Drunken coconut with a nip of chili – filled chocolates


150 g desiccated coconut

100 g glucose

1 dl Dark Rum

1 dl Malibu

½ tsp chilli powder


How to:

Prepare chocolate shells – see . little about chocolate.

Dissolve glucose in rum and Malibu.

Add the chilli and coconut and mix well.

Cover with cling film and refrigerate until next day.

If the coconut mass is too dry – you can add a little more glucose or spirits. Be careful not to make it too wet – then it may be difficult to cover the shells with chocolate.

Fill shells almost to the top and press the mass gently using the tip of a finger dipped in a little cold water.

Close shells with chocolate.

If the coconut blend was too wet, try to first pour the liquid chocolate along the edge all the way around and then top up in the middle – otherwise it may be difficult to make the chocolate coalesce over the wet coconut.

I know - I know – I didn't have a better rum available – …'Somebody' drank it ;o)

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16 thoughts on “Drunken coconut with a nip of chili – filled chocolates

  1. Hej Vivi,

    Det er da rent sørøverguf! De kommer også lige på min lille konfektliste. Næsten ærgerligt at julen nu kommer drønende imod os. Meeen så kommer der nok en ny! 🙂

    Mch Hans

  2. Et par dage væk, og hvilket syn man mødes af. Det ser så fantastisk lækkert ud 🙂

    Rigtig god dag til dig

    • God morgen Ann 🙂

      Jeg var også lidt generøs da jeg toppede op med Malibu og rom – nu kan man næsten sige ‘skål’ når man spiser en 🙂

      God dag til dig også…

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