Smoking Hot Barbecue Sauce

English here: Smoking Hot Barbecue Sauce

A super delicious and versatile barbecue sauce that is worth the effort. If you do not have the opportunity to smoke the tomatoes, then theres mentioned an alternative at the bottom of the page.
Use the sauce as it is on grilled / fried / roasted vegetables, meat, poultry and oily fish. Use it in sauces and dips – alone or whisked together with other kinds of dip. Use it in burger, on hot dogs, French fries and pulled pork, etc..

Smoking Hot Barbecue Sauce - finished

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Tomato chutney with chili and ginger (will be translated upon request)

Tomato Chutney is delicious with eggs, is a sandwich, for all kinds of meat, the cheese, touched in a time pasta and as a dip for almost anything. It may, of course, seasoned to taste – and there is free choice of spice shelf. Here, one of my versions.

Tomato chutney with chili and ginger (will be translated upon request)


4 kg tomater – many kinds

4 dl rødvinseddike eller balsamico (balsamic vinegar gives milder taste with less acid)

800 gr brunt sukker – muscovado or brown sugar

2,5 kg løg – like red onion, but use what you think

ca 400 gr ingefær

chili to taste, fresh or dried

2 hele hvidløg

4 topspsk sennepskorn, yellow, brown or black aftertaste

4 toptsk stødt allehånde

op til ca 160 gr salt (you have to taste their way)

maybe some. Sodium benzoate

How to:

The tomatoes are washed and cut into cubes. Remove the hard piece of the stem along the way.

Put the tomatoes in a large pot with vinegar. Now you can well turn the pan over low to medium heat, so the mass can begin to warm up, while you prepare the rest of the ingredients and add them.

Add the brown sugar, sennepskorn og 50 gr salt.

If you use whole allspice, then paint it in spice mill. Put all hand in the pot.

If you are using fresh chillies, so finthak the. I'm using the chillies and remove only the stem within the finely chopped. Come chili in the pot.

Ginger peeled and cut into small pieces. Finely chop the mini chopper or knife on cutting board. Getting it into the pan.

Peel and finthak bulbs – and also came to the pan.

The onions are peeled and cut into cubes the size you prefer – not too small, then it becomes something moss instead of chutney. Put them in the pan to rest.

Now screwed that up the heat and mass Boil. Boiling without the lid to have a consistency like jams. How long it takes, depends on how big a portion you're doing – and by how much heat you boil it. I boil it over medium to high heat – og der tager det ca 30-40 minutter for en lille portion og et par timer for en stor som denne. Stir occasionally to the pan along the way, so it does not burn. It is especially important for some time, If the mass is to thicken.

When chutney'en is nearing completion, season to taste. Is there more salt, sugar, chili and vinegar? It is a good idea to taste at this time, then taste the concentrated as the mass is boiled into. If you get more vinegar, may have to be cooked in a little longer. Tomato The flavor and intensity varies – and you may have cooked the chutney more or internal in. It is therefore vigtit you taste carefully to the particular salt.

When you are satisfied, take the saucepan off the heat and add Atamon, if you use it.

Filled in a clean, scalded and optionally. sodium bezoate rinsed glass jars, which immediately closes well and turned a walk upside down and back again.


How far you use balsamic vinegar or plain red wine vinegar, of course, depends on your taste, but perhaps also on how tangy tomatoes are already. I usually start with balsamic – and then adds any. a little vinegar with more acid when I taste to.

I use both fresh and dried chili. A good dried, crushed ancho or pul biber – or similar 'dark’ chilismag complements the fresh chili gre. Little smoked chili do no damage – You can sagten use a canned chipotle in adobosauce (hang it nicely) or dried, smoked chili.

The amount of ginger may seem extreme, but in the finished relish the taste is subtle and warm.

Tomato chutney with chili and ginger (will be translated upon request) - Ingredients Tomato chutney with chili and ginger (will be translated upon request) - tomaterne skæres i stykker Tomato chutney with chili and ginger (will be translated upon request) - løgene skæres i stykker Tomato chutney with chili and ginger (will be translated upon request) - ingefæren hakkes

Smurt på groft brød som derefter er dækket med tykke skiver frisk tomat og gedeost og bagt i en 225 grader varm ovn til osten er gylden. Sprinkle with basil and a little sea salt.
På groft brød med tomat, gedeost og basilikum


Chili sauce

Not correctly translated yet - A basic chili sauce, where chili flavor is supported by tomato and red pepper. The strength is up to you. The advantage of using tomato, pepper and mild and strong chili together is, that there is plenty of reason flavor in the sauce. If you then want a sharp kick comes the creeping upstairs / after. It works really well.

Chili sauce


Chili fruit aftertaste – f.eks op til 3 kg blandede milde og lidt (obtain individual) strong. Used exclusively quite hot, start such. med ca 150 gram og smag til om der skal mere i.

3 kg rød peber

1½ kg løg

6 dl olivenolie (or other oil)

ca 2 kg flåede eller hakkede tomater

ca 450 gr hvidløg

12 dl eddike, like apple vinegar

12 dl rødvin ELLER 3 dl (apple)eddike mere + 9 dl vand

500 gr salt

1200 gr sukker

Sodium benzoate

How to:

Wash chilies and cut the stem of the. Clean them if you want the grains in the finished sauce (I cleanse them). Skær dem i et par stykker hver.

Wash and peel the peppers and cut them into chunks.

Peel the onions and chop them any. coarse or use fed'ene all.

Peel the onions and cut them in half coarse pieces – twice as large as to blood li. Varm 2 dl af olien op i en stor gryde og steg løgene ved medium varme. Do not take a noticeable color, just be soft and sweet.

When the onions are soft, met the rest of the ingredients – except Sodium benzoat – into the pot and it all brought slowly to simmer. Leave to simmer for half an hour then blended with a hand blender – or to cool until it has a temperature as your normal blender can withstand – then blended and poured back into the pot.

Varm massen op og kog den 10 minutters tid. Season to taste along the way, should be more chili, salt, sugar or vinegar? – it is now. If you get more fresh chili, it should be finely chopped good first, og når chilien er kommet i skal saucen lige koge et par minutter inden du smager på den igen.

When you are satisfied with the taste and the mass has boiled, take the pot off the heat and Atamon added as directed on the bottle.

Heel immediately chili sauce on pure, scalded and optionally. Atamonskyllede bottles which immediately closes well and turned a walk upside down and back again.


There will be approximately. 10 liter af den store portion her – but as you can see, it is easy to divide into smaller portions.

The amount of chili fruits are of course all depends on what you use and how strong you want the sauce. De 3 kg som er maks. I have used, valid if it is mild to moderate strength as the ones I've shown in the pictures below. If you use stronger chili, it might be a good idea to start with a great deal less, and so have several ready to quickly chop and add underway. You can of course add extra red pepper in places for some of chillies.

Chili sauce - Ingredients Chili sauce - chili Chili sauce - chili i stykker Chili sauce - bell pepper chopped Chili sauce - der simres Chili sauce - sauces afkøles lidt før blendning Firebreather chilisasuce 003 006

My Firebreather is made according to the above recipe – medium versionen er tilsat 8 ‘små’ red Morouga – the hottest a good mix of strong chinenser.


Barbecue sauce with dark forest honey

There are many delicious barbecue sauce recipes around the web – Some of buy versions are reputable and most often does one get yourself messed a hit together in a bowl before grilling, which can not be reproduced accurately, but you just make a new next time. I have some ingredients that I keep returning to and made a sauce of slightly larger portion which come in bottles. Here in a little special variant with dark forest honey.

The sauce here is intended as a barbecue sauce of the kind that you smear on meat and vegetables the last moments of grilling time. It can also be served to the grilled or fried meat and vegetables as a dip or sauce.

It's a little more time consuming process than to snatch a bottle at the supermarket, but I think of course it is worth it. Judge for yourself, if you have the courage to try.

This batch yields approximately. 2,2 liter.


1 kg semidried, røgede tomater

Chili to taste – possibly. smoked (not translated yet)

200 gr mørk skovhonning

100 gr tamarindpasta + 1 liter vand

3 dl mørk soya (use the thick of Asians supermarket)

3 hele hvidløg

1 dl mørk sesamolie

Sodium benzoate


How to:

The tomatoes sliced ​​down the middle and dried in the oven. Store tomatoes stand with me about. 15 timer ved 50 – 60 grader.

Then cold smoked the approximately. 12 timer.

Tamarindpastaen udrøres i 1 liter kogende vand og står og trækker minimum 30 minutter. The juice is strained then down into the pan and the pulp thrown out.

Alle ingredienser blandes i gryden og simrer under låg ca 30 minutter.

Blend then – preferably with a hand blender. Otherwise, the mass to cool to the temperature as your food processor or blender can handle.

When it is blended to a suitable consistency Køge mass op igen. Herefter tages den af varmen og der røres Atamon i.

Hæls sauce on pure, scalded, Atamonskyllede bottles.



Of course you can use hot smoked tomatoes instead – it takes course only an hour or two depending on how much heat you give them – then they are dried and smoked a little. Fresh tomatoes – without smoke – can also be used, it's just a little something different.


Among other things used: grilled chicken, grilled pepper (T-Bone has fået Barbecue spice (will be translated upon request))


Made with particular. In Trinidad Scorpion Morouga Blend til Portion in.

Chili ketchup with other spices (will be translated upon request)

It's easy to make your own ketchup and the taste is unbeatable. It takes a little time, so it pays to make a double portion when you are doing.

The following recipe can also be made without chilli – and you get a delicious' ordinary’ krydderketchup of the – hvor det jo er tilladt at sætte sit helt helt eget præg ;o)
The taste is like a krydderketchup (in addition to the chili), that is, with more seasoning than a traditional ketchup.


1 kg tomater

fresh chili to taste – cut into small pieces (or a little chili powder / crushed chili to taste)

400 gr løg

2 apples

1 – 2 dl æbleeddike (depending on how tart both it and the tomatoes are)

4 spsk brun farin

2 tsp salt

1 tsk hele nelliker

½ rod whole cinnamon (the small rods)

1 tsk hel koriander

2 tsk sennepsfrø

maybe some. tomatkoncentrat (a small or large can)

Sodium benzoate

How to:

The spices ground in a grinder or a mortar.

Core the apples and cut tomatoes, onions and apples, diced. The apple is not peeled off.

Start med 1 dl eddike og tilsæt mere senere hvis der skal justeres. There is a big difference between acid unit in the different brands.

Get every ingredient holders, with the exception of tomato concentrate, in a pan and let the ketchup simmer without a lid on for about. 1 time.

Let the mass cool to the temperature of your blender can handle and then blend the mass several times. Pour back into the saucepan.

Let ketchup simmer until it is cooked to nearly real consistency – it should be slightly thinner than you want your ketchup – it thickens slightly when it cools. Jeg koger ca 1/3 af væsken væk – I think that's appropriate. There must be stirred frequently, especially towards the end, as ketchup does not burn. Season with more vinegar along the way if you think.

When it is getting there, season to taste with any. more sugar, salt, eddike og chili. I use powdered chili for this part.

If you choose to add the tomato concentrate made it a little before the ketchup is boiled down to desired consistency, when the concentrate acts as a light cultivation.

Season with salt, sugar and possibly. spices.

Remove the ketchup from the heat and add Atamon as directed on the bottle.

Immediately pour the scalded, atamonskyllede glas eller flasker som lukkes med det samme.


Tomato concentrate contribute with light cultivation, red color and more tomato flavor. If you do not have fået barrels of fresh cut, strong tasting tomatoes – the concentrate may be just providing a tomato flavor boost. It's a little different if I use it or not – it depends on smagen in the tomatoes that I have fået barrel / picked.

Of course you can replace the whole spices with ground if you do not have to paint them yourself. They all just tastes more (and better). The spices can of course also be omitted for a more clean and clear tomato flavor. Pinks tastes good through, then you're not so crazy about them – so you can get away with ½ teaspoon or any. omit them.

Remember to use a good large pot – it splutter a little when it boils into. I use a small soup pot.

I have experimented with smoked chillies and tomatoes also – which also tastes terrific.

En styrke som passer mig fint er en stor Habanero til 1 portion – and so possibly. taste with some hot chili powder eventually.

Tomattapenade with chili and/or herbs (will be translated upon request)

A delicious dip for raw vegetables in haps size, freshly baked 'Turkish’ bread or flutes, toasted bread sticks or grissini. Good on 'tapas table’ and spread in bowls and sandwich. Delicious with eggs. Good to grill food on a piece of freshly grilled bread.

Smag is fresh, slightly acidic and yet toppakket with umami. Maybe more than one tomathummus tapenade – men bare smag den ;o)

You can choose to make a hot chili version without herbs (nemt winter with chili from the freezer) or turn it down a chili and well up the fresh herbs in a delicious summer version. In the picture there are lots of cilantro in.


A large glass sun-dried tomatoes in oil – or two smaller glass

3 spsk tahin

2 tsp salt

1 tsk rå rørsukker

Saft og fintrevet skal af 1 citron eller to lime

½ head of garlic – more or less aftertaste

Chillies to taste

A good olive oil

maybe some. lots of fresh herbs to taste – i.e.. basil in raw volumes, parsley, løvstikke, coriander osv.

maybe some. hiking to the consistency suits


How to:

All run together in the food processor until it becomes a homogeneous mass.

The oil from the tomatoes must – or you can fish them up and throw away their oil and instead use a good virgin olive oil.

Chili Lover can throw well with chili in this – tomato taste'll penetrate – and you have a delicious chilispread for spreading on bread, meat, boiled eggs m.m.

One can vary the kind in the infinite. In the winter when fresh herbs are usually not used for raw volumes one can experiment with other flavorings. It could be capers, anchovies, olive, parmegiano the. Doggy Style, the spring or can be made easier with a little fresh tomato, frosne Least OSV. Dried herbs and spices can also be used.

Tomato tapenade with anchovies (will be translated upon request)

A letlavet tapenade with a fantastic umamismag – It is delicious as a dip for vegetables and assorted breads, but certainly also for adding flavor to sauces, supper, moss and stews.


1 stort glas soltørrede tomater i olie eller to små glas

1 stort glas hele ansjoser i lage

1 bundt forårsløg, the green part

6-8 fed hvidløg (approximately ½ garlic)

lidt chili

salt peber

possibly. extra olivenolie

possibly. water.


How to:

Cleaning anchovies holders. Cut the heads and tails of. Cut the belly and remove the entrails. Pressure anchovy flat on a cutting board with the back side facing up. Flip it and remove the backbones. Pull the skin gently.

The tomatoes used as they are with oil – or you can pour the oil out and spend about. same amount of virgin olive oil.

Pour everything in the food processor and run for very smooth consistency. Spring bulbs do not need to be fully extended – but the rest should be smooth and fine.

There probably need to add more olive oil or any. water to get the mass of desired consistency.

Season to taste.

Eat tapenaden immediately as a dip and freeze leftovers in small portions which are used to add flavor to other foods.

Of course you can use purified fish instead – but the whole pickled fish provides a much more delicious and consistent taste. The work to clean them is not so large – and taste yields, it is certainly worth.

Tapenaden does not taste particularly fished – but beautiful and powerful of good causes.

Semidried tomatoes (will be translated upon request)

This is a delicious way to use tomatoes – in this house they disappear quite quickly as candy, hvis ikke man holder øje med dem.


1 bagepladefuld halverede tomater (go for the sweetest you can find – any small or medium size.)

3/4 dl ekstra jomfruolivenolie

1 helt hvidløg (remember that it is delicious mild in the oven)

1 – 2 friskhakket chili efter smag – chopped into pulp – or a little chili powder
2 spsk god, red balsamic vinegar
3 – 4 tsk rå rørsukker
3 – 4 tsk flagesalt – i.e.. Maldon
2 tsk groft peber
1 – 4 spsk hakket frisk oregano (1 – 4 tsk tørret kan bruges i stedet)
1 – 4 spsk hakket frisk timian (1 – 4 tsk tørret kan bruges i stedet)
1 – 4 spsk hakket frisk rosmarin (1 – 4 tsk tørret kan bruges i stedet)
How to:
Among Olien balsamic, the pressed garlic and crushed chili if using fresh chillies.
Brush the surface of the tomatoes with the oil – stir well in the way, so all the tomatoes get a bit of everything.
Among salt, sugar and peber (and powdered chili if you use it) in a bowl and mix well – mas mixture with the back of a spoon so salt flakes are slightly finer. Sprinkle the mixture evenly over the tomatoes.
Bland krydderurterne og drys dem på. Hvis nogle af dem er tørrede, so start with them.
Bages i ovnen ved 100 grader til de er nok. They can be eaten at any stage of 'drying’ and tastes good. I think that they are best when slightly more than half of the liquid has evaporated.
Det tager mellem 4 og 6 timer i min ovn med halvsmå (cocktail/sherry)tomatoes – 5 – 10 timer med mellem (blomme)tomatoes. Experiment – and tastes like underway. The temperature in the oven can be set higher – op til ca 140, then it goes faster – men jeg kan bedst lide dem med den lange tid ved 100 grader. Herbs are not so well to the heat set higher – so they may well be dark. Husk at ventilen til ovnen skal stå åben.
Drys, possibly. a little extra fresh herbs on before serving if you use them as snacks / accessories.
If you'd like them very dry, it may be a little too much for herbs – You can then wait to sprinkle them over to the last hour ex.
Keeps fine a few days as they are refrigerated – but may also be stored in a glass scalded in the fridge, doused with extra virgin olive oil.
Tastes absolutely fantastic with sun-ripened tomatoes – as a snack along with some other goodies – and is excellent on pizza. Also to salads, in tomato obvious, in gryderetten and chopped drys on æggeretter.
If you do not have the opportunity to have freshly picked ripe tomatoes, so try CE. to go after small organic San Marzano or Datterino.
Vary your own spices – use export. citronpeber, røgsalt, other herbs, cumin seeds, sortløgsfrø etc.
There can also be dried at a lower temperature and over a longer period. You can easily dry completely down to the approximately. 50 grader som er de fleste ovnes laveste temperatur.
Herbs and sugar can help but linger on – but always remember salt. It is the salt which helps to draw the liquid out of the tomatoes.
Semidried tomatoes (will be translated upon request)