Porchetta with chili and other fillings (will be translated upon request)

The delicious porchetta carving which is very suitable for Rotisserie on the grill, can also be created in the furnace cleverly. In my version here is lots of fillings – as you can obviously vary according to taste and what you have just to fingers of the ex. herbs. I have chosen two kinds of chili – strong to give flavor and a little strength and a mild to give a little more low capsicum taste and also contribute its own fine taste without the strength gets too wild. Leg finally with both chiller and the second fill – der er mange muligheder.

Porchetta with chili and other fillings (will be translated upon request) - ready-to-serve

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Æbleskiver with snaps and chili (will be translated upon request)

Svupsakker is fritters served with a dash of brandy in the middle. It is a Lolland Behaviour, I was a bit skeptical, until I tried the first time. It gives very fine sense – mums. And the good old custom of actually putting apples in apple slices, 're not entirely bad in the version with chilli syrup cooked apple pieces. Svupsakker with chili is born – they provide heat – they also delight your (jule)bord ;o)

Ingredients – apples:

3 – 4 halvstore æbler

½ dl of water

1 dl rå rørsukker eller en mørk sukker

1 frisk chili, finely chopped (i.e.. 1 Habanero)

Ingredients – æbleskiverne:

250 gr mel

1 tsk natron

½ tsp fine salt

½ teaspoon ground cardamom

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

½ teaspoon ground chili

½ teaspoon ground ginger

1 spk sukker

revet skal af 1 usprøjtet citron

½ liter of buttermilk

2 æg


butter for baking


How to:

Peel the apples, cut into wedges and remove the core. Skær dem i bidder på ca 2-3 x 2-3 cm – they are to be in an apple slice.

Bring apples, sugar, water and chili to a boil in a small saucepan and simmer la them to the apples are slightly tender, but not falling apart. Let the apples cool in the syrup.

Mix flour, natron, salt, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, ground chili, sugar and lemon zest.

Rør kærnemælken i lidt ad gangen.

Beat the eggs lightly together and stir them into the dough.

Heat a dumpling pan and pour about ½ teaspoon butter each hole (I think it's easiest if you have melted butter first). Fyld hurtigt hvert hul 3/4 op med dej.

Getting a piece of apple in each for a moment and turn the apple slices with a knitting needle or a fork when they have formed a fairly solid bottom.

Apple slices turned several times until they have appropriate color – ved medium varme tager det ca 5 minutter.

Servers with the same. They might be. kept warm in preheated oven at low heat during baking of the rest.

When serving open one apple disc on the plate and pour a little brandy in.

Bon appetite – tag and try them – Fritters will never be the same again.

Apple gelly with chili (will be translated upon request) – Christmas Edition

This year I made a variation of my apple jelly for Christmas / Winter. It's nice to have something in the attic that tastes good and you can give away the outside to take the last glass on the shelf.

As I also promised a small draw or two in December, it is natural to produce little to it too.

The criterion was, it had to be something sweet, der would chili in – as a spice, not the main ingredient – and some of the spices that we usually call Christmas spices (Some of us use them pleasing all year).

This is more a process than a recipe – but here it is anyway, perhaps for inspiration, men måske især som huskeseddel til mig selv ;o)

Jeg startede med 12-13 kg æbler. Some eat apples, bought – when our old apple trees in the garden does not give more this year.

Frem med de store gryder og en plan om at koge æblerne af 4 omgange. I was wiser.

Jeg afmålte 4 gange mulled wine spices – dog minus chiliflager, men plus 3 velvoksne, fresh, red Habaneroer (unknown name). The chili chopped I froft.

Af 2 omgange kogte jeg i alt 6 kg af æblerne. De blev vasket og skåret i halvtykke skiver og kogt, hver portion med 2 gange krydderier og så meget vand at man lige kunne få øje på det nede i gryden sammen med æblerne. Cored, stems and flowers smoke in the pot – it gives all tastes.

Saften blev siet i saftposer, where it dripped a few hours – before it was poured into a large collection pan (15 liters) and put in the fridge.

Men – apple juice from the first two teams did not taste enough of apple. New idea had on the table.

Saften blev fordelt i to gryder og kogt ind til ca. to trdjedele – it was better. Afkøles på køkkenbord og på køl med den.

Nu var idéen så at koge resten af æblerne sammen med eventuelle krydderier til at justere smagen i rigtig retning.

It lacked acid and a little 'bottom’ in flavor. Hmmm.

De resterende 6-7 kg æbler blev delt i 3 portioner.

Første portion blev kogt med 10 usprøjtede citroner i tynde skiver (just washed before) and a grab full cinnamon sticks, 2 store spsk stødt kardemomme og 2 topspsk hele nelliker.

It helped the acid and kryddringen – but something was missing.

Næste hold blev kogt med 14 små usprøjtede appelsiner, washed and thinly sliced.

Uhm – it helped.

Sidste hold blev kogt med 10 appelsiner mere på samme måde. Well yes, and a single, delicious ripe pear which lay on the kitchen table. Pear juice tastes good – Could you do damage.

Now was the one who. Smagen was super. A little too tart, a little too spicy and too strong – perfect, since there will not come yet in sugar – which would smooth out the taste a little and thus balance the.

All the juice was chilled and waited until the next day when the gel had to be made.

Next day was to just season to taste again – og jeg valgte at under tilberedningen ville jeg tilsætte 1 lille toptsk vanillasukker, 1 lille toptsk stødt kanel og 1 lille toptsk Pul Biber (halvmilde chiliflager) pr. liter juice. As I said then done.

5 liter saft ad gangen i 8 liters gryden. Boil lagsomt up, tilsætte 5 breve gul Melatin (hvorfor klumper det altid lige, little no matter how well you touch?) – så 4 kg sukker (pr 5 liter saft) and extra spices. Experience the op that the minute, the source of heat, foamed, Atamon in and on glass. The tubes file allowed to stand open a handful of hours and then closed while they were lukewarm – men geléen var fint stivnet til en blød og lækker men let fast konsistens som er perfekt til brød.

Ready….og lidt stolt. Stort project.

The taste is just as I would like it. Yummy. Elsker når det lykkedes og det er lidt sjovt at smage til, indtil man lige rammer den smag man håber på.

Dried apple rings with chilli syrup and lemon thyme (will be translated upon request)

Apple slices here we use as snacks and they have helped to change my view of dried fruit – they taste very well.

It was only when I got lemon thyme in this way that it really came into its own for me. I do not think that I had managed to use the, so it tasted the least of lemon in food – but here comes the lemon taste great speed and fits super well with apples.



Chili syrup (will be translated upon request)

Frisk citrontimian


How to:

The apples are washed and core are removed with a kærnehusudstikker.

Cut the apples into slices of about. 3-4 mm tykkelse.

Heal them on the rack and brush them with chili syrup on top.

Pull thyme leaves of the hard stems, but just let the soft stems be. Chop them easily with a knife and sprinkle over with the same apples are swabbed, so that they are firmly.

Dry apple slices in dehydratoren.

They can be dried to the stage you like best. Citrontimian'en'll follow along and flavor even though it dried completely.

Of course you can sprinkle them with whatever you want – i.e.. the classic apple / cinnamon combination is also booming leaking on them here – also with chilisiruppen.

They can also be dried in an oven at low heat, – then I would suggest that they are either placed on a rack from the start of – or if, as here is smeared with syrup and thus is a little wet / sticky, started up on baking paper on a baking sheet and then moved onto a rack and dryer on when they are semi-arid.

Apple gelly with chili (will be translated upon request), cinnamon and cloves


1 – 1½ kg æbler, like cooking apples


7 små stænger kanel eller tilsvarende stykker af en større

1½ toptsk hele nelliker

750 – 1000 gr sukker

fresh chili to taste

Gul Melatin

Sodium benzoate


How to:

Wash the apples and cut them into chunks – I think it's easiest to cut them into slices – and possibly. halving them by.

Pour water until you can see the water down into the pan between apples – it must not cover (see image). You can easily use less water – add your self how much flavor is in apples.

Apples are cooked in water with cloves and cinnamon until they are well tender – almost cooked to mush.

Mass drip off in a juice bag least a few hours – preferably overnight.

Scald the jars and rinse them possibly. i Atamonvand.

Finthak chilien.

The juice is measured and add to the pan. The goal you need to find uf of how much Melatin to be in. Bring the juice to a boil and then add the yellow Melatin as directed on package.

Add sugar and chilli and allow the gel to the boil for one minute. You can first try to use a smaller portion of sugar, taste and quick add more if you like. There is a big difference between acid unit in apples and thus how much sugar there seems appropriate – and not all forest ranks their jelly just cute.

Take it off the heat and add Atamon as directed on the bottle.

Pour the jelly in jars and let it cool before you close them.



If you are using immature apples or cooking apples, can possibly Melatien. omitted. Du skal så bruge ikke for store glas og lade dem stå til geléen er stivnet helt. Måske har du selv en gammel æblegelé opskrift som du blot skal tilsætte krydderierne. Chili can of course add the boiling apples and strained out if you'd rather have a clearer jelly – but I like the so pieces floating around in the finished product. It may sound like much cinnamon and cloves, it provides a strong and close spicy flavor: I think it works well with chili – use less if you like.