler chilierne i ovnen ved over 120 grader inden de tilsættes olien. How far it is enough or whether it should be boiling, I know simply do not. But I know that chillies the changing tastes by heat cooking and the fruity and interesting by the taste is a bit of – so I still recommend that you make your oil fresh.

Should you choose to make chili oil with dried chili fruit, so you mix just the oil and flakes and let it soak. If the oil can tolerate it, then it may be an advantage for the taste to warm it up with the flakes in before met in bottle. How much it warms up, depends on oil. It can Google to.

Statens Serum Institut – Botulism

Medical Handbook




Do you have more info on the subject, I hear like from you including. links to documentation.

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American pancakes with coconut milk and bananas (will be translated upon request)

A hit on weekend breakfast table and a good way to use marmalade and chili on.

American pancakes with coconut milk and bananas (will be translated upon request)


1 ds kokosmælk – 400 ml

2 bananer

225 gr hvedemel

1 spsk sukker

½ tsp salt

2 tsk bagepulver

evt LIDT vanillapulver

butter or coconut oil for baking

How to:

Whisk coconut milk and flour together. Cutting bananas into small pieces, bare 4-5 stykker – håndmixeren can rest – and put them in with the rest of the ingredients. The bananas must be like to be in small pieces – not necessarily gone completely to mush.

Beat the ingredients well. The consistency should be thick pancake batter. Still fine liquid, but very thick. Juster evt. with a little milk or flour if necessary. There are differences in how liquid the various coconut milk is.

Bake in a small pan in a little butter or coconut oil. Using a small heavy-based frying pan and put fine 'droppings’ the center of the – but you are the happy owner of a blinispande is also excellent although they are a little small. The pancakes should now not be too large in circumference at regular brow nor – 10-12 cm er passende.

Hold pandekagerne lune i oven på 50 grader imens du bager resten færdige.

Serve with chili orange marmalade – or whatever you like.


You can get almost anything in these pancakes – try to taste them with things like currants, fresh berries – blueberries are a classic, cardamom, chili, grated orange- or lemon peel. chopped pistachios, fresh chopped chilli etc.

Upstairs and between the layers there are also many opportunities. Try items. with blueberry syrup, the classic ahornsirup, All chili mare barns are a hit, like fresh fruit and berries, chocolate sauce, bacon, fried eggs etc. Combine like some of the favorites.

American pancakes with coconut milk and bananas (will be translated upon request) - Ingredients

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Æbleskiver with snaps and chili (will be translated upon request)

Svupsakker is fritters served with a dash of brandy in the middle. It is a Lolland Behaviour, I was a bit skeptical, until I tried the first time. It gives very fine sense – mums. And the good old custom of actually putting apples in apple slices, 're not entirely bad in the version with chilli syrup cooked apple pieces. Svupsakker with chili is born – they provide heat – they also delight your (jule)bord ;o)

Ingredients – apples:

3 – 4 halvstore æbler

½ dl of water

1 dl rå rørsukker eller en mørk sukker

1 frisk chili, finely chopped (i.e.. 1 Habanero)

Ingredients – æbleskiverne:

250 gr mel

1 tsk natron

½ tsp fine salt

½ teaspoon ground cardamom

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

½ teaspoon ground chili

½ teaspoon ground ginger

1 spk sukker

revet skal af 1 usprøjtet citron

½ liter of buttermilk

2 æg


butter for baking


How to:

Peel the apples, cut into wedges and remove the core. Skær dem i bidder på ca 2-3 x 2-3 cm – they are to be in an apple slice.

Bring apples, sugar, water and chili to a boil in a small saucepan and simmer la them to the apples are slightly tender, but not falling apart. Let the apples cool in the syrup.

Mix flour, natron, salt, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, ground chili, sugar and lemon zest.

Rør kærnemælken i lidt ad gangen.

Beat the eggs lightly together and stir them into the dough.

Heat a dumpling pan and pour about ½ teaspoon butter each hole (I think it's easiest if you have melted butter first). Fyld hurtigt hvert hul 3/4 op med dej.

Getting a piece of apple in each for a moment and turn the apple slices with a knitting needle or a fork when they have formed a fairly solid bottom.

Apple slices turned several times until they have appropriate color – ved medium varme tager det ca 5 minutter.

Servers with the same. They might be. kept warm in preheated oven at low heat during baking of the rest.

When serving open one apple disc on the plate and pour a little brandy in.

Bon appetite – tag and try them – Fritters will never be the same again.

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Chili syrup (will be translated upon request)

Chili Syrup can be used for many things in both sweet and savory cuisine.

It is delicious to pour on a piece of cake, a dessert, in salad dressing, as gastrik in the sauce / broth and marinade base for vegetables and meat. Vi bruger det også på tørret frugt inden tørringen.

Fruit Pieces which boil until tender in a little chilli syrup is super delicious as part of a dessert and possibly. rester af frugterne virker fint med havregrynene ;o)

It is so easy that it almost is not a recipe. I keep it in a clean bottle in the fridge. Durability I do not know – but I've even had it standing up to a few weeks (then it was used up).

Adjust the width by adjusting the sugar- or the amount of water. Thick syrup to be used immediately. Si like syrup if you want it without cuts in.


Chillies to taste (I typically use one habanero)

1 dl water

1 dl rå rørsukker (or other sugars)

How to:

Finthak chili on the cutting board.

Bring water and sugar to a boil along with the chili and let it possibly. cook a little in if you think. Remember that it becomes a bit more viscous when cooled.

Add perhaps. more chili are missing and allow it to simmer with at least two minutes.

Refrigerate and use within a short time.

Store in refrigerator.


Use also like other flavorings in. Grated peel of organic orange or lemon added just when the source of heat. Spices like ex. cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and allspice are also a good match – the same applies vanilla (in raw volumes) and ground or fresh ginger.

If you want to make sure that the syrup does not krystaliserer when saved, you can replace approximately. 10% af sukkeret med glucose. I have not even been so unfortunate, but by others. En kok har for nyligt givet det gode råd med glucosen.

The syrup here is gentle and kind, but you can make them in the strength you want. Turn up the volume of chillies if you want it strong.

If you want to make a clean, strong syrup without fruit pieces in, then look under Fruit- og bærsirupper med chili (not translated yet) – there you can see the Tips how to make a concentrated hot chilli syrup.

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Chocolate/nut spread with chili (will be translated upon request)

If you have not tried a homemade chocolate / nøddesmørepålæg, then it can be shown only too slow. It has absolutely nothing in common with the sweet stuff that kids eat – but is concentrated, deep, dark and delicious in taste.

A good chocolate is of course a prerequisite and a little chilli gives it some edge. The strength determines the thankfully even.


140 – 150 gr god chokolade, eg. 50 gr lys og 100 gr mørk

100 gr hasselnødder

1½ dl piskefløde

60 gr blødt smør (should be at room temperature)

chili powder

½ teaspoon salt well

How to:

Nødderne ristes i ovnen ved 200 grader i ca. 10 minutes – Maybe they need a little more, perhaps less. Keep a close eye on them and mess around in them on the way. The paper-thin to begin to crack and loosen, but the nuts should not be too dark.

Rub them well in a tea towel so a good part of the husks removed. It does not need to be the whole.

The nuts blended in a food processor until they are half finely chopped. They should be a mixture of small pieces and nøddemel, so there is little to chew. You can of course make them in the consistency that you like best.

Chop the chocolate well and place in a bowl with nuts.

Heat the cream to the boil and pour immediately over the mixture and stir until the chocolate has melted.

Stir the butter into the mass and then chili and salt.

Pour the chocolate on glass and eat it within a week's time. I have had the standing in the refrigerator for several weeks without problems. However, it is now easier to lubricate at room temperature.

This portion yilds approximately 4,65 dl

Chokoladesmørepålæg med chili og nødder Chokoladenødde smørepålæg med et strejf af chili 2

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Duckpizza with chili (will be translated upon request)

Who does not love the taste of duck? – and smoked / barbecuet sauce – sødskarpe chili spiced onions and a pizza base – so goes the taste just up to a higher level.

Try it – play even with the recipe and add what you just like.


Your yndlingspizzadej (nok til 2-3 pizzaer) or:

1 øl

1 pk økogær

something good flour

a little salt – ca 1 ½ tsk

a little oil – ca 2 spsk


1 stort andebryst eller to mindre

salt and peber

ca 1 kg løg



½ dl god balsamico, maybe more

muscovado or brown sugar . ca 1 topspsk

chili – fresh, powder or sauce

2 – 4 dl færdig sauce med røget smag (or your own if you make such a) – can be replaced by a good sauce without smoke when you add a little 'liquid smoke'. Do you use your own, remember that we are more over in a brown sauce (English sauce) end tomat her. Ideally, this should be a barbecue model.


How to:

Pizzadejen (if you use your own recipe): rør gæren ud i øllet og lad det stå uden at røre i det ca 10-15 minutter til det begynder at boble. Dette gør det ud for første hævning og du kan straks komme videre.

Stir oil and salt, then the flour until you have a dough that you can knead through on the kitchen table. Do it. Roll out the dough to fill about a griddle.

If you have too much dough (Maybe you do not like thick pizza bases, or use large beer like me, so there is very nicely dough) – so save just rest in the refrigerator- eller svaleskabet i op til 5-6 dage i en skål med film over. So you can always take it out and make a pizza more – or make baguettes or small muffins / madbrød of the (remove the dough from the refrigerator, form loaves and cover them over. Lad dem hæve til dobbelt størrelse ved stuetemperatur og bag dem gyldne ved ca 200 grader). – oh, back to duck pizza…

The rolled dough down on baking paper on the plate and leave to rise for one at room temperature, covered with a clean tea towel – while you make the rest ready.

Scratch duck are on the skin side and rub them with salt and pepper. Fry them with the skin side down on a medium hot pan until the skin is nice and golden, like brittle. Remove from the heat and keep them.

While duck breasts are fry, Cut the onions in the first half and then about ½ inch thick slices.

The onions are fried in duck fat – If there is no fat, then add equal parts butter and oil – but often the duck fat plenty.

Nu kan du godt tænde ovnen på 225 grader.

Fry the onions until they are soft onions for a steak.

Then add the juice is drained duck breast are, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 tsk peber, ½ dl balsamico og 1 topspsk molasse/brun farin. Add the chilli – bruger du frisk skal den lige hakkes fint først. Rør det godt rundt og lad løgene simre videre 5 minutter. Season to taste whether to more – it depends against which to balsamic vinegar you use – and of course your taste. The onions must have easy bite from balsamicoen and taste slightly sweet, but it's not marmalade. Maybe a little more salt in also.

Stir the sauce together if you must have liquid smoke in – and spread it on the pizza base.

Spread the onions on top.

Cut the duck breast in as thinly as you can and distribute them.

If you remembered to turn on the oven in time it's just fine – otherwise you get it done and drink a good beer meanwhile waiting for the budding hot.

Bake the pizza until it is finished – (det er ca 20-25 minutter i min ovn) og spis med velbehag ;o)

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Baked bell pepper strips and sweet chillies in oil (will be translated upon request)

Tastes of sunshine and holidays.


4 – 5 peberfrugter – any sun-ripened

Sweet / mild chillies aftertaste – large sweet chillies can also be fully or partly replace the peppers

maybe some. fintstrimlet chili

ca 1 – 1½ dl ekstra jomfruolivenolie med god smag

about ½ cup good balsamic vinegar – one without too much acid

Salt and peber

How to:

Clean chili and pepper.

Skær peberfrugterne i 6 både og skær hver båd i strimler på den korte led.

Cut the chillies into strips and put them and the peppers in an ovenproof dish.

Sprinkle a little salt and pepper over and pour oil on – toss well around.

Bages i forvarmet ovn ved 180 – 200 grader i ca 30 – 45 minutes – if you cut the strips very thick, it may be that they need a little longer. Vend rundt i dem med 10 minutters mellemrum og check dem. They are done when the peppers have given much of their liquid and therefore shrunk by half and is quite tender and soft – but they do not take color. Once you have made them some time you can smell the finish.

When taken out of the oven poured the immediately with balsamicoen and turned back well around.

Can keep my. a week at scalded, closed glass jar in the refrigerator.

Eaten with freshly baked bread as example. baguettes or savory flatbread. Serve like it in small bowls with a small spoon, so to break his bread, hold it over the bowl and pour both the juice and pepper on – the juice is fantastic.

Served throughout the year – is equally good as the accessories for barbecues in the summer and tapas table mm. in winter along with other good.

Tastes good warm and even better cold.

A very simple little thing that tastes great – a bit of sunshine and summer – if it is made of good ingredients.

Tips: add if necessary. garlic and / or herbs, maybe a pinch of hot chili or other good spice – only limit is your imagination here.

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Hot chickpea balls (will be translated upon request)

These models are explodes with flavor and plenty of chili as desired. They are not particularly difficult to make, but you have to remember to put the chickpeas to soak in the morning. You can also boil the chickpeas the day before to make models and then store them in the fridge – or you can 'cheat’ and use chickpeas from a can or papbrik or whatever they come in gradually.


500 gr tørrede kikærter

3 løg

½ head of garlic (not half fed – ½ head of garlic)

1 topspsk. ground cumin

1 topspsk. ground coriander

1 topspsk. flag salt or other coarse salt

red chili sauce to taste (I use my own, which is dødstærk) – or fresh or dried chili – lots of chili

5 æg

2 spsk hvedemel

olive oil for frying – ample


How to:

Hvis du bruger tørrede kikærter skal de sættes i blød 10-12 timer i koldt vand. Let them stand on the kitchen table. About . twice as much water as chickpeas (rather too much than too little).

They begin to stand and 'småpoppe’ – it is quite normal.

Skyl kikærterne og kog dem i frisk vand med salt i ca 30 – 40 minutter. You can taste when they start to become tender.

Cool them by. They do not need to be quite cold, but hand warm they must be before you use them, so that they do not receive the eggs to coagulate.

Throw the rest of ingrdienserne in the food processor and run it to an appropriate mass – are allowed to be small pieces of onion in.

Pour the mixture over the chickpeas (you can not have it all in the food processor at once here with me) og bland det i maskinen af 2 – 3 omgange. How nice you 'hoes’ it is up to you – I think it must have some structure – not be completely mash.

If you think that the mass is too dry, you can pour a little olive oil, cream, or more in an egg.

Varm en pande op med rigeligt olivenolie på og form og steg dellerne.

They must not be too large, so they fall apart. Kikærtedeller is slightly more porous than meatballs, so use a gentle hand and a very flat spatula – so they'll be fine.

Serve as you would serve meatballs – they can be used all the same thing – It is an exciting and spicy flavor – as well as a way to limit their meat consumption on without feeling 'cheated'.



Use lots of fresh chopped herbs in them too – especially parsley, we are very excited about them here.

Chopped / grated vegetables are also a hit them here. Or cheese – feta or grated cheese with lots of flavor.

Fresh Came spices tastes absolutely the best. If you are the happy owner of a spice mill – then grinding them like myself for this recipe.

I do not know how many cans / pieces you use in place of fresh, men jeg vil gætte på 3 til denne portion.

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