Tomattapenade with chili and/or herbs (will be translated upon request)

A delicious dip for raw vegetables in haps size, freshly baked 'Turkish’ bread or flutes, toasted bread sticks or grissini. Good on 'tapas table’ and spread in bowls and sandwich. Delicious with eggs. Good to grill food on a piece of freshly grilled bread.

Smag is fresh, slightly acidic and yet toppakket with umami. Maybe more than one tomathummus tapenade – men bare smag den ;o)

You can choose to make a hot chili version without herbs (nemt winter with chili from the freezer) or turn it down a chili and well up the fresh herbs in a delicious summer version. In the picture there are lots of cilantro in.


A large glass sun-dried tomatoes in oil – or two smaller glass

3 spsk tahin

2 tsp salt

1 tsk rå rørsukker

Saft og fintrevet skal af 1 citron eller to lime

½ head of garlic – more or less aftertaste

Chillies to taste

A good olive oil

maybe some. lots of fresh herbs to taste – i.e.. basil in raw volumes, parsley, løvstikke, coriander osv.

maybe some. hiking to the consistency suits


How to:

All run together in the food processor until it becomes a homogeneous mass.

The oil from the tomatoes must – or you can fish them up and throw away their oil and instead use a good virgin olive oil.

Chili Lover can throw well with chili in this – tomato taste'll penetrate – and you have a delicious chilispread for spreading on bread, meat, boiled eggs m.m.

One can vary the kind in the infinite. In the winter when fresh herbs are usually not used for raw volumes one can experiment with other flavorings. It could be capers, anchovies, olive, parmegiano the. Doggy Style, the spring or can be made easier with a little fresh tomato, frosne Least OSV. Dried herbs and spices can also be used.

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