Mango chutney with chilli (will be translated upon request)

Mango chutney is suitable for many kinds of food in both the cold and the hot kitchen. It can be used in the laying, wherein the whistle egg food, pate, the cut meat and cheese etc.. up – turn it with a little sour cream and use it in sanwich- or burgerbollen – or as a sauce for vegetables. Delicious on tallekenen as an accompaniment to many hot dishes as well as on top of rice dishes. As accessories / dip for good bread – like with other kinds of 'dip'. Try it also on fish – både som tilbehør til den færdige fisk og som marinade i pakken med den bagte fisk.

Mango chutney with chilli (will be translated upon request) - on glass

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Tomato chutney with chili and ginger (will be translated upon request)

Tomato Chutney is delicious with eggs, is a sandwich, for all kinds of meat, the cheese, touched in a time pasta and as a dip for almost anything. It may, of course, seasoned to taste – and there is free choice of spice shelf. Here, one of my versions.

Tomato chutney with chili and ginger (will be translated upon request)


4 kg tomater – many kinds

4 dl rødvinseddike eller balsamico (balsamic vinegar gives milder taste with less acid)

800 gr brunt sukker – muscovado or brown sugar

2,5 kg løg – like red onion, but use what you think

ca 400 gr ingefær

chili to taste, fresh or dried

2 hele hvidløg

4 topspsk sennepskorn, yellow, brown or black aftertaste

4 toptsk stødt allehånde

op til ca 160 gr salt (you have to taste their way)

maybe some. Sodium benzoate

How to:

The tomatoes are washed and cut into cubes. Remove the hard piece of the stem along the way.

Put the tomatoes in a large pot with vinegar. Now you can well turn the pan over low to medium heat, so the mass can begin to warm up, while you prepare the rest of the ingredients and add them.

Add the brown sugar, sennepskorn og 50 gr salt.

If you use whole allspice, then paint it in spice mill. Put all hand in the pot.

If you are using fresh chillies, so finthak the. I'm using the chillies and remove only the stem within the finely chopped. Come chili in the pot.

Ginger peeled and cut into small pieces. Finely chop the mini chopper or knife on cutting board. Getting it into the pan.

Peel and finthak bulbs – and also came to the pan.

The onions are peeled and cut into cubes the size you prefer – not too small, then it becomes something moss instead of chutney. Put them in the pan to rest.

Now screwed that up the heat and mass Boil. Boiling without the lid to have a consistency like jams. How long it takes, depends on how big a portion you're doing – and by how much heat you boil it. I boil it over medium to high heat – og der tager det ca 30-40 minutter for en lille portion og et par timer for en stor som denne. Stir occasionally to the pan along the way, so it does not burn. It is especially important for some time, If the mass is to thicken.

When chutney'en is nearing completion, season to taste. Is there more salt, sugar, chili and vinegar? It is a good idea to taste at this time, then taste the concentrated as the mass is boiled into. If you get more vinegar, may have to be cooked in a little longer. Tomato The flavor and intensity varies – and you may have cooked the chutney more or internal in. It is therefore vigtit you taste carefully to the particular salt.

When you are satisfied, take the saucepan off the heat and add Atamon, if you use it.

Filled in a clean, scalded and optionally. sodium bezoate rinsed glass jars, which immediately closes well and turned a walk upside down and back again.


How far you use balsamic vinegar or plain red wine vinegar, of course, depends on your taste, but perhaps also on how tangy tomatoes are already. I usually start with balsamic – and then adds any. a little vinegar with more acid when I taste to.

I use both fresh and dried chili. A good dried, crushed ancho or pul biber – or similar 'dark’ chilismag complements the fresh chili gre. Little smoked chili do no damage – You can sagten use a canned chipotle in adobosauce (hang it nicely) or dried, smoked chili.

The amount of ginger may seem extreme, but in the finished relish the taste is subtle and warm.

Tomato chutney with chili and ginger (will be translated upon request) - Ingredients Tomato chutney with chili and ginger (will be translated upon request) - tomaterne skæres i stykker Tomato chutney with chili and ginger (will be translated upon request) - løgene skæres i stykker Tomato chutney with chili and ginger (will be translated upon request) - ingefæren hakkes

Smurt på groft brød som derefter er dækket med tykke skiver frisk tomat og gedeost og bagt i en 225 grader varm ovn til osten er gylden. Sprinkle with basil and a little sea salt.
På groft brød med tomat, gedeost og basilikum


Red cabbage pickled with orange, cranberries and chili (will be translated upon request)

I love red cabbage with so-called Christmas spices. The attentive reader will know that they now have a place in my kitchen throughout the year – determined not only in December. For everyday, I would like to have this magnificent cabbage raw, but it should be shelved, so it must be with a good seasoning. My version here is slightly sweet and salty, slightly acidic from the vinegar and spicy. Do you want a less sweet, Sharp as just down the syrup.


A red cabbage head – as. 2 kg

4 dl eddike – like frugteddiker and like mixed

4 dl saft/sirup – like blackcurrant, e.l ribs.

revet skal og saft af 2 store eller 3 mindre usprøjtede appelsiner

ca 250 – 300 gr tørrede tranebær

fresh chopped chilli to taste

1 tsk hele nelliker

1 lille stang hel kanel – or the corresponding section of a large

ca 1 spsk hele stykker muskatblomme

2 stykker tørret ingefær

4 – 8 tsk salt

maybe some. Sodium benzoate


How to:

Hak snit and red cabbage as fine as you can suffer the – I cut it with a knife on the cutting board, but maybe you will have just the fine in the food processor.

Grate the orange peel and squeeze the juice of the oranges.

Notch cranberries into smaller pieces with a knife.

Mix all ingredients unless directed to salt and Atamon in a large pot and bring them slowly to the boil. Lad simre ca. 1 time.

When it has KOGT the first fifteen minutes, you can begin to taste with more juice or vinegar if you think that one of the items are missing.

When simmering time is nearing end, smacks you with a little salt and possibly. more spices – Here you can benefit from using powdered. If you find that it lacks sweetness, need to assess whether to more juice in, or if you want to get hold of the sugar jar. The acid is adjusted with one of eddikerne.

When you are satisfied, taken from the heat. If you are using Atamon, added it as directed on the bottle. Measure up as if it were to jam / preserves.

Come clean on red cabbage, scalded and optionally. sodium bezoate rinsed glass jars, which immediately closed and turned upside down and says little.



I portionen på billedet har jeg brugt en blanding af 2 eddiker: apple vinegar with shallot and raspberry vinegar. Jeg har også brugt 2 slags saft/sirup: blackcurrant juice (Ribena) and tamarindsirup. Half of each of both cases.

The cut cabbage takes up much, so find a large pot until the project. Jeg bruger en 8 liters til det.

I've spent a small TSMB. It was just as it should be.


Homemade marzipan with ginger and chili (will be translated upon request) – filled chocolates


Good dark chocolate shells

250 gr mandler

3 – 4 bittermandler eller abrikoskerner

2 spsk honning eller mere

3 – 4 spsk Ingefærlikør

½ tbsp finely grated fresh ginger

1 tsk stødt ingefær

1 tsk chilipulver eller hakket frisk chili


How to:

Prepare shells – see . little about chocolate.

Mandlerne hakkes – med skal – i en foodprocessor indtil de har en konsistens som meget groft mel – prøv dig frem hvilken konsistens du bedst kan lide. I think that this marzipan must be more coarse than the regular store bought marzipan.

Honey is added and it is run some laps again.

Add the chilli, fresh ginger, stødt ingefær og ingefærlikør og kør til massen er let sammenhængende – endelig ikke for længe. The mixture should be slightly sticky, måske skal der lidt mere vædske i – kommer an på hvor fint du malede mandlerne og hvor store skefulde honning der kom i.

Pressure mass in chocolate shells. Close off with melted chocolate, decoration CE. with whatever you find on and serve.

Rice pudding cake with ginger and chilli

English here: Rice pudding cake with ginger and chilli

Another way to serve a danish rice pudding dessert. Although it can of course be made without chili, I do believe that, together with the ginger, it matches the sweet taste and really suits it well. They are both very discrete in the cake and gives just a hint of hot seasoning.

Ingredients – base:

1 package (approx 260 grams) Bastogne biscuits – the original with cinnamon flavor – alternative: ginger biscuits

100 grams of almonds

100 gr butter

2 tablespoons Muscovado or brown sugar

1 tsp chili powder

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 tsp grated nutmeg

½ tsp salt

Ingredients – filling:

60 gr rice (the type used for porridge)

½ liter of whole milk

8 tablespoons raw cane sugar

6 sheets of gelatin

2½ dl whipping cream

400 grams of cream cheese – i.e.. Philadelphia

1 – 1½ tablespoons fresh, finely grated ginger

2 tsp chilli powder or fresh, finely chopped chilli to taste

2 – 3 teaspoons vanilla powder (not sugar) or other similar vanilla product (i.e. essence)

Ingredients – topping:

1 glass of Amarena cherries

1 dl Amaretto

½ teaspoon chili powder or some fresh very finely chopped

4 sheets of gelatine


How to:

First make a rice pudding of milk and rice. Bring milk to a boil over medium heat while stirring. Add rice and stir well. Let cook for 2 minutes without lid. Reduce to low heat and put the lid on. Let the porridge cook until it has absorbed all the milk – it takes about 40 minutes. It must be stirred periodically during that time – especially towards the end, so that the porridge does not catch at the bottom of the pot. When the porridge is ready, take it off the heat and cool completely. For instance. put cold water in the bottom of the kitchen sink and place the pot in it to cool.

The almonds are toasted lightly in a medium hot pan – stir occationally, until they begin to smell nice and get a little color – not too much though. They can also begin to make little popping noises, but they don't neccesarily do that. Let them then cool.

All the ingredients for the base, except the butter butter, is ground up in food processor until it has the consistency of very coarse flour.

The butter is melted and mixed with the 'flour'. The mass is pressed into the bottom of a greased springform with your fingers (be careful to add some at the edges) and set it aside to cool while you prepare the filling.

Soak the 6 sheets of gelatine in cold water.

Be sure that Philadelphia is at room temperature when you're using it (remove from refrigerator ½ – 1 hour before use).

Finely chop the chilli if you use whole ones and grate the ginger. Put sugar, chili, vanilla and ginger in a bowl with Philadelphia.

Whip the cream to semifirm peaks. Whip Philadelphia and spices sugar together for a minut or two, so that the sugar is dissolved.

Stir in the cold rice porridge.

Remove the gelatin from the water and melt it over very low heat with the water that clings to it. Stir it in the mass – using the hand mixer at low speed for this is a good idea. It is important that you pour the melted gelatine so that a thin beam hits right where the mixer is running, then there is less likelihood of forming threads in the mass, but make sure now to get it all mixed well in the bowl.

Gently fold the cream into the mix with a soft spatula and then pour it into the form on top of the cooled bottom. Smooth it neatly, cover with clingfilm and put the cake in the refrigerator an hour or two.

When it's time to make the top layer, put the 4 gelatine leaves in cold water for approx 10 minutes of time.

Pour Amarena berries and their juice in a small saucepan and gently warm with chili and gelatine when it's ready (after the 10 minutes soaking). Do not boil, but must just be a bit warmer than lukewarm, such that the gelatine melts.

Remove pan from heat and stir immediately Amaretto in. Allow to cool to handwarm or slightly cooler and pour over the cold cake.

Cover with clingfilm and put the cake in the refrigerator at least an hour again – but until later or next day is fine.

Pickled chili asia style (will be translated upon request)

Delicious as a snack for a cold beer, chopped or 'whole’ in curries and Danish karryretter. Super on liver pâté and other meats – put also a handful in a sandwich with your favorite fillings.


About . 1 kg medium stærke til stærke chili – i.e.. Jalapeño

Clean chillies and cut into rings.

2½ dl risvineddike

About . 100 gr palmesukker

8 spsk fiskesauce

About . 5 cm ingefær eller mere skåret i tynde skiver

10 – 15 hele stjerneanis

3 spsk sellerifrø

maybe some. Sodium benzoate


How to:

Prepare one or more glass. They washed, scalded and possibly. Atamonskylles.

Cut the chillies into rings and put them in jars with ginger slices, star anise and celery evenly distributed between.

Vinegar and sugar slowly heated while the sugar dissolve and dissolve. Once the sugar has dissolved completely brought to a boil and cook over low heat without stirring for about. 5 minutter ved middelvarme. This reduces a bit.

Remove from the heat, lad den køle 5 minutter og tilsæt fiskesaucen (and possibly. Sodium benzoate). Pour over chillies so they are completely covered. If you need a bit at the top, you can supplement with a little rice vinegar.

Close the jars and let them cool. Then held in cold storage where it can hold a few months without Atamon – meget længere med.

Plum sauce with chili (will be translated upon request)

Delicious as dippingsauce and fried or cold meats. Good for sandwiches and for adding flavor to sauces and dressings. Also a hit on curries.


Ca 2 kg blommer

4 løg

1 hvidløg

100 g frisk ingefær

2 tsk stødt ingefær

2 dl riseddike

1 dl mørk soyasauce

Revet skal og saft af 2 lime

300 – 500 gr palmesukker (depends on your preference and the sour plums are)

Chili to taste - fresh or dried

maybe some. Sodium benzoate

How to:

You can choose to remove the skin from the plums if you want. It is made easier by immersing them in boiling water for one minute, and then immediately in ice-cold water. Now the skin can be easily pulled by. Remove it if you like - it is not strictly necessary.

Remove stones from plums.

Onions, garlic, chili (if using fresh) og ingefær finthakkes.

All the ingredients - except Atamon – brought quietly to a boil in a saucepan. Start med 300 gr palmesukker og smag til igen efter puréring.

Let the sauce simmer for plums are tender and overcooked. It takes approximately. 20-30 minutter. Stir in the sometimes.

Blend the sauce with a hand blender – or let it cool to a temperature your big blender / food processor can handle and use the.

If you did not remove the skin before cooking, Do you assess the consistency is now OK and skin pureed good enough - otherwise you pass the mixture through a sieve.

Cook the plum sauce again and season - lack acid, sweetness or strength?

When the sauce is flavored remove the pan from the heat and if you use Atamon add it now as directed on the bottle.

Pour on clean scalded, and possibly. Sodium benzoate rinsed , bottles.


The color of your plum sauce depends on the plums you use and whether you use skin. If you would like to make a light sauce, the skin off and you can use light soy or omit it completely (and it will be probably a little salt in).

Of course you can also add other spices – i.e.. ground star anise will go well in this sauce.

Plum sauce with chili (will be translated upon request) - ready for cooking 007


Gløggmix with chili (will be translated upon request)

It's fun and easy to create its own gløggmix. The chili is deafening in this version, but gives a warm kick.

Gløgmix'et poured in a neutral bottle of spirits – ex. vodka or schnapps and pulls long – like from one Christmas to the next, but shorter can also do it. It's a good idea to think about making the external. middle of summer.


1 flaske neutralt smagende vodka eller snaps (i.e.. red Smirnoff or Brondum)

1 toptsk hele nelliker

5 Cassia kanelstænger (ordinary commercially) or the equivalent amount of whole Ceylon Cinnamon

2 toptsk grønne kardemommekapsler

Complete mace corresponding to approximately. 1 toptsk

3 hele stjerneanis

1 toptsk tørret citronskal

2 toptsk tørret appelsinskal

1 tsk knust chili/chiliflager

2 toptsk skåret lakridsrod

Dried, hel ingefær svarende til 2 toptsk

How to:

Hæld ca. 1 dl af vodka/snaps ud af flasken og gem et øjeblik (or use a large, nyskoldet jar to mix in instead).

Letknus kardemommen so the shells are open. Letknus ginger and star anise so they can get in the bottle.

Pour the spices in the bottle and top up with the extra liquid in the bottle is full.

Place the bottle aside and turn it a game upside down and back again once in a while when you come to think of it. If you forget the, Does it taste good anyway.

Use the amount you like in a pot full of red wine (or white wine or elderflower cordial) as you heat – but does not bring in cognitive. Pour gløggmix'et through a small sieve into the pan. Add perhaps. some sugar – This mix is ​​not so sweet as many of the purchased. A slice of lemon, orange and / or a pair of washers ginger added during the heating, I also think is a nice touch.

Mulled wine mix is ​​very strong spice taste – especially when it has been some time, så brug kun en lille smule til at starte med. Jeg starter normalt med at bruge ca. ½ cup gløggmix for a bottle of wine and taste me looked forward if I want more.

Add also like port wine, cognac, ROM or whatever you normally pour in your mulled wine in the pan.


Along the way, when you take the bottle, You can tops it up with fresh vodka / schnapps after each, as long as you think that there is enough flavor in.

If you have a partially full bottle back after Christmas, You can top it with fresh vodka / schnapps – screw the lid tightly and store it for next Christmas.

If you do, so try CE. to sieve seasoning from a few months before you need it again and supplement with it that you think is missing in the taste of it is balanced.

The spices changing tastes along the way, but can stand long sagten. Jeg har haft dem stående i op til 4 år (there was a year where we did very).


Green curry paste (will be translated upon request)

Curry pastes used in all kinds simmer dishes – both the easy fast and those who should be a little longer. They are also delicious in soups – or mixed in once fast fish cakes, beef buns and much more. They come in a lot of mixtures and in some of the classic, there is a strong convergence of ingredients, but the relative amount of different, giving different flavor profiles. Here my version of the green Thai curry.


1 spsk korianderfrø

2 tsk spidskommen

1 tsk sorte peberkorn

15 store, grofthakkede green chillies (evt 10 store og 5-10 små)

2 tsk rejepasta

6 røde asiatiske skalotteløg

5 cm galangarod – chopped

12 hvidløgsfed – chopped

100 gr frisk koriander: roots, stems and leaves – chopped

6 kaffir limeblade – chopped

3 stilke citrongræs – the white part minced

1 spsk ingefær, chopped

Revet skal og saft af 1 lime

2 tsp salt

2 spsk olie


How to:

Koriander og spidskommen ristes på en tør pande i 2-3 minutter ved jævn varme. Stir it constantly. It should scents light roasted and must of course be too dark.

Peppercorns and roasted crushes spices in mortar or ground in spice grinder.

Shrimp paste is chopped into a few pieces and fry lightly on the dry pan over low to medium heat – det tager 3 – 5 minutter. Turn around well underway.

Stood ingredient holders together in a mortar. Alternatively, blend the. Stop frequently and scraping the mass down the sides, so that it becomes well mixed.

Kan opbevares 2-3 uger på køl eller fryses i portioner (as. 1 top-spsk er passende pr. portion for two, I think – but a try). Jeg får 7 portioner ud af denne. They packed easily in small wrap packages and place in a freezer bag on which is written what is in.

White Fire (will be translated upon request) – white chili sauce

A very special chili sauce which protrudes somewhat from the usual. Den er meget koncentreret i smagen og en smule af den kan få en enhver ret til at smage som en tur til Østasien.

I do like the rather strong, because it is used in such small quantities – there must be a little bit to give strength also. The flavor is very intense.

Providing approximately. 7,4 dl


Hvide chili – the number and strength aftertaste

2 dl risvineddike

150 gr palmesukker

15 gr salt

125 – 150 gr hvidløg

1 dl neutral olie

150 gr løg

150 gr ingefær

100 gr galangarod

ca 100 gr citrongræs

3 dl vand

Sodium benzoate

How to:

Clean white onions and cut into chunks.

Vask galangaen – scrubber the CE. with a grøntsagsbøste – and peel the ugliest part of the peel of, if anything it. You do not need to remove the rest. Cut it into small pieces.

Cut the top dry green piece of citrongræsstænglerne, cut the bottom root end and remove the outer leaves. Rinse them and cut them into slices.

Peel the ginger and cut into slices.

Vask chilien, skær stilken af og skær chilierne i et par stykker.

Come alt – except Atamon – to Dryden.

Simrer 30 minutter under låg.

Køler til den temperatur din blender kan håndtere.

Blend really well and passed through a sieve. The pulp is thrown out and the juice is poured back into the pot.

Koges, remove from heat and add Atamon.

Poured in small, rene, scalded, Atamonskyllede bottles which immediately closed and just turned a walk upside down and back again.


The sauce stand a bit in the bottle when it is – it means nothing. The shake just before use.


Suggestions for use – kylling i 3 dage med White Fire

First Day: a good økokylling rubbed with olive oil and sprinkle with coarse salt. Sættes i kold ovn og steges 140 minutter ved 150 grader. Når der er 20 minutter tilbage af stegetiden, Brush the chicken with the White Fire. Serve with favorite accessories. I do often have a few narrow coarse flutes as a baker fifteen minutes just when the chicken comes out.

Thighs, drumsticks and wings eaten. Breast meat will keep for itself and all other (ben, skins were not eaten and everything smovs from roasting pan) stored in the refrigerator in a pan.

Second day: a few homemade coarse sandwich buns with chicken salad made on bryskødet, creme fraice, White Fire and whatever else you might want to put in. The picture shows white cucumber and Holy Mole and a little salt.

Third day: pot with chicken remains filled with water to the remains covered. The simmering with the lid on for an hour and sieve. The soup is poured back into the pot. If there is much fat as floats, you can remove some of it with a spoon.

You now have a super delicious because soup can be used with just what you want. Here I built the soup further by adding chickpeas and fresh tomatoes into chunks. Kogte det ved svag varme i 10-20 minutter. Blended with a hand blender and added coconut milk. Cooked quickly and tasted to the White Fire, ca 1 spsk æbleeddike og lidt salt.