Good morning to the blog – many new recipes on the way

The blog has slept for a while – but we are now awake and ready again.

A lot has happened with the food in our home in the elapsed time – and it will be reflected in the new recipes.

Lately, we have gone over to live 100% plant based and in general somewhat healthier – more whole grains, less sugar and lots of exciting new ingredients.

100% plant-based – is it not vegan? – as a matter of fact, it is – but so it is if you live of beer, French fries and ketchup – and that is not where we are.

After each having a bad period regarding our health the year before last year, we tried for a period to eat more and more veggies, some fruit and plenty of whole grains and we cut down on sugar, alcohol and saturated fat – and we got better and better – much better than before the period when we were not on top of things. We agreed that we would eat a little meat, fish and dairy products occasionally if we wanted to – and so it was for some time – but to our surprise the cravings dissapeared completely within about half a year. Therefore, we are now relatively healthy and 100% plant based and feeling crazy good and we get to eat a lot of exciting food. It is wonderful.

Many of the recipes on the blog – among other things,. Chili sauces and everything pickled – is quite OK for our new way of eating – so there will be many more of those in the future, but we have also learned to make many interesting new things, that we had not thought of before.

I hope very much that you want to continue to follow the blog and maybe try out some of the new stuff. Even if you do not want to live without meat and dairy products, one can easily combine the two kinds of food – and who knows, maybe I can help to provide some inspiration in order to cut down on the consumption of meat and dairy products – many have started to keep a meat-free day once or several times a week – why not make them completely free of 'animals’ and maybe at the same time try something brand new.

Finally, a few links if you want to read a little more about plant foods – first a site with info and short videos:

and then some recipes – lots of inspiration:

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