Danish liver paté with chili (will be translated upon request)

Home Lavet warm leverpostej – is there anything better on a piece of freshly baked bread? It is ihvertilfælde a great favorite with us and although there is little work on the – then it is quite worth it when you can sit at table with the warm pie.

I've got my mom's delicious recipe and even spiced it up a bit with a little more spice. Just like her I do a great deal when I started – and rejoice every time I pull a homemade pie out of the freezer for lunch table at the weekend. Yum.

Portionen her rækker til 3 bagninger af 4 store forme, so set some time of the project or divide ex. opskriften med 3 og lav en enkelt ovnfuld.


3 kg svinelever. Buy it chopped or chop it yourself

12 løg str medium

750 – 800 gr smør

750 – 800 gr hvedemel

about 2 ½ liters of milk

ca 9 æg

18-20 hele ansjoser eller mere (purchased on glass)

75 gr salt (op til 125 gr hvis man er til en lidt salt model, taste of the mixed mass – it also comes down to how salty anchovies are)

9 tsk (with small peak) ground allspice

8 – 10 tsk (with small peak) chili powder (alternatively used fresh chopped chilli to taste)

How to:

Chop the liver in the meat grinder or food processor – I use the last. How fine / coarse is up to you. I prefer that it is completely liquid. The major portion of the course is chopped at some laps.

Hak logos and anchovies founders nice – again easiest in fodprocessor. I opskriften her bruger jeg 2 eller 3 glas ansjoser á 200 gram (130 gram drænet vægt). I pour all the tubes' contents – Thus also lagen – in the food processor along with the onions.

Measure salt and spices and beat the eggs into a small bowl. Measure the flour by.

Sæt ovnen på 190 grader og sæt en kande vand over kog.

Set milk clear and open at the side of the komfuren – it goes fast on little.

Melt the butter over medium heat in your very large pot. As soon as it is melted, stir in flour. Use a whisk. When the flour is well stirred out it immediately begins to thicken. Pour the milk in the mixture – only a few deciliter at a time – and whisk thoroughly, but quickly – pour more in as soon as it is first touched out etc.. When it's all in whipping you still good in the bottom of the pan, so no lumps – while you heat the mixture through until it has a consistency like a good thick sauce / batter.

Then you immediately saucepan from the heat and now touches quickly the rest of the measured ingredients in.

Pour the mixture into foil molds or whatever you want to bake your pate in. Ensure first that forms in each shot that comes in oven, are of the same size, such that the cooking time for them are the same.

Place the molds in the oven large roasting pan. Put the roasting pan in the heated oven and pour the hot water into the baking tray.

Bagetiden er fra ca 25 minutter i meget små forme/ramakiner op til en times tid for store lerforme. The easiest thing here is to use a proposal for electronic meat thermometer, which is set in the middle of one of the owners record, when they are about to be a little firm – og så bage til en kernetemperatur på mellem 75 og 80 grader. Jeg sætter mit på 77 grader.


Der skal bruges en seriøst stor skål til at blande i hvis du laver den fulde portion her med 3 kg lever. Jeg bruger min store suppegryde på 15 liter – den næststørste jeg på 12 liter er for lille.

You have to spice up his liver pate with anything you like. The combination of anchovies, allspice and chili is definitely my favorite, but it may be varied in many ways rigtigtig. Some use no spices (blot salt and peber) – others choose to spice up with ex. muskatnød, sage, thyme and myself have also used crushed juniper.

Anchovies Erne in the recipe here, contribute their salts umami taste. They go really well together with the liver and onion sweetness – and does not taste fished, but spicy and delicious. Allspice is my absolute favorite pie spice. It helps with a delicious seasoning that can be difficult to put into words. Allspice is often compared with other spices, as it tastes at once – and complexity matches a perfect leverpostej. Pepper fruit is used as a spice – it is not a chilipostej, but the chili has taken over peberets space and a light bite without souls image. Du kan naturligvis justere mængden efter dit eget hovede – this portion fits my. Chili powder is a regular 'strong’ chili powder as you buy it in stores – correct even volume if you use homemade. Fresh, chopped chili is provision also a golden opportunity.

Danish liver paté with chili (will be translated upon request) - klar til spisning 2

Tomato tapenade with anchovies (will be translated upon request)

A letlavet tapenade with a fantastic umamismag – It is delicious as a dip for vegetables and assorted breads, but certainly also for adding flavor to sauces, supper, moss and stews.


1 stort glas soltørrede tomater i olie eller to små glas

1 stort glas hele ansjoser i lage

1 bundt forårsløg, the green part

6-8 fed hvidløg (approximately ½ garlic)

lidt chili

salt peber

possibly. extra olivenolie

possibly. water.


How to:

Cleaning anchovies holders. Cut the heads and tails of. Cut the belly and remove the entrails. Pressure anchovy flat on a cutting board with the back side facing up. Flip it and remove the backbones. Pull the skin gently.

The tomatoes used as they are with oil – or you can pour the oil out and spend about. same amount of virgin olive oil.

Pour everything in the food processor and run for very smooth consistency. Spring bulbs do not need to be fully extended – but the rest should be smooth and fine.

There probably need to add more olive oil or any. water to get the mass of desired consistency.

Season to taste.

Eat tapenaden immediately as a dip and freeze leftovers in small portions which are used to add flavor to other foods.

Of course you can use purified fish instead – but the whole pickled fish provides a much more delicious and consistent taste. The work to clean them is not so large – and taste yields, it is certainly worth.

Tapenaden does not taste particularly fished – but beautiful and powerful of good causes.