Light mayo without eggs

A delicious mayo which is somewhat less fat than the regular – and which of course can be seasoned to taste exactly as you like.

Light mayo without eggs


1 package silken tofu (300 gr)

2 dl oil – neutral or with a taste that you like in mayo

3 tbsp applecider vinegar

1 tablespoon nutritional yeast flakes (Optional)

2 tsp dijon mustard

2 tsp of vegan bouillon powder (Optional)

1 pinch of salt – like Kala Namak / black himalayan salt

Maybe a little spice to taste. Some use a small pinch of curry in the basic mayo.

How to:

Place all the ingredients except the oil in a food processor and blend until they are mixed completely and the silken tofu is creamy and uniform in consistency.

Add the oil a little at a time while blending until it all is incorporated.

Season to taste – maybe you would like a little more salt, vinegar or mustard?

Now you can use your mayo as it is – or adding various flavors if you like. For instance. split into portions and try some different sesonings.

Some of our favorites are:

  • chili – fresh or dried
  • chipotle – either powder or canned
  • garlic
  • smoked paprika
  • finely zested lemon peel (Replace like the applecider vinegar with lemon juice)
  • various herbs, eg. rams, chives, coriander, dill
  • karry

When the mayo has been refrigerated a while it will set a little due to. the silken tofu.

We use the mayo everywhere we would otherwise have used an egg-based mayo, but also where we previously would use butter on bread – not with sweets, there we use different nut butters – but e.g.. as a spread under simple delicious veggies as cucumber, tomato or potato, and drizzled well with chopped herbs – yummm. Good for sandwiches and bread where you use fried tofu or vegan/vegetarian meatballs, mushrooms or seitan'meat '.

Season to taste with additional apple cider vinegar or vinegar powder, some sugar, a little salt and maybe. celeriac seeds and use it for coleslaw.

Light mayo without eggs - Ingredients Light mayo without eggs - klar til blanding Light mayo without eggs - finished Light mayo without eggs Light mayo without eggs - brugt i coleslaw

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Mango chutney with chilli (will be translated upon request)

Mango chutney is suitable for many kinds of food in both the cold and the hot kitchen. It can be used in the laying, wherein the whistle egg food, pate, the cut meat and cheese etc.. up – turn it with a little sour cream and use it in sanwich- or burgerbollen – or as a sauce for vegetables. Delicious on tallekenen as an accompaniment to many hot dishes as well as on top of rice dishes. As accessories / dip for good bread – like with other kinds of 'dip'. Try it also on fish – både som tilbehør til den færdige fisk og som marinade i pakken med den bagte fisk.

Mango chutney with chilli (will be translated upon request) - on glass

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Chili Vinegar

Chili Vinegar is delicious anywhere you would normally use vinegar. If you have made it very hot, it's easy to mix with a bit of pure vinegar before use. Use it in salad dressing, in mayonaise, dripped on french fries and baked vegetables, a tsp in the sauce or soup etc. 011


2/3 White Wine Vinegar

1/3 Applecider vinegar

1 teaspoon of salt per 2 ½ dl vinegar

1 tsp raw cane sugar per 2 ½ dl vinegar

Fresh and / or dried chillies

How to:

Wash chillies well and scald them if you like. Just for a second using a sieve to hold them. Cut either the stem and top of or punch a few holes in them with a skewer. You can also choose to shred them – or mix the different models.

Bring the vinegar to the boil with the salt and sugar and immediately take if off the heat and let it cool for 10 minutes.

Pour the vinegar over the chillies and immediately close the bottle. If the vinegar level is sinking because you poked whole chillies, you can just wait and top up using a bit more vinegar in the bottles as it sinks, before closing them.

Store in a cool and dark place a few weeks before use.

Can be strained and poured back into the bottle when you think that it is hot enough, or if the chillies becomes a bit pale and boring to look at.


You can choose to add garlic cloves, other spices maybe. or perhaps ginger in the bottle as well.

If the vinegar has become too hot, you can simply dilute it with a little more. I mix a pinch of salt and sugar with a little apple vinegar and use it to top up with.

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Tomatillo salsa with limejuice and chili – preserved (will be translated upon request)

A large crop of semi-ripe tomatillos gave me the idea for this. Tomatillos are otherwise a healthy salsafavorit in this house, but frost sudden arrival gave a very large portion of tomatillos, who were picked with the same. They can be frozen, men så synes jeg at de er bedst i varme retter efter optøning, da de mister spændstigheden i fryseren.

So a delicious tart lime tasting tomatillo salsa on the glass for the winter many tortillas and nachos are now produced.


2 kg tomatillos – Your favorite black, possibly. mixed and like half-ripe

8 – 12 lime (8 store eller 12 små)

1 håndfuld medium stærke grønne eller gule chili

3-4 løg str. medium

1 hvidløg

ca 30 gram havsalt

1 – 10 spsk rå rørsukker

possibly. Sodium benzoate

How to:

Remove the papery shell from tomatillos'ene and rinse them well.

Squeeze the juice from the limes and place in pan.

Peel the cloves of garlic. Peel the onion and cut into eighths. Chop the garlic and onion in the food processor until it is medium-fine to coarse. Getting them into the pot.

Wash chilies and cut the stems of. Cut the chili into pieces and chop medium-fine to coarse in the machine. Getting them into the pot.

Cut the tomatillos into quarters and came them in the food processor of some laps and chop medium-fine to coarse. In the pot with them.

Add salt.

Mix salsa together in the pan and bring it quietly to a boil. Let it cook on medium heat until it is thickened. The consistency should be like (thin) jam. How thick or thin is up to you. Det kan godt tage 30 – 90 minutter. There must be stirred frequently.

Along the way, season to taste with sugar. I do not think that salsa should be sweet, only just balanced. Hvor meget sukker der skal i, kommer helt an på hvor modne/grønne tomatillos’ene er. Taste also if you want more salt in – or a strong ground chili.

When the salsa is finished out by the heat and if you use Atamon added this now as directed on the bottle.

Fullness salsa on cleaned, scalded and optionally. Atamonskyllede glass or bottles.

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Harissa (will be translated upon request)

Harissa is a native North African and chillies growing in North Africa would be an obvious choice – but any kind may of course be used. I Marokko, Algeria and Tunisia used Harissa like in soups, couscous, simreretter, pasta dishes etc.

A mild Harissa is great at some good bread, on a baked potato or a piece of grilled vegetables.

Personally I do not think that Harissa must be made with chinenser – but like the other species.

You can use dried chili, som udblødet 20 minutter i varmt vand inden brug.


Chili: i.e.. a handful of piri piri or two

2 spsk korianderfrø

2 spsk spidskommenfrø

1 spsk kommensfrø

2 tsk tørret mynte eller lidt frisk

1½ spsk salt – like salt flakes

About . ½ head of garlic

Saften af 1 citron

3 spsk ekstra jomfru olivenolie + ekstra til at fylde på til sidst

How to:

Coriander, spidskommen and commentary shaken look on a medium hot forehead for about. 4 minutter under konstant omrøring.

The roasted crushes spices in a mortar or shredded in spice grinder with mint until they are pulverized.

Blend all ingredients, at near the extra olie, to form a smooth mass.

Pour the mixture in a clean, sterilized glass and smoothed out. Pour olive oil over the mass for about. 1 cm lag.

Every time there is used by Harissa'en topped up with a little more oil to seal the mass with.

Opbevares på køl i ca 2-3 uger. Alternatively, any portion of frozen after production.

If you taste Harissa'en in the blender before pouring it on glass – and finds it too strong – you can blend a little pepper or sun-dried tomato in. Now you can do anyway just for flavor. I use økocitroner and often choose to use the finely grated must also. Variér selv løs ;o)

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Pear mostarda with chili (will be translated upon request)

A delicious way to use his lights on, which soon will begin to be both here and among the recipients when I have given them away. It is important that the bulbs used is a little fast for it if they are to remain in chunks after cooking.

Hvis du anvender faste pærer giver portionen her meget tæt på 4 liter.


About . 3 kg modne, standard bulbs
Dried figs – ca 500 – 750 gr. works fine I think
500 gr muscovado sukker
650 gr rå rørsukker

1 dl olie

3 top spsk salt

1 – 2½ dl water (start med 1 dl)

350 gr gule sennepsfrø

3 top spsk gul sennepspulver

chili to taste, chopped (fruity chillies are ideal for this – but do like plenty of them)

maybe some. Sodium benzoate


How to:

Peel and core the pears. Cut them into small pieces – ca 1 x 1 cm.

Cut the figs into little pieces smaller than bulbs.

Pour all of the ingredients – except powdered mustard, mustard and chili – in a pot and mix it well. Læg låg på og lad det stå i stuetemperatur og trække 2 – 4 timer. Turn the like around it along the way – the juice will begin to pull out of the bulbs.

Bring massen langsomt i kog.

Småkoger uden låg i ca 30 minutter til pærerne er møre og saften kogt passende ind. The consistency should be not too thick syrup towards the end of cooking time. It thickens further when mustard comes in.

If there is no liquid on the way, then add a little more water – det kommer meget an på hvor faste pærerne er.

Stir occasionally and especially at the end – Do not burn on the bottom.

A large – like deep – pot is a good idea. It splutter slightly.
Is it too thin, so let it boil a little longer.

Absorption of heat and sow mustard powder, mustard and chili.

Smag til med lidt mere salt og måske mere chili.

Remove from the heat and add Atamon as directed on the bottle if you want. Alternatively mostardaen henkoges.

Put into clean, scalded, atamonskyllede glass (unless you preserve al) as close immediately.



If you like it, then add chopped dried apricots instead of figs and / or light raisins.

Eat items. til ost, spicy sausage, meats, boiled eggs, i sandwich osv. Fatastisk to strong blue cheese and really old cheese.



Mostarda made traditionally also used a different method where the juice first pulled out of the fruit over several days. The juice made into syrup as the fruit then cooked tender in. The above method does work very well when there are berries in mostardaen.

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Chili ketchup with other spices (will be translated upon request)

It's easy to make your own ketchup and the taste is unbeatable. It takes a little time, so it pays to make a double portion when you are doing.

The following recipe can also be made without chilli – and you get a delicious' ordinary’ krydderketchup of the – hvor det jo er tilladt at sætte sit helt helt eget præg ;o)
The taste is like a krydderketchup (in addition to the chili), that is, with more seasoning than a traditional ketchup.


1 kg tomater

fresh chili to taste – cut into small pieces (or a little chili powder / crushed chili to taste)

400 gr løg

2 apples

1 – 2 dl æbleeddike (depending on how tart both it and the tomatoes are)

4 spsk brun farin

2 tsp salt

1 tsk hele nelliker

½ rod whole cinnamon (the small rods)

1 tsk hel koriander

2 tsk sennepsfrø

maybe some. tomatkoncentrat (a small or large can)

Sodium benzoate

How to:

The spices ground in a grinder or a mortar.

Core the apples and cut tomatoes, onions and apples, diced. The apple is not peeled off.

Start med 1 dl eddike og tilsæt mere senere hvis der skal justeres. There is a big difference between acid unit in the different brands.

Get every ingredient holders, with the exception of tomato concentrate, in a pan and let the ketchup simmer without a lid on for about. 1 time.

Let the mass cool to the temperature of your blender can handle and then blend the mass several times. Pour back into the saucepan.

Let ketchup simmer until it is cooked to nearly real consistency – it should be slightly thinner than you want your ketchup – it thickens slightly when it cools. Jeg koger ca 1/3 af væsken væk – I think that's appropriate. There must be stirred frequently, especially towards the end, as ketchup does not burn. Season with more vinegar along the way if you think.

When it is getting there, season to taste with any. more sugar, salt, eddike og chili. I use powdered chili for this part.

If you choose to add the tomato concentrate made it a little before the ketchup is boiled down to desired consistency, when the concentrate acts as a light cultivation.

Season with salt, sugar and possibly. spices.

Remove the ketchup from the heat and add Atamon as directed on the bottle.

Immediately pour the scalded, atamonskyllede glas eller flasker som lukkes med det samme.


Tomato concentrate contribute with light cultivation, red color and more tomato flavor. If you do not have fået barrels of fresh cut, strong tasting tomatoes – the concentrate may be just providing a tomato flavor boost. It's a little different if I use it or not – it depends on smagen in the tomatoes that I have fået barrel / picked.

Of course you can replace the whole spices with ground if you do not have to paint them yourself. They all just tastes more (and better). The spices can of course also be omitted for a more clean and clear tomato flavor. Pinks tastes good through, then you're not so crazy about them – so you can get away with ½ teaspoon or any. omit them.

Remember to use a good large pot – it splutter a little when it boils into. I use a small soup pot.

I have experimented with smoked chillies and tomatoes also – which also tastes terrific.

En styrke som passer mig fint er en stor Habanero til 1 portion – and so possibly. taste with some hot chili powder eventually.

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Tomattapenade with chili and/or herbs (will be translated upon request)

A delicious dip for raw vegetables in haps size, freshly baked 'Turkish’ bread or flutes, toasted bread sticks or grissini. Good on 'tapas table’ and spread in bowls and sandwich. Delicious with eggs. Good to grill food on a piece of freshly grilled bread.

Smag is fresh, slightly acidic and yet toppakket with umami. Maybe more than one tomathummus tapenade – men bare smag den ;o)

You can choose to make a hot chili version without herbs (nemt winter with chili from the freezer) or turn it down a chili and well up the fresh herbs in a delicious summer version. In the picture there are lots of cilantro in.


A large glass sun-dried tomatoes in oil – or two smaller glass

3 spsk tahin

2 tsp salt

1 tsk rå rørsukker

Saft og fintrevet skal af 1 citron eller to lime

½ head of garlic – more or less aftertaste

Chillies to taste

A good olive oil

maybe some. lots of fresh herbs to taste – i.e.. basil in raw volumes, parsley, løvstikke, coriander osv.

maybe some. hiking to the consistency suits


How to:

All run together in the food processor until it becomes a homogeneous mass.

The oil from the tomatoes must – or you can fish them up and throw away their oil and instead use a good virgin olive oil.

Chili Lover can throw well with chili in this – tomato taste'll penetrate – and you have a delicious chilispread for spreading on bread, meat, boiled eggs m.m.

One can vary the kind in the infinite. In the winter when fresh herbs are usually not used for raw volumes one can experiment with other flavorings. It could be capers, anchovies, olive, parmegiano the. Doggy Style, the spring or can be made easier with a little fresh tomato, frosne Least OSV. Dried herbs and spices can also be used.

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Hummus with lemon, coriander and chilli (will be translated upon request)

You can make hummus in so many ways and I think I love them all. We do include a variant where the taste of lemon, coriander and chilli emerge.

Delicious on a piece of freshly baked flat bread / spicy madbrød and as a dip for raw vegetables.


About . 700 – 800 gr kikærter – soaked and cooked (or canned if it should go fast)

2 – 3 spsk Tahin

1 stort bundt frisk koriander

1 spsk stødt koriander

2 tsk spidskommen

4 – 5 fed hvidløg

Chili to taste, fresh or granulated

1 – 2 øko-citroner, grated zest and juice

Extra jomfru olivenolie

ca 2 tsk flagesalt

How to:

It all runs in the food processor to a smooth paste. How fine / gov you want it is up to you.

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Olive tapenade (will be translated upon request)

Ca 250 gr sorte oliven uden sten – mild or strong for your taste, like mixed
2 fed hvidløg, pressed
1½ spsk saltede kapers – the best you can find
Frisk chili, finely chopped – amount to taste
1½ spsk citronsaft
25 – 50 gr frisk Parmigiano-Reggiano skåret i flager (Parmesan or Pecorino can be used)
½ – 3/4 dl koldpresset ekstra jomfruolivenolie

How to:

Hold lidt olivenolie tilbage. Everything else blended into a homogeneous mass. The final olive oil is poured in the end if necessary consistency.

If you fine hoes chili and garlic presses before blender, you can stop when you think that the olives have the right consistency. If you put them in coarsely chopped instead, bliver de også lidt rustikke i den færdige tapenade – which has its own charm.
Eaten with freshly baked baguettes, savory flatbread, breadsticks, chips, grønsagssticks or a few spoonfuls on top of stews or soups. Use it if necessary. as part of a 'tapas'bord.
Tips: if you like it you can add fresh chopped herbs – i.e.. basil or oregano. You can also pick a couple semidried tomatoes and throw back into the blender.
Sticking best in a scalded, closed glass jar in the fridge.

Pretty, it is not, but good it tastes. Parmigianoen provides a toplækker extra umamismag on top of the already present.

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