Chili sauce

Not correctly translated yet - A basic chili sauce, where chili flavor is supported by tomato and red pepper. The strength is up to you. The advantage of using tomato, pepper and mild and strong chili together is, that there is plenty of reason flavor in the sauce. If you then want a sharp kick comes the creeping upstairs / after. It works really well.

Chili sauce


Chili fruit aftertaste – f.eks op til 3 kg blandede milde og lidt (obtain individual) strong. Used exclusively quite hot, start such. med ca 150 gram og smag til om der skal mere i.

3 kg rød peber

1½ kg løg

6 dl olivenolie (or other oil)

ca 2 kg flåede eller hakkede tomater

ca 450 gr hvidløg

12 dl eddike, like apple vinegar

12 dl rødvin ELLER 3 dl (apple)eddike mere + 9 dl vand

500 gr salt

1200 gr sukker

Sodium benzoate

How to:

Wash chilies and cut the stem of the. Clean them if you want the grains in the finished sauce (I cleanse them). Skær dem i et par stykker hver.

Wash and peel the peppers and cut them into chunks.

Peel the onions and chop them any. coarse or use fed'ene all.

Peel the onions and cut them in half coarse pieces – twice as large as to blood li. Varm 2 dl af olien op i en stor gryde og steg løgene ved medium varme. Do not take a noticeable color, just be soft and sweet.

When the onions are soft, met the rest of the ingredients – except Sodium benzoat – into the pot and it all brought slowly to simmer. Leave to simmer for half an hour then blended with a hand blender – or to cool until it has a temperature as your normal blender can withstand – then blended and poured back into the pot.

Varm massen op og kog den 10 minutters tid. Season to taste along the way, should be more chili, salt, sugar or vinegar? – it is now. If you get more fresh chili, it should be finely chopped good first, og når chilien er kommet i skal saucen lige koge et par minutter inden du smager på den igen.

When you are satisfied with the taste and the mass has boiled, take the pot off the heat and Atamon added as directed on the bottle.

Heel immediately chili sauce on pure, scalded and optionally. Atamonskyllede bottles which immediately closes well and turned a walk upside down and back again.


There will be approximately. 10 liter af den store portion her – but as you can see, it is easy to divide into smaller portions.

The amount of chili fruits are of course all depends on what you use and how strong you want the sauce. De 3 kg som er maks. I have used, valid if it is mild to moderate strength as the ones I've shown in the pictures below. If you use stronger chili, it might be a good idea to start with a great deal less, and so have several ready to quickly chop and add underway. You can of course add extra red pepper in places for some of chillies.

Chili sauce - Ingredients Chili sauce - chili Chili sauce - chili i stykker Chili sauce - bell pepper chopped Chili sauce - der simres Chili sauce - sauces afkøles lidt før blendning Firebreather chilisasuce 003 006

My Firebreather is made according to the above recipe – medium versionen er tilsat 8 ‘små’ red Morouga – the hottest a good mix of strong chinenser.


Baked bell pepper strips and sweet chillies in oil (will be translated upon request)

Tastes of sunshine and holidays.


4 – 5 peberfrugter – any sun-ripened

Sweet / mild chillies aftertaste – large sweet chillies can also be fully or partly replace the peppers

maybe some. fintstrimlet chili

ca 1 – 1½ dl ekstra jomfruolivenolie med god smag

about ½ cup good balsamic vinegar – one without too much acid

Salt and peber

How to:

Clean chili and pepper.

Skær peberfrugterne i 6 både og skær hver båd i strimler på den korte led.

Cut the chillies into strips and put them and the peppers in an ovenproof dish.

Sprinkle a little salt and pepper over and pour oil on – toss well around.

Bages i forvarmet ovn ved 180 – 200 grader i ca 30 – 45 minutes – if you cut the strips very thick, it may be that they need a little longer. Vend rundt i dem med 10 minutters mellemrum og check dem. They are done when the peppers have given much of their liquid and therefore shrunk by half and is quite tender and soft – but they do not take color. Once you have made them some time you can smell the finish.

When taken out of the oven poured the immediately with balsamicoen and turned back well around.

Can keep my. a week at scalded, closed glass jar in the refrigerator.

Eaten with freshly baked bread as example. baguettes or savory flatbread. Serve like it in small bowls with a small spoon, so to break his bread, hold it over the bowl and pour both the juice and pepper on – the juice is fantastic.

Served throughout the year – is equally good as the accessories for barbecues in the summer and tapas table mm. in winter along with other good.

Tastes good warm and even better cold.

A very simple little thing that tastes great – a bit of sunshine and summer – if it is made of good ingredients.

Tips: add if necessary. garlic and / or herbs, maybe a pinch of hot chili or other good spice – only limit is your imagination here.