Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request)

The butter tender jaws are concentrated sauce, which is made of reduced red wine, flavored with particular. soy, blackcurrant juice and hot chilli. It may of course be made in just the strength is desired, but it does well as a strong sauce, since the rest of flavor entities can easily catch up with chili. The jaws themselves are well seasoned without being dominated by the sauce, so do not hold back with seasoning.

Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request)


3 – 4 kg svinekæber

2 flasker rødvin

4 dl soya

4 dl solbærsaft

6 – 8 løg

2 – 3 hele hvidløg

a handful of carrots

chili to taste – eks 3 – 4 chokolade Habanero

1 topspsk sellerifrø

20 – 25 tørrede enebær

salt and peber

little butter or oil

maybe some. cream and a little thickening

How to

Pig jaws checked for tendons and these are cut off. Sprinkle jaws with a little salt and pepper. Be a little reluctant salt, then where they are expected to part soy in court.

Wash the carrots. They should only be peeled off if absolutely necessary. Cut them into slices.

The onions are peeled and cut into chunks.

The garlic cut in half so that all fat is cut through the middle and possibly. free to be removed.

The chili cut into quarters and stem removed.

Pigs jaws browned in a single layer in a little butter or oil and poured gradually into the pan. Carrots and onions browned also – separately – and add them to the pan.

In saucepan accepted now also the rest of the ingredients: red wine, soy, blackcurrant juice, garlic, chili, celery and juniper berries.

Put the lid on the pot and bring to the boil. Turn down so it simmer and leave it and do it in 1 ½ hours.

Remove from the heat and fish gently jaws up, they are very tender. Add them to drain in a colander.

Strain the sauce and put it back into the pan. Let it boil until there is less than half back compared to what you started with, like less.

Taste the sauce to. Missing salt, chili, sweetness? If you want to dyu round it off with a little cream and it is too thin for your taste, do not you smooth it easy.

Come jaws back into the pan and heat with lid and on low heat. Turn them gently a few times along the way.

Serve with whatever you fancy. Here it is often a delicious root vegetables and a salad with slightly sour dressing.


There's a free hand with chili also in this right, but I myself am very excited about the dark 'chokolade'chilier. The Court can take a pretty good time chili – there are plenty of other flavors to back up – and if you serve with a gentle and soft moss there's space to fire well into the sauce. Is the sauce was a bit too strong, can be a little cream dampen fine.

The recipe here makes for a very large portion. We make it often in the size and batch freezer remains. It is worth gold on busy weekdays.

Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - Ingredients Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - kæberne brunes Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - klar til simring Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - færdigsimret Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - de færdige kæber drypper af Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - saucen reduceres Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - saucen ved at være klar Pork Cheeks in chili sauce (will be translated upon request) - kæber og sauce lunes sammen

Slow braised leg of goat with juniper berries and chili (will be translated upon request)

Supermør and delicious goat club with a good game sauce and rodfrugttmos. There is bang on the juniper taste in this version – I think it fits great for goat meat. The chili has a deep, dark taste as clothes goat blazing.


1 gedekølle på ca 1½ kg – without clavicle

1 lille stykke røget kogebacon

2 spsk olie

2 spsk tørrede enebær

chili – dried or fresh, aftertaste (like smoked)

3 tsk salt – like røgsalt

1 tsk peber – the peberkorn or crushed peber

3 hele hvidløg

1 stort løg

fresh rosemary – a few sprigs

5 dl rødvin

2½ dl portvin

2½ dl fløde

3 – 4 tsk kraftig ribsgelé

75 gr moden Danablue eller Roquefort

Until the moss:

Mixed root vegetables



(chili)salt and peber


How to:

Add rosmarinkvistene in the bottom of a large baking dish. Skær hvidløgene halvt igennem og læg dem med snitfladen nedaf rundt i kanten.

Peel the onion and cut it into smaller pieces to be distributed in the pan. Skær kogebacon’en i mindre stykker og fordel også den.

Mix juniper, chili, salt and pepper in spice grinder and grinding it well.

Rub goat club well with oil all the way around and then massaging kryderierne well into the surface. Sprinkle the overskyende spice loosely over and fold them easily to.

Læg køllen i bradepanden og hæld rødvin og portvin ved uden at hælde det over geden.

Cover the dish with baking paper first(important) and then aluminum foil. It must be folded to fit fairly well to the dish, but not close hermetically.

Place the dish in a cold oven. Ovnen tændes på 100 – 110 (ram somewhere in between) grader og geden står og hygger sig i 8 – 10 timer.

When the time is approaching, are you doing bog as you like it. Here it is mixed with roots, butter, milk, chilli salt and peber.

Goat The club moved cautiously (it is very tender) onto a cutting board with juice groove. Cover it with baking paper and the foil from the dish, while you finish the rest.

The garlic is squeezed out of the shells and everything from the cask pour through a sieve – mas juice from mumsen in the sieve out with the back of a ladle and down in the sauce.

Pour the sauce into a saucepan and warm it up again. Melt the blue cheese into the sauce during the heating. Thicken now by shaking a little flour into the cream, which is then added to the sauce during light whipping. Bring to the boil and simmer for a few minutes. Taste good with red currant jelly, possibly. a little more blue cheese and (smoke)salt, pounds og Peber.

Server bog with sauce, goats and your favorite salad or other good green as you have come to mind fit.



There will be plenty of sauce of this portion. Store leftovers in a freezer bag or two in the freezer for a day you need. It is delicious to a steak or once chili models.

I have used dried Cascabel chilies and dried smoked Cherry Bombs.