Grilled or baked chilies with meatfree stuffing

English here: Grilled or baked chilies with meat free stuffings

Here I will come up with a handful of suggestions to stuffed chilies without meat. The filling can be used in chilies of just the hotness that you prefer – they just need to be large enough so that it makes sense to fill them. We think that Jalapenos (preferably the larger ones) is perfect in size and hotness – but there's also so many other options. Over time new idéas will be posted – so drop by once in a while or subscribe to Vivis-chili on FB if ​​you like.
There is not necessarily measurements mentioned since it is more intended as inspiration than actual recipes – Look at the pictures and guesstimate.

Smoked soft cheese, pinto beans and sweet onions
Smoked soft cheese, pinto beans and sweet onions

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Chickpea balls with chili

English here: Chickpea balls with chili

Definitely just meant as a basic recipe – do playwith the ingredients. See also the 'Tips’ further down the page.

The mass before frying is also great as Jalapeñostuffing in halved, cored, stuffed Jalapeños, to be grilled on the outdoor grill or ovenbaked / grilled. They might be. brushed with chili sauce, Liquid Smoke or another good sauce before cooking or they can be sprinkled with a little cheese if desired.

Chickpea balls with chili

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Vegedeller with chili, sweet potatoes, celery, and potatoes (will be translated upon request)

The next little while I will put some different vegedeller with chili on the blog. We eat them often in all sorts of forms and uses really recipe for everyday, but I would like to share a few different 'models’ with you – as well as can be varied almost indefinitely. They work great with a good seasoning and therefore also with a good shot chili. I de første her er især de søde kartofler med til at give chilien et godt modspil og de kan tage en del chili synes vi.

Many vegedeller has a base of lentils / beans / chickpeas, but not the. The others will come, some also. You here is actually the hardest to roast, because they are the loosest in the structure – but now they just first in line on this blog.

Vegedeller with chili, sweet potatoes, celery, and potatoes (will be translated upon request) - velbekomme

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Baked bell pepper strips and sweet chillies in oil (will be translated upon request)

Tastes of sunshine and holidays.


4 – 5 peberfrugter – any sun-ripened

Sweet / mild chillies aftertaste – large sweet chillies can also be fully or partly replace the peppers

maybe some. fintstrimlet chili

ca 1 – 1½ dl ekstra jomfruolivenolie med god smag

about ½ cup good balsamic vinegar – one without too much acid

Salt and peber

How to:

Clean chili and pepper.

Skær peberfrugterne i 6 både og skær hver båd i strimler på den korte led.

Cut the chillies into strips and put them and the peppers in an ovenproof dish.

Sprinkle a little salt and pepper over and pour oil on – toss well around.

Bages i forvarmet ovn ved 180 – 200 grader i ca 30 – 45 minutes – if you cut the strips very thick, it may be that they need a little longer. Vend rundt i dem med 10 minutters mellemrum og check dem. They are done when the peppers have given much of their liquid and therefore shrunk by half and is quite tender and soft – but they do not take color. Once you have made them some time you can smell the finish.

When taken out of the oven poured the immediately with balsamicoen and turned back well around.

Can keep my. a week at scalded, closed glass jar in the refrigerator.

Eaten with freshly baked bread as example. baguettes or savory flatbread. Serve like it in small bowls with a small spoon, so to break his bread, hold it over the bowl and pour both the juice and pepper on – the juice is fantastic.

Served throughout the year – is equally good as the accessories for barbecues in the summer and tapas table mm. in winter along with other good.

Tastes good warm and even better cold.

A very simple little thing that tastes great – a bit of sunshine and summer – if it is made of good ingredients.

Tips: add if necessary. garlic and / or herbs, maybe a pinch of hot chili or other good spice – only limit is your imagination here.

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Coleslaw (will be translated upon request)

Homemade coleslaw tastes really good compared to buying Edition – and when one of coleslaw classics even includes chili – ja så er der vist ingen undskyldning for ikke at lave den ;o)


ca 3 dl mayonaise – like homemade (see recipe her), so you can get some of the good oils while

1 dl rå rørsukker

½ cup apple cider vinegar

2 tsk sellerifrø (eller 3 -4 hvis du som jeg er helt vild med dem)

2 tsk flagesalt, maybe more – flavor

finely chopped chili or chili sauce to taste – I use my yellow chili sauce for this

1 medium størrelse hvidkålshoved – or red cabbage or cabbage or…

a good pair of carrots

1 medium str. onion of your favorite kind – or a pair of onions or other onion


How to:

Mix the dressing ingredients and season to taste with taste entities if you think something is missing. I think that dressing well may be the slightly acidic side with a good chilibid.

Finthak onions and cabbage – grate the carrots and mix it all – veiled – it was nemt.

Tastes great with grilled foods, webs, on the whole as an accessory to a lot of things…

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Beetroots with chili, stewed in cream (will be translated upon request)

When coming beetroot with the vegetable box, we use them often either raw in salads or baked with other root vegetables. But I came across a recipe for creamed beetroot other day as may be tested – and corrected slightly to our taste. It was really delicious and certainly not the last time we try it. We had both the general darkness and some beautiful striped this time – it looked festive out down the pan.

Share the Year in the picture is a confit of one of its kind which is toasted crisp on the forehead. It's from an organic farmer in western Jutland and purchased through the seasons. It is one of the best and as I've ever been. They sell it occasionally – Also the ducks away regularly – they are wildly good. Seasonal protein range varies widely – men det er alt sammen super kvalitet.


1 kg beetroots, use the red, yellow, white, striped – what you have just

4 dl piskefløde

1 meget stort bundt bredbladet persille, grofthakket

1 topspsk dijonsennep

yellow chili sauce to taste

salt and peber

possibly slightly thickens


How to:

Peel the beets and cut them into cubes of about 1×1 cm.

Cook until tender with salt, covered in water just barely covers – det tager ca 5 – 6 minutter. Remember that beetroot is pretty solid, they have to be – taste your way if they have had enough.

Pour almost all the water from – there should be about ½ inch back into the pan – and add the cream.

Season with mustard, gul chilisauce, salt and peber. You should be able to taste all the ingredients.

Smooth any. right with a little of your favorite leveling.

Simmer card and turn the parsley in. Heat through and serve immediately.


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Semidried tomatoes (will be translated upon request)

This is a delicious way to use tomatoes – in this house they disappear quite quickly as candy, hvis ikke man holder øje med dem.


1 bagepladefuld halverede tomater (go for the sweetest you can find – any small or medium size.)

3/4 dl ekstra jomfruolivenolie

1 helt hvidløg (remember that it is delicious mild in the oven)

1 – 2 friskhakket chili efter smag – chopped into pulp – or a little chili powder
2 spsk god, red balsamic vinegar
3 – 4 tsk rå rørsukker
3 – 4 tsk flagesalt – i.e.. Maldon
2 tsk groft peber
1 – 4 spsk hakket frisk oregano (1 – 4 tsk tørret kan bruges i stedet)
1 – 4 spsk hakket frisk timian (1 – 4 tsk tørret kan bruges i stedet)
1 – 4 spsk hakket frisk rosmarin (1 – 4 tsk tørret kan bruges i stedet)
How to:
Among Olien balsamic, the pressed garlic and crushed chili if using fresh chillies.
Brush the surface of the tomatoes with the oil – stir well in the way, so all the tomatoes get a bit of everything.
Among salt, sugar and peber (and powdered chili if you use it) in a bowl and mix well – mas mixture with the back of a spoon so salt flakes are slightly finer. Sprinkle the mixture evenly over the tomatoes.
Bland krydderurterne og drys dem på. Hvis nogle af dem er tørrede, so start with them.
Bages i ovnen ved 100 grader til de er nok. They can be eaten at any stage of 'drying’ and tastes good. I think that they are best when slightly more than half of the liquid has evaporated.
Det tager mellem 4 og 6 timer i min ovn med halvsmå (cocktail/sherry)tomatoes – 5 – 10 timer med mellem (blomme)tomatoes. Experiment – and tastes like underway. The temperature in the oven can be set higher – op til ca 140, then it goes faster – men jeg kan bedst lide dem med den lange tid ved 100 grader. Herbs are not so well to the heat set higher – so they may well be dark. Husk at ventilen til ovnen skal stå åben.
Drys, possibly. a little extra fresh herbs on before serving if you use them as snacks / accessories.
If you'd like them very dry, it may be a little too much for herbs – You can then wait to sprinkle them over to the last hour ex.
Keeps fine a few days as they are refrigerated – but may also be stored in a glass scalded in the fridge, doused with extra virgin olive oil.
Tastes absolutely fantastic with sun-ripened tomatoes – as a snack along with some other goodies – and is excellent on pizza. Also to salads, in tomato obvious, in gryderetten and chopped drys on æggeretter.
If you do not have the opportunity to have freshly picked ripe tomatoes, so try CE. to go after small organic San Marzano or Datterino.
Vary your own spices – use export. citronpeber, røgsalt, other herbs, cumin seeds, sortløgsfrø etc.
There can also be dried at a lower temperature and over a longer period. You can easily dry completely down to the approximately. 50 grader som er de fleste ovnes laveste temperatur.
Herbs and sugar can help but linger on – but always remember salt. It is the salt which helps to draw the liquid out of the tomatoes.
Semidried tomatoes (will be translated upon request)
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