Marshmallows with chili (will be translated upon request) (and possibly. licorice)

Marshmallows are me a source of great pleasure every time I rediscover them. De er så skønne frisklavede og geniale grillede. You can make them with all kinds of flavor, so they must then also be made with chili.

One time I bought some harlequin shaped some licorice-flavored. Unfortunately, they were very synthetic in flavor and rolled in too much candy sugar. So is it obvious to make them yourself. It is awfully easy and there are several recipes around the web – both with and without egg whites.

Those with egg whites are the easiest to get to succeed – så dem bringer jeg en opskrift på her.


500 gr rå rørsukker

120 gr pasteuriseret æggehvide (or whatever you dare use of egg whites)

1 dl water

10 blade husblas

chili to taste – using a well-chilli, otherwise they taste by no

1 tsk ren vanillapulver eller korn fra en vanillastang eller 3 – 4 tsk vanillasukker (undlad vanilla in lakridsmodellen)

maybe some. licorice powder – jeg bruger 6 toptsk engelsk lakridspulver

Ingredients to roll them in:

1 dl flormelis

1 dl kartoffelmel

2 – 3 tsk lakridspulver til lakridsvarianten

How to:

Add husblas'en soak in plenty of cold water.

Mix powdered sugar, kartoffelmel and any. liquorice powder in a bowl. Aim then half out on a piece of wax paper they are put on a baking sheet.

Finthak chili as well as you can and like it.

Water and sugar are boiled together in a small saucepan.

The egg whites until stiff – like in a big kitchen machine that can do the work – but it can also be done with a hand mixer for this recipe.

The boiling sugar syrup is added egg white mass – it may not cool down first, it must be taken from the stove. Pour the syrup down the side of the bowl side – You may not frame wire whip, kogende sirup giver øjeblikkelige brændmærker på huden hvis det strinter på dig.

They soaked husblasblade bowed down with free water and add and whipped further. Add the chilli and vanilla or licorice powder during whipping.

Beat loose until the mass is so solid that you dare pour it out on the baking sheet without the time runs out – it takes some time.

Pour the mixture onto the baking pan with icing sugar mixture. Smooth it quickly and gently into an even layer. It need not be perfect – it'll look fine when they are cut into pieces.

Put the rest of the mixture of icing sugar and let the mass stiffen least a few hours – possibly. the day after.

Cut into cubes – some fun – easiest with a pizza cutter. Turn the pieces well around the icing sugar mixture underway, otherwise stick together – Each to roll around as soon as it is cut. They seem very soft and sticky when you cut them, men så snart de lige er trillet rundt i flormelisen er de rigtig fine og kan pakkes.

Yum – så er der marshmallows ;o)

Store in sealed container and keep ihvertilfælde a week, If you can keep your hands off them as long as.


You probably should not expect to be able to use an heirloom of a hand mixer for this – it requires a lot of effort of the. It goes well with a newer model, i.e.. in dual – otherwise, the large kitchen equipment in use if you have such a.

I am considering making a tangy chili / lemon flavor – update the recipe when I get it tested.

Marshmallows - ready-to-serve Marshmallows med chili og lakrids

Jeg har lavet dem med 1 Habanero pr portion – it fits perfectly.

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3 thoughts on “Marshmallows with chili (will be translated upon request) (and possibly. licorice)

  1. De er vildt gode. Jeg har forsøgt med 2 frugter fatali gul og det passer lige i øjet. Lille varme fra frugten men, det er overstået i løbet af en ½-1 minuts tid. Vil dog næste gang bruge mere flormelis kontra kartoffelmel end der står i opskriften for synes kartoffelmelen trænger for meget i gennem for min smag.

  2. De smager utroligt godt og kan slet ikke sammenlignes med købe skumfiduser. Hvis man skal kunne smage chilien hjælper det ikke at bruge en mild til mellem chili. Man skal op i en Habanero

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