Whole braised pork shoulder with severe and shaft (Pulled Pork (will be translated upon request))

If you have to cook for many – or may want to fill the freezer with delicious servings easy meals – this is one of the answers. The bow is used as the long piece of fried pig neck most here in DK know as pulled pork. Kødet her er bare en smule mere magert – and is in general a super beautiful piece of meat with very little waste. We use the model with bones and severe – uhm.

Whole braised pork shoulder with severe and shaft (Pulled Pork (will be translated upon request)) - Model 2 - færdigtrukket kød 2

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Porchetta with chili and other fillings (will be translated upon request)

The delicious porchetta carving which is very suitable for Rotisserie on the grill, can also be created in the furnace cleverly. In my version here is lots of fillings – as you can obviously vary according to taste and what you have just to fingers of the ex. herbs. I have chosen two kinds of chili – strong to give flavor and a little strength and a mild to give a little more low capsicum taste and also contribute its own fine taste without the strength gets too wild. Leg finally with both chiller and the second fill – der er mange muligheder.

Porchetta with chili and other fillings (will be translated upon request) - ready-to-serve

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Bones braised in red wine and chili (will be translated upon request)

Remember stegeben – or 'good legs’ as they were called here – they just got a revival in my kitchen. Our new supplier of meat had a few bags lying when we last downloaded meat on the farm (http://johannesminde.dk/) and so wildly delicious out and was very meaty. Haps. I would like to give them a little lift and it was for this little project which fortunately did the first time. It's really good legs.

Bones braised in red wine and chili (will be translated upon request)


4 – 5 kg kødfulde stegeben

1 flaske rødvin

Chillies to taste – i.e.. one Habanero Chocolate

2 store løg

1 hvidløg



2 toptsk muscovado eller anden mørk sukker

olive oil


Gastriq eller lidt æbleeddike + mørk sukker

1 dl fløde

How to:

Season the legs with salt and pepper.

Cut the onion into small pieces and some garlic in half.

Cut the fresh chilli, sliced.

Brown the legs in a pan in a mixture of olive oil and butter and add to the pan with the spirit as they are finished.

Brown the onions so they get color and add to the pan along with the cut garlic, brown sugar and chili.

Pour red wine by and fill with water until it reaches the upper leg – but they are not to be covered.

Put the lid on the pot and bring to the boil. Skru ned sådan at den simrer og lad den gøre det i 2 timer.

When the legs are done remove and keep warm – possibly. i et fad i ovnen ved svag varme.

Strain the sauce and put it in a (like less) pot. Lad den koge ind til ca 1/3. Taste now with gastriq and cream and even possibly. the sauce a little if it penetrates. Taste also with salt and pepper and a little more chilli if you like.

Server legs with ex. steamed vegetables or mash and a little of the sauce. The sauce is very close in taste.


Cheating now not allow yourself to have a good gastriq below – it does wonders ift. To round a sauce like this of.

Lige inden servering kan benene få et par minutter under grillen i ovnen det bliver de bestemt ikke dårligere af.

The legs can be covered by only one layer baking paper and then a layer of aluminum foil and genvarmes in the oven. Remember baking paper between when there is chili in court – otherwise 'etches’ food the foil.

Bones braised in red wine and chili (will be translated upon request) - Ingredients Bones braised in red wine and chili (will be translated upon request) - salt og peber på kødet Bones braised in red wine and chili (will be translated upon request) - løg og hvidløg skåret Bones braised in red wine and chili (will be translated upon request) - chili skåret Bones braised in red wine and chili (will be translated upon request) - kødet brunes Bones braised in red wine and chili (will be translated upon request) - de fleste af ingredienserne i gryden Bones braised in red wine and chili (will be translated upon request) - rødvin og vand hældt på Bones braised in red wine and chili (will be translated upon request) - klar i fadet Bones braised in red wine and chili (will be translated upon request) - klar i fadet en anden dag


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Atomic Buffalo Turds (will be translated upon request)

A good chili classic that can be varied in lots of ways.

Atomic Buffalo Turds (will be translated upon request) - teaser


Jalapeños – like green

In cremet ost, i.e.. Philadelphia, Savoury, Smoked cheese e.a.

Small, delicious sausages – i.e.. well seasoned small eco cocktail sausages

Good bacon into thin slices – like smoked and eco

maybe some. spices (kunne være noget i stil med 2 spsk muscovadosukker + 1 spk røget paprika + 1 spsk chilisalt)

maybe some. in Chilisauce eller barbecuesauce, like slightly sweet and strong

How to:

Wash Jalapeñoerne and share them along. It's a good idea to share them so that they can be 'nicely'.

Remove the seeds and frøstolen, it is most easily done with a small teaspoon.

Butter cheese with a butter knife. Fill them about half, so that to make a slight indentation along.

Pressure A small plug into each half.

Wrap a good slice of bacon. You can alternatively. fæstne bacon’en med en smagsneutral trætandstik.

If you are using spice, then came the bacon and presented it to look.

Now you can save ATB'erne covered in the fridge to be cooked. You can also freeze them for later use (without toothpick, if you use them).

When ATB'erne be cooked, you can use the oven or grill. They taste great if you have the opportunity to grill them with some smoke.

Grilles for bacon is crisp.

Serve as is or with a little chilli- or barbecue sauce.


Instead of the spices you can brush a little chili- or barbecuesauce on bacon indene grilling.

If you use the oven, så stil den på grilltemperatur eller meget varmt 250-275 grader og stil ATB’erne midt i ovnen, not quite up under the grill body.

Using just the fillings and the possible. spices and dippingsauce as you like – there is room for antics. Can be used as a full court with some nice accessories. Good quality sausages and bacon (from animals with curl on the tail) kan smages og løfter denne lille snack/forret/ret til en sublim deltager på chilimadbordet.

Green Jalapenos tastes are not necessarily particularly strong. The longer time they have been sitting on the plant the stronger. You can also wait until they are mature, if you want a little more strength – just as you obviously can make Turds with other chilli varieties.

Atomic Buffalo Turds (will be translated upon request) - ingredients Atomic Buffalo Turds (will be translated upon request) - chilierne deles og kernerne skrabes ud Atomic Buffalo Turds (will be translated upon request) - de halve chilier er klar Atomic Buffalo Turds (will be translated upon request) - der fyldes lidt ost i Atomic Buffalo Turds (will be translated upon request) - alle er klar med osten i Atomic Buffalo Turds (will be translated upon request) - en pølse presses let i hver Atomic Buffalo Turds (will be translated upon request) - alle klar med pølser i Atomic Buffalo Turds (will be translated upon request) - der vikles et stykke bacon om hver Atomic Buffalo Turds (will be translated upon request) - alle er pakket fint ind Atomic Buffalo Turds (will be translated upon request) - krydderierne Atomic Buffalo Turds (will be translated upon request) - de blandede krydderier Atomic Buffalo Turds (will be translated upon request) - klar til grillen Atomic Buffalo Turds (will be translated upon request) - ready-to-serve Atomic Buffalo Turds (will be translated upon request) - mums Atomic Buffalo Turds (will be translated upon request) - med lidt chilisauce Atomic Buffalo Turds (will be translated upon request) - overskåret

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Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request)

The butter tender jaws are concentrated sauce, which is made of reduced red wine, flavored with particular. soy, blackcurrant juice and hot chilli. It may of course be made in just the strength is desired, but it does well as a strong sauce, since the rest of flavor entities can easily catch up with chili. The jaws themselves are well seasoned without being dominated by the sauce, so do not hold back with seasoning.

Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request)


3 – 4 kg svinekæber

2 flasker rødvin

4 dl soya

4 dl solbærsaft

6 – 8 løg

2 – 3 hele hvidløg

a handful of carrots

chili to taste – eks 3 – 4 chokolade Habanero

1 topspsk sellerifrø

20 – 25 tørrede enebær

salt and peber

little butter or oil

maybe some. cream and a little thickening

How to

Pig jaws checked for tendons and these are cut off. Sprinkle jaws with a little salt and pepper. Be a little reluctant salt, then where they are expected to part soy in court.

Wash the carrots. They should only be peeled off if absolutely necessary. Cut them into slices.

The onions are peeled and cut into chunks.

The garlic cut in half so that all fat is cut through the middle and possibly. free to be removed.

The chili cut into quarters and stem removed.

Pigs jaws browned in a single layer in a little butter or oil and poured gradually into the pan. Carrots and onions browned also – separately – and add them to the pan.

In saucepan accepted now also the rest of the ingredients: red wine, soy, blackcurrant juice, garlic, chili, celery and juniper berries.

Put the lid on the pot and bring to the boil. Turn down so it simmer and leave it and do it in 1 ½ hours.

Remove from the heat and fish gently jaws up, they are very tender. Add them to drain in a colander.

Strain the sauce and put it back into the pan. Let it boil until there is less than half back compared to what you started with, like less.

Taste the sauce to. Missing salt, chili, sweetness? If you want to dyu round it off with a little cream and it is too thin for your taste, do not you smooth it easy.

Come jaws back into the pan and heat with lid and on low heat. Turn them gently a few times along the way.

Serve with whatever you fancy. Here it is often a delicious root vegetables and a salad with slightly sour dressing.


There's a free hand with chili also in this right, but I myself am very excited about the dark 'chokolade'chilier. The Court can take a pretty good time chili – there are plenty of other flavors to back up – and if you serve with a gentle and soft moss there's space to fire well into the sauce. Is the sauce was a bit too strong, can be a little cream dampen fine.

The recipe here makes for a very large portion. We make it often in the size and batch freezer remains. It is worth gold on busy weekdays.

Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - Ingredients Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - kæberne brunes Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - klar til simring Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - færdigsimret Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - de færdige kæber drypper af Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - saucen reduceres Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - saucen ved at være klar Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - kæber og sauce lunes sammen

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Roast pork with orange, chili and liqourice (will be translated upon request)

…and suffered cloves and bay.

How cloves and bay is classic for roast pork is the other spices well be described as a newer feature of the past year. Instead of sprinkling the roast and seasonings, I have chosen to make a marinade and spray into the – to better distributing the taste.


3 kg kamsteg

A small handful of salt (I use lightly smoked chili salt)

3 usprøjtede appelsiner

possibly. 1-2 tsk sukker

3 tsk chilipulver med lille top

3 tsk engelsk lakridspulver med lille top

45 hele nelliker

A small handful of bay leaves – like fresh if you have a bush.


How to:

Take the roast out of the refrigerator at least an hour before using it in the oven. Dab the rind dry with paper towels and place the roast a place where it can get living room / kitchen temperature.

At that time, make the marinade also (can also be made earlier if it fits your schedule better).

Wash and dry orange founders. Grate the peel finely and squeeze out the juice. Come share both in a bowl. It does not matter that there are seeds and flesh.

If the orange peel is very acidic, smages til med 1-2 tsk sukker til saften smager som saft fra en sød appelsin.

Deal cloves holders a proper place in the mortar or ride krydderikværnen – and pour them so the marinade with chilli- and lakridspulver.

Stir marinade good – i.e.. but evt. spice lumps out of the back of a spoon. Let marinade pull an hour on the kitchen table. Should it be longer, then put it in the fridge.

When it soon is almost time for the roast to the oven, tændes ovnen på 150 grader.

Rind scratched off if necessary (it is almost always think) – scratch down to the meat, but not into the meat.

Si marinade into another bowl, so you have a completely liquid mass without 'lumps'. Use marinade syringe to distribute the marinade in the entire roast. Spraying onto the inclined around, so that a plug marinade going to be spread over several slices increased.

Rub the rind well with plenty of salt – and be sure to come down firmly in between all sværene.

If the roast is not just high over the place, you can roll some small balls of aluminum foil and stuff under the, there where it should be emphasized. We want the rind is just close to the heat of it all if possible.

Skær eller klip laurbærbladene i 3 dele på langs og sæt stykkerne ned mellem sværene.

Sæt et stegetermometer i stegen og indstil på kernetemperatur på 62 grader.

In the oven with the animal and wait for the thermometer is calling you. In the meantime, you should have something accessories to be prepared.

Når de 62 grader i midten af stegen er nået, take it out of the oven – it must not be covered. Turn the oven up on the grill. Arrow laurels of the rind.

When the oven is hot (and roast chilled a bit of) – put the roast zoom back about. 10 cm fra grillen, until sværene are crisp and perfect. Watch carefully and remove flux roast out when the rind is nice. Charge Stegen short rest meanwhile you all get track of the rest.

Så er der serveret ;o)



For marinade syringes at good hardware stores. It is a cheap and phenomenal tool for meat, where you always wished that you could benefit seasoning, such that it needed a little more into the meat. Widely used by barbeque people also. The cannula has a hole on the side of the needle, the tip is only used to perforate the.

I attach a recipe for braised kamsteg up at a later date also.

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Danish liver paté with chili (will be translated upon request)

Home Lavet warm leverpostej – is there anything better on a piece of freshly baked bread? It is ihvertilfælde a great favorite with us and although there is little work on the – then it is quite worth it when you can sit at table with the warm pie.

I've got my mom's delicious recipe and even spiced it up a bit with a little more spice. Just like her I do a great deal when I started – and rejoice every time I pull a homemade pie out of the freezer for lunch table at the weekend. Yum.

Portionen her rækker til 3 bagninger af 4 store forme, so set some time of the project or divide ex. opskriften med 3 og lav en enkelt ovnfuld.


3 kg svinelever. Buy it chopped or chop it yourself

12 løg str medium

750 – 800 gr smør

750 – 800 gr hvedemel

about 2 ½ liters of milk

ca 9 æg

18-20 hele ansjoser eller mere (purchased on glass)

75 gr salt (op til 125 gr hvis man er til en lidt salt model, taste of the mixed mass – it also comes down to how salty anchovies are)

9 tsk (with small peak) ground allspice

8 – 10 tsk (with small peak) chili powder (alternatively used fresh chopped chilli to taste)

How to:

Chop the liver in the meat grinder or food processor – I use the last. How fine / coarse is up to you. I prefer that it is completely liquid. The major portion of the course is chopped at some laps.

Hak logos and anchovies founders nice – again easiest in fodprocessor. I opskriften her bruger jeg 2 eller 3 glas ansjoser á 200 gram (130 gram drænet vægt). I pour all the tubes' contents – Thus also lagen – in the food processor along with the onions.

Measure salt and spices and beat the eggs into a small bowl. Measure the flour by.

Sæt ovnen på 190 grader og sæt en kande vand over kog.

Set milk clear and open at the side of the komfuren – it goes fast on little.

Melt the butter over medium heat in your very large pot. As soon as it is melted, stir in flour. Use a whisk. When the flour is well stirred out it immediately begins to thicken. Pour the milk in the mixture – only a few deciliter at a time – and whisk thoroughly, but quickly – pour more in as soon as it is first touched out etc.. When it's all in whipping you still good in the bottom of the pan, so no lumps – while you heat the mixture through until it has a consistency like a good thick sauce / batter.

Then you immediately saucepan from the heat and now touches quickly the rest of the measured ingredients in.

Pour the mixture into foil molds or whatever you want to bake your pate in. Ensure first that forms in each shot that comes in oven, are of the same size, such that the cooking time for them are the same.

Place the molds in the oven large roasting pan. Put the roasting pan in the heated oven and pour the hot water into the baking tray.

Bagetiden er fra ca 25 minutter i meget små forme/ramakiner op til en times tid for store lerforme. The easiest thing here is to use a proposal for electronic meat thermometer, which is set in the middle of one of the owners record, when they are about to be a little firm – og så bage til en kernetemperatur på mellem 75 og 80 grader. Jeg sætter mit på 77 grader.


Der skal bruges en seriøst stor skål til at blande i hvis du laver den fulde portion her med 3 kg lever. Jeg bruger min store suppegryde på 15 liter – den næststørste jeg på 12 liter er for lille.

You have to spice up his liver pate with anything you like. The combination of anchovies, allspice and chili is definitely my favorite, but it may be varied in many ways rigtigtig. Some use no spices (blot salt and peber) – others choose to spice up with ex. muskatnød, sage, thyme and myself have also used crushed juniper.

Anchovies Erne in the recipe here, contribute their salts umami taste. They go really well together with the liver and onion sweetness – and does not taste fished, but spicy and delicious. Allspice is my absolute favorite pie spice. It helps with a delicious seasoning that can be difficult to put into words. Allspice is often compared with other spices, as it tastes at once – and complexity matches a perfect leverpostej. Pepper fruit is used as a spice – it is not a chilipostej, but the chili has taken over peberets space and a light bite without souls image. Du kan naturligvis justere mængden efter dit eget hovede – this portion fits my. Chili powder is a regular 'strong’ chili powder as you buy it in stores – correct even volume if you use homemade. Fresh, chopped chili is provision also a golden opportunity.

Danish liver paté with chili (will be translated upon request) - klar til spisning 2

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Rolled whole cut with dates, mushrooms, walnuts and chili (will be translated upon request)

Roll Roast is not just what we do most often, but it's really a great way to get some well-seasoned meat. The taste of the rolled inside, penetrates well into the meat and is well distributed.

Ingredients – rullestegen:

A piece of pig layer – mit her vejede 2.7 kg

400 gr Medjools dadler – pitted weight

100 gr tørrede svampe – i.e.. shitake

200 gr valnødder

2 spsk salt

2 tsk knust peber

Fresh ground chili aftertaste (not too strong) – or powder if you do not have fresh

4 dl portvin

a little salt and pepper to the surface

Ingredients – braising:

4 dl rødvin

2 stjerneanis

15 – 20 nelliker

a few mace


How to:

Remove stones dadlerne. Rens chilierne og skær dem i mindre stykker.

Mix dates, mushrooms, walnuts, chili, salt and peber. Chop in food processor – like to ad a few times (jeg gør det af 3). It should have a good, gritty consistency – not trench and not for pin – try to see the picture below.

Bland de 4 dl portvin i det hakkede fyld og lad det stå og trække lidt, while you prepare the meat.

Trim the meat if the butcher has done it for you. Trimmings in this case means not only removing tendons and too much fat – it must also be. Here it also means making the piece uniform. If there is some flaps inside and is little in the way or making flesh thick in one place, then cut them by. Roll the roast together to see if it is about. just thick all over the place – if not, it may have to be cut. If the piece is roughly square, it should also be scribed to the mold. The meat that you cut off, you can chop and use as part of the filling – eller hakke det og gemme det i fryseren til en anden dag hvor det kan bruges til noget godt.

Once you are happy with the play, come to fullness in. Let a small piece to the point where the roast should be closed, but favor the otherwise flat and fold it well to.

Rul Stegen together and it's snowing. Have not tried it before, try to Google it – it is not that hard. Move it into a roasting pan in which the right can be and rub salt and pepper on the surface.

Hæld 4 dl rødvin, 4 dl vand, star anise, nelliker og muskatblomme ved.

Sæt et stegetermometer i midten af det tykkeste sted og sæt centrumtemperatur på ca 70 grader.

Stegen sættes i kold ovn som tændes på 175 – 180 grader. Step to kernetemperaturen is opnået. With the increased size which I used, tog det 1 time og 45 minutter i min ovn.

When the roast is done, remove it from the oven and pour the liquid through a sieve into a saucepan. Stegen covered with aluminum foil and a clean towel until you are ready to cut the. Den må gerne stå og samle sig 20 minutters tid.

Thicken and season with salt, pepper and maybe a little port wine.

Served items. with root vegetables and your favorite vegetables.

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Pork cheeks braised in red wine with orange and chilli (will be translated upon request)

Smørmørt comfortfood med max smag.

Til 4 – 6 personer


12 – 16 svinekæber

1 flaske rødvin

2 øko appelsiner

Chili to taste

Olive oil


3 – 4 rødder – i.e.. gulerødder and parsnips

1 stort løg eller 2 mindre

2 – 3 stilke bladdselleri eller lidt knoldselleri

½ head of garlic

1 – 2 stilke frisk rosmarin

1 lille håndfuld frisk timian

as. 15 tørrede enebær

6 – 8 laurbærblade

Salt and peber

Et on sksk. danablue eller Roquefort

1 – 2 dl cream 38%


Accessories: i.e.. root vegetables and a little bacon


How to:

Wash the roots and peel them if necessary. If you use celeriac, hear it here. Cut them into approximately. 1 cm store stykker og brun/karamelisér dem ved god varme i en blanding af olivenolie og smør.

Shine while pig jaws of the largest tendons – or render them completely if you think – I mean only that it is the largest tendons which are in Vejen. Season them with salt and pepper on both sides.

Peel the onion and cut it into chunks.

Når rodfrugterne er brunede tages de op og løget får samme tur.

Up with it and now browned pork jaws at a few laps, so they only located in a layer.

When the last is browned, Pour onions and root vegetables back to the pan and add the red wine here, not kket chili, bladselleri i 1 cm stykker, grofthakket hvidløg, rosemary, thyme, juniper berries and bay.

Turn it all around and put a lid on the pot. Lad indholdet simre 2 – 2½ time. Turn any. rundt i sagerne en gang eller to undervejs.

Meanwhile wash orange founders, peeled grated fine and the juice squeezed out. Turn the juice and peel together in a small bowl and set it aside.

Når kæberne er simret møre tages kæberne op af gryden og lægges til side.

The sauce strained and poured back into the pot – pressure the last juice out of the mass with the back of a spoon. Add orange juice and peel – let reduce to appropriate kosistens. Round the sauce with only a few tablespoons. danablue/roquefort som simrer til det er opløst og så 1 – 2 dl cream 38%. Taste and. Add salt and pepper and warm it through with jaws. There should preferably not be touched – they easily fall apart now.

Served items. with a good moss and a little crispy bacon or pancetta on top.

Prepare any. accessory while waiting at the jaws. We make usually a coarse root vegetables to. Det kan være med 3 – 4 stykker af flg.: potatoes, celeriac, pastinakker, parsnips and carrots.

Skræl rødderne og skær dem i nogenlunde ens størrelse.

Steam until tender in a little water without salt.

Mash them coarsely with a little milk, butter, salt and peber and stir CE. eventually one tablespoon Roquefort in.

Tasted like further with a little chopped herbs and / or a little dried chilli flakes.

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