Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request)

Citronchilier have their name because they are lemon yellow, not because they taste of lemon. Many of them taste fresh and summery – it is a flavor nature which appear to be associated with the yellow color, although the white chili and some orange and red also have it in the same manner. The sauce here is my idea of ​​how I could wish that a lemon chili tasted the food. The sauce has been adjusted many times with different flavorings, but when I returned to the basic recipe and replaced some of the lemon with lime, was the sudden just right.

A multi-use flavoring that can provide against- and players in most 'ends’ of the kitchen. Try it touched with a little oil, salt and pepper as barbecue marinade for fish, shrimp and vegetables, or in the same manner as salad dressing, – in cream / sour cream to salad or freshly cooked and possibly. grilled potatoes or perhaps as a dip for vegetables etc.. In the dessert as an integral part or to the side of the facing with a little cream or whipped cream. Try to turn the cooked rice with a teaspoon of this before serving – or a spoonful touched with soft butter to warm baguettes or steak.

Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request)


Chillies to taste

ca 10 usprøjtede citroner

ca 10 usprøjtede limefrugter

3 dl æblecidereddike – use a gentle and soft as ex. Urtekrams

400 gr rå rørsukker

75 gr salt

possibly. Sodium benzoate

How to:

Wash chili fruits and remove the stem. Remove the seeds, if you do not want to have them in the sauce. Cut the fruit into chunks as herhefter blended with æbleeddiken in food processor or blender. Come mass in the pan.

Wash ctrusfrugterne and tear off the colored part of the peel finely. Getting shell in the pan.

Fjern det meste af den hvide skræl med en skarp kniv. It does not matter that there is little left, but not too much.

Skær citrusfrugterne i skiver og fjern kernerne. Blend skiverne godt og passér massen gennem en sigte og ned i gryden. It goes easily with a small spoon. Throw the pulp away when all the juice is squeezed out of the.

Add the sugar and to about. half of the salt and bring the mixture to the boil. Lad det koge ved middel varme i ca 10 minutter uden låg og under jævnlig omrøring. Taste along the way to the more salt, if you think. It may depend on how big and sweet both lemons and limes are, how much salt sauce requires.

Remove the sauce from the heat and add Atamon (if you use it) as directed on the bottle.

Pour immediately cleaned, scalded and optionally. Atamonskyllede bottles which immediately closes.


På billedet har jeg brugt i alt 230 gr blandede chili – yellow unknown Habanero and Habanero Hot Lemon. It gives an OK hot sauce, which I think is appropriate in strength, as you can not use much of it at a time – but play you finally reach a flavor combination that suits you MHT. chilli variety and quantity – thus strengthening.

The batch here gives about 1 ½ liters of sauce, but it'll come naturally depends on the amount chili and citrus fruit size.

Taste and. the sauce with more spices, or do as I: use them rather with the sauce, so there can be varied slightly in different flavors. It could be freshly grated ginger, ground coriander, ground cumin, sumak, crushed juniper mm. It is delicious with garlic and it is very suitable with fresh herbs.

Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - Ingredients Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - chili klar til blendning Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - chili blendet Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - revet citrusskal Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - citrus skrælles og skkøres i skiver Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - citrus klar til blendning Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - citrus blendet Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - citrusmassen passeres gennem sigte Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - ready for cooking

Some pictures of some of the possible applications:

For the vegetables to the grill

Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - på grønsager til grillen

For pasta salad – mixed first with a good lemon olive oil and so thise 'Amber Aage', chilli chorizo ​​and a little tomato

Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - med citronolivenolie Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - i pastasalaten sammen med citronolivenolie

At increased pork on the grill (meat from John Memorial)

Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - stegeflæsk til grillen Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - stegeflæsk grillet

Butter touched with the sauce – it can attend difficult to touch all the way into the butter, but it does not matter – it's delicious anyway

Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - smør før røring Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - smør rørt Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - smør med masser af sauce i Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - smør på godt brød

The grilled pork chop (meat from John Memorial)

Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - grillet wienerschnitzel

For vanilla ice (there is muscovadokaramelsauce with licorice and chili at the bottom)

Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - on ice

At long ribs – de er marineret i saucen 24 timer inden de kom på grillen (meat from John Memorial – they should be just braised before grilling next time)

Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - longribs marineres Citruschilisauce (will be translated upon request) - grillede longribs



Chili sauce

Not correctly translated yet - A basic chili sauce, where chili flavor is supported by tomato and red pepper. The strength is up to you. The advantage of using tomato, pepper and mild and strong chili together is, that there is plenty of reason flavor in the sauce. If you then want a sharp kick comes the creeping upstairs / after. It works really well.

Chili sauce


Chili fruit aftertaste – f.eks op til 3 kg blandede milde og lidt (obtain individual) strong. Used exclusively quite hot, start such. med ca 150 gram og smag til om der skal mere i.

3 kg rød peber

1½ kg løg

6 dl olivenolie (or other oil)

ca 2 kg flåede eller hakkede tomater

ca 450 gr hvidløg

12 dl eddike, like apple vinegar

12 dl rødvin ELLER 3 dl (apple)eddike mere + 9 dl vand

500 gr salt

1200 gr sukker

Sodium benzoate

How to:

Wash chilies and cut the stem of the. Clean them if you want the grains in the finished sauce (I cleanse them). Skær dem i et par stykker hver.

Wash and peel the peppers and cut them into chunks.

Peel the onions and chop them any. coarse or use fed'ene all.

Peel the onions and cut them in half coarse pieces – twice as large as to blood li. Varm 2 dl af olien op i en stor gryde og steg løgene ved medium varme. Do not take a noticeable color, just be soft and sweet.

When the onions are soft, met the rest of the ingredients – except Sodium benzoat – into the pot and it all brought slowly to simmer. Leave to simmer for half an hour then blended with a hand blender – or to cool until it has a temperature as your normal blender can withstand – then blended and poured back into the pot.

Varm massen op og kog den 10 minutters tid. Season to taste along the way, should be more chili, salt, sugar or vinegar? – it is now. If you get more fresh chili, it should be finely chopped good first, og når chilien er kommet i skal saucen lige koge et par minutter inden du smager på den igen.

When you are satisfied with the taste and the mass has boiled, take the pot off the heat and Atamon added as directed on the bottle.

Heel immediately chili sauce on pure, scalded and optionally. Atamonskyllede bottles which immediately closes well and turned a walk upside down and back again.


There will be approximately. 10 liter af den store portion her – but as you can see, it is easy to divide into smaller portions.

The amount of chili fruits are of course all depends on what you use and how strong you want the sauce. De 3 kg som er maks. I have used, valid if it is mild to moderate strength as the ones I've shown in the pictures below. If you use stronger chili, it might be a good idea to start with a great deal less, and so have several ready to quickly chop and add underway. You can of course add extra red pepper in places for some of chillies.

Chili sauce - Ingredients Chili sauce - chili Chili sauce - chili i stykker Chili sauce - bell pepper chopped Chili sauce - der simres Chili sauce - sauces afkøles lidt før blendning Firebreather chilisasuce 003 006

My Firebreather is made according to the above recipe – medium versionen er tilsat 8 ‘små’ red Morouga – the hottest a good mix of strong chinenser.


Sweet vinegar picled chilies (will be translated upon request)

It is not chillies which are needed to be cute in this super easy recipe, but lagen. It is suitable also really good for the sweet and mild peppers types – you can always put a finely chopped hot chili with to give the sheet an extra touch, if you think. It tastes wonderful.

If you eat the really hot pickled chillies, I think that this recipe is a delicious change of pace from the more acidic vinegar pickled. They are nice to have in the fridge, so there just may smoke a few finely chopped with the food. The sweetness gives the chili a good fellow.

The chili will be soft and delicious and used as an accessory for just about everything. Also, just as a delicious snack on a plate haps – hvad enten man er til de milde eller de stærke.


1 kg chili

2 dl eddike – lagereddike or æbleeddike e.a.

1½ dl water

2 dl sukker – like raw cane sugar

possibly. Sodium benzoate

possibly. pickling spices – whatever you like. It can be a variety of cloves, bay leaves, peberkorn, fennel seeds, celeriac seeds, mustard seed, star anise, garlic cloves, sliced, ginger slices, etc..


How to:

Vask chilierne. Split them and remove the stem and seeds – frøvæggene you can remove, or let sit as you like. Cut any. chilierne i mindre stykker.

Bring a pot of water and vinegar to a boil. When it boils, gives chilierne et opkog 2-3 minutter og fiskes op med en hulske. The chili executed immediately on clean, scalded and optionally. sodium bezoate rinsed glass jars. There is not room for all the chili in the pot at once – then boil them a few laps or more. Pressure chillies easily together in the glasses with the back of a scalded happen.

Measure the sugar and possibly. syltekrydderier op og kog det sammen med eddikevandet i 5 minutter ved middel varme.

Remove the mixture from the heat and let it cool. Add perhaps. Atamon for instructions on flaske, if it is to last long.

Hæld lagen founders of chili in jars. Fill them all the way to the edge and close immediately good.

Let chillies to soak at least a few days – and store them in the fridge when embarked on them. Also like before, if you do not use preservatives.



Boiling makes chillies to be slightly soft and easy to press together in the glass – and remove most bacteria.

The recipe is also very useful for homemade Peppadewlignende chili, etc..

I'm usually not so silly with green, umodne chili – but sødsyltede they are quite reputable in taste.

I tilsætter ½ -1 cup extra sugar when I jellies superhot – it works well, I think.

Tropicana (will be translated upon request) – yellow fruity chili sauce

A very versatile and delicious sauce that we at times almost daily use. The tropical flavor notes chamber does not, they could otherwise do in many sauces with the theme, but balanced fine of vinegar and strength from the chili. Garlic and onions gives the sauce something 'bottom’ in taste without to put your finger on what it is.

Certainly one of the favorites. Use it to marinade (salad, greens, fisk, meat), Catfish glaze, på pizzaen, som Chilisauce, a small spoonful of dessert, etc..

Tropicana (will be translated upon request)


1 kæmpe ananas eller 2 mindre

2 store mango eller 3 mindre (Honey Mango if possible)

Yellow chili with fruit notes, i.e.. Ananas young citrus

3 økologiske citroner

300 – 400 gr ingefær

5 dl æblecidereddike (mild, i.e.. Urtekrams)

2 dl mild olivenolie

3 – 4 løg

1 hvidløg

300 gr rå rørsukker

75 – 100 gr salt, i.e.. Himalayas

maybe some. Sodium benzoate

How to:

Make all the ingredients ready. They may be mixed in a bowl, except onions and ½ cup of the oil.

Chilierne skylles og skæres i 4-5 stykker hver.

The onion cut into cubes – as. 1 cm

The garlic peeled and each clove minced in a few.

Ginger peeled and chopped into small cubes or just sliced.

Mango skrælles og skæres i stykker på ca .2 cm.

Pineapple skrælles, divided into quarters, stick and cut the flesh into pieces of approximately. 2 cm.

Lemons are washed and rind grated finely. It must be used together with the juice, der nu presses.

Heat ½ cup oil in a large saucepan – middle varme. Step logos look, they do not take color, men der sker ikke noget hvis de gyldner lidt.

Add the remaining ingredients – except Atamon – and bring to a boil. Leave to simmer on low heat about. 20 minutes.

Tag gryden af varmen og blend med en stavblender til massen er homogen og nærmest har konsistens som en tyk sovs. Do not have a stick blender, then cooling it off to a temperature as your regular blender or food processor can handle and give it a ride several times. Back to the pan with the.

Taste and. for more sugar, Vinegar and salt. Sukkerindholdet kommer an på din smag og hvor modne frugterne er.

Cook the mass and remove it from the heat. Add perhaps. Atamon for instructions on flasken.

Put into clean, scalded glass or small bottles, who is washed Atamon or spirits.

Be tightly closed immediately. Alternatives to Atamonen can henkoge glasses / flaskerne – but durability is so not that long when you open sauce.

The batch here gives approximately. 4 liter afhængig af frugternes størrelse.

Tropicana (will be translated upon request) - with labels

Among other things used:

Tropicana (will be translated upon request) - the pizza

Grilled corn (greased grill before lift)