Harissa (will be translated upon request)

Harissa is a native North African and chillies growing in North Africa would be an obvious choice – but any kind may of course be used. I Marokko, Algeria and Tunisia used Harissa like in soups, couscous, simreretter, pasta dishes etc.

A mild Harissa is great at some good bread, on a baked potato or a piece of grilled vegetables.

Personally I do not think that Harissa must be made with chinenser – but like the other species.

You can use dried chili, som udblødet 20 minutter i varmt vand inden brug.


Chili: i.e.. a handful of piri piri or two

2 spsk korianderfrø

2 spsk spidskommenfrø

1 spsk kommensfrø

2 tsk tørret mynte eller lidt frisk

1½ spsk salt – like salt flakes

About . ½ head of garlic

Saften af 1 citron

3 spsk ekstra jomfru olivenolie + ekstra til at fylde på til sidst

How to:

Coriander, spidskommen and commentary shaken look on a medium hot forehead for about. 4 minutter under konstant omrøring.

The roasted crushes spices in a mortar or shredded in spice grinder with mint until they are pulverized.

Blend all ingredients, at near the extra olie, to form a smooth mass.

Pour the mixture in a clean, sterilized glass and smoothed out. Pour olive oil over the mass for about. 1 cm lag.

Every time there is used by Harissa'en topped up with a little more oil to seal the mass with.

Opbevares på køl i ca 2-3 uger. Alternatively, any portion of frozen after production.

If you taste Harissa'en in the blender before pouring it on glass – and finds it too strong – you can blend a little pepper or sun-dried tomato in. Now you can do anyway just for flavor. I use økocitroner and often choose to use the finely grated must also. Variér selv løs ;o)

Tropicana (will be translated upon request) – yellow fruity chili sauce

A very versatile and delicious sauce that we at times almost daily use. The tropical flavor notes chamber does not, they could otherwise do in many sauces with the theme, but balanced fine of vinegar and strength from the chili. Garlic and onions gives the sauce something 'bottom’ in taste without to put your finger on what it is.

Certainly one of the favorites. Use it to marinade (salad, greens, fisk, meat), Catfish glaze, på pizzaen, som Chilisauce, a small spoonful of dessert, etc..

Tropicana (will be translated upon request)


1 kæmpe ananas eller 2 mindre

2 store mango eller 3 mindre (Honey Mango if possible)

Yellow chili with fruit notes, i.e.. Ananas young citrus

3 økologiske citroner

300 – 400 gr ingefær

5 dl æblecidereddike (mild, i.e.. Urtekrams)

2 dl mild olivenolie

3 – 4 løg

1 hvidløg

300 gr rå rørsukker

75 – 100 gr salt, i.e.. Himalayas

maybe some. Sodium benzoate

How to:

Make all the ingredients ready. They may be mixed in a bowl, except onions and ½ cup of the oil.

Chilierne skylles og skæres i 4-5 stykker hver.

The onion cut into cubes – as. 1 cm

The garlic peeled and each clove minced in a few.

Ginger peeled and chopped into small cubes or just sliced.

Mango skrælles og skæres i stykker på ca .2 cm.

Pineapple skrælles, divided into quarters, stick and cut the flesh into pieces of approximately. 2 cm.

Lemons are washed and rind grated finely. It must be used together with the juice, der nu presses.

Heat ½ cup oil in a large saucepan – middle varme. Step logos look, they do not take color, men der sker ikke noget hvis de gyldner lidt.

Add the remaining ingredients – except Atamon – and bring to a boil. Leave to simmer on low heat about. 20 minutes.

Tag gryden af varmen og blend med en stavblender til massen er homogen og nærmest har konsistens som en tyk sovs. Do not have a stick blender, then cooling it off to a temperature as your regular blender or food processor can handle and give it a ride several times. Back to the pan with the.

Taste and. for more sugar, Vinegar and salt. Sukkerindholdet kommer an på din smag og hvor modne frugterne er.

Cook the mass and remove it from the heat. Add perhaps. Atamon for instructions on flasken.

Put into clean, scalded glass or small bottles, who is washed Atamon or spirits.

Be tightly closed immediately. Alternatives to Atamonen can henkoge glasses / flaskerne – but durability is so not that long when you open sauce.

The batch here gives approximately. 4 liter afhængig af frugternes størrelse.

Tropicana (will be translated upon request) - with labels

Among other things used:

Tropicana (will be translated upon request) - the pizza

Grilled corn (greased grill before lift)

Red Hot chili sauce (will be translated upon request)

Housing 'standard’ multi-use and very hot chili sauce that lends itself equally well to be made with medium hot as quite strong chillies. I have successfully made it with 'shake-greenhouse’ chili mixture at the end of the season.

I love it as red Habanerosauce – uhm, but superhot it is also a nice sauce to have standing, when the dosage of the strong stuff the easy.

Mænden the rest of the ingredients align with chili amount. Should you export use 2 ½ cups oil and 7 ½ cup red wine you must also times the rest of the ingredients by 2 ½.

Red Hot Chilisauce - Pure Pain


Chili: all the chilies as you like to make sauce

The following portion multiplied by the number of times it takes for olive oil and red wine to just barely cover the chillies into the pan

1 dl olivenolie

3 dl rødvin

2 spsk salt

6 topspsk rå rørsukker

1 lille tsk citronsyre

maybe some. noget koncentreret tomatpasta

Sodium benzoate

How to:

Remove stem from chillies and halve them. In the pot with them.

Pour oil and red wine so it barely covers chillies (remember that times the rest of the ingredients up later when you get to them).

Let it simmer for fifteen minutes.

Blend the pulp with a stick blender – or allow to cool to the temperature of your food processor (or blender) can tolerate and use the.

Cook the mass back to you think the consistency is as you want it – I boil it usually just a few minutes – but you can cook it in as it suits you. Taste the while to the measured citric acid, sugar and salt – maybe you will have less or more in?

Hvis du synes at den er blevet for tynd – eller bare hvis du har lyst – så tilsæt noget koncentreret tomatpasta. Det jævner og runder smagen godt af med tomat. Så skal det lige koges igennen et par minutters tid.

Remove from the heat and add Atamon as directed on the bottle.

Pour immediately clean, scalded, atamonskyllede glass or bottles, which immediately closed and just turned a walk upside down and back again.


Normally I use red wine – but you can make a light sauce with white wine and exports. gule chillier. You can substitute wine vinegar, so you get a more Sambal oelek like sauce. One can add onion, garlic, ginger, lemon grass, etc..

The sauce is relatively thin – which suits me fine, when I make the rather strong. You can easily use something less liquid (oil and red wine) – eg. so chilerne only half covered, if you would like a thicker chili sauce. It is not uncommon that the thin model face and stand (see last picture below) – they mean nothing, it just shaken together again before taking the. If the sauce is made extra hot (i.e.. Generation superhots) so it is nice that it is thin and easy to spread.

   Red Hot chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - on glass 006

F. i.e.. made with:

Blandede røde Habanero + Aji Chombo + Trinidad Scorpion Morouga Blend

…og her lidt hots + superhots

Red Hot chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - superhot og hots Red Hot Chilisauce - Pure Pain